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  1. I get this error after EAC goes through its "Initializing..." phase while rage launches. This pops up and prevents my game from launching. I've tried removing mods from my rage file and doing a clean reinstall of rage/EAC, but I still get this error every time. I had been playing on the server without any issues 3 hours before I relaunched and started getting this error. I had not altered my game files at all at that time. If anyone knows how to resolve this, some insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. @JayB Still available?
  3. I am looking to buy a Dinka Marquis. Contact me at 51828 or leave your contact info/asking price below! Thanks!
  4. [SOLD] Paleto Bay Apartment edit: SOLD can be L&A
  5. [4RENT] Paleto Bay Apartment Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/SfU1gqL Looking to rent ONE bedroom out in my two bedroom apartment in Paleto Bay. Perspective tenants must disclose proof of income/employment to be considered. (Local Paleto Bayers preferred) If interested, send an email to [email protected] ((forum pm)) with your name, phone number, proof of employment/income, and any questions you may have. Otherwise call #65016.
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