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  1. gang unit driving buffalos goes hard 😜
  2. did u forget that i single handedly carried this thread with great routine police work screenshots for the first 6 months
  3. the depiction of police officers swearing all the time, insulting civilians and being alpha males at work is really cool btw i’m loving this!
  4. ralph misuraca is the embodiment and definition of great character development. roleplaying all-round negative traits and speech impediments that no one can understand are something that every faction should be following, keep it up!
  5. owen


    Definitely want this in. The amount of times I've tried to immerse myself with my e-girlfriend and it being ruined by the fact there's no physical touch hurts my soul. +1 for cuteness! (:
  6. I'm also very attractive in real life if that makes it any better for you @KarMagick. Seriously though, my point (and I stick by this) is that people need to advocate for this stuff. This community is great but it can be better, and it starts from the top. Administrators should do a better job of enforcing quality pertinent to character development and overall character arcs.
  7. in 2016 I was dogshit, in 2017-19 I made the faction-scene the best in quality it ever saw. Fact. I don't wanna boast about how good I am or where I was on that community though, it was just for my point. But someone needs to do it.
  8. Turn it into what? A place with immersive role play? Quality over quantity? That community had its cons, but it had its pros. Quality (in most regards) was good and that is one hundred percent something this community is slowly moving towards, which is great?
  9. The irony is that you believe that all Administrators are good role players. You haven't experienced the hierarchy of paperwork nerds and forum players. It starts from the top and then down, same with factions, staff teams and any real life jobs.
  10. This is why the server sucks in some regards. If not me, who? Who will hunt out the shittters? Who will look to improve the standards? Who!?
  11. Understandable. That's where we differ, Mister Barrowksy. You play to have fun, I play to make sure the server is the best in quality with the greatest role players to date, we're just made different.
  12. If you use a character that you used in a different community, as well as the same backstory — you're bad. Point blank, simple as that. Different universes, different arcs, different environment. Don't do it.
  13. 1. As an ex-Administrator from 2016-2019 LSRP myself — the Administrators here are not from LSRP. You're wrong. 2. Who am I attacking? I'm definitely more clued in than you pal, I assure you. I know what I'm talking about. 3. Check my posts. 90% of my posts on this community are actual posts filled with substance (because I know what I'm talking about).
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