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  1. Update 3.3.1 Additions Added a map that shows all the ATMs on the map - /atmmap. Added ragdoll hotkey (default: [ ), you can change it using /settings. Changes Camera in barber-shop will now be a free-look type. There are no sliders, you can move your camera using your mouse only. (This change does NOT apply for hair selection UI while in the new character creator!) Changed /inmates command. It will now require you to be in SD faction, or have an active jail sentence. (On-duty admins can use that too!) Moved drug usage notification to the chat. (Tolerance, health, addition) Lowered a chance of breaking off your screwdriver while using /vehplate. Changed not enough PAYG credit error messages. It will now tell you what to do to top-up. From now, only LEOs will be able to use /checktime command. (On-duty admins can use that too!) [ADMINS] Removed self-kill alerts and removed /fixrevive alerts for self-kills as well. Fixes Fixed a bunch of things related to 3.3 update addition. (Mostly some small typos) Fixed server crash exploit. Fixed asset values in /stats showing incorrect data. FIxed animation stop while opening LS Chat/Banking/Facebrowser/Quickdate app via phone UI. Fixed /fakecall for non-smartphone phones. Fixed insta-kill with switchblade.
  2. Hey @Paenymion, this is more a bug than a suggestion, but it's fixed for next restart.
  3. Adding an option to unregister your own vehicle seems cool, but it will be abused - strongly abused. You can ask admins in-game for help to do so, and if they think it's okay - they will do that for you. Like @Mahiko said earlier, we added /vehplate off/on for players to 'manipulate' their vehicle plates, which will help you out in the scenario you provided. Hope that explains it a bit further @EmptyGood.
  4. @bricksbricksbricks low related commands (/melow, /dolow, /low, and the list goes on) distance will be lowered by ~20% for the next update. We can tweak them more in the future, thank you.
  5. Fair enough @BLUE HUNDREDS, added for next update.
  6. Feature like this would be 'cool' for like 5-10% of the players, and annoying for the rest of them. 90% of those people will not even roleplay it - just run towards a store, buy food, eat it and forget about it until the hunger bar will be low once again, and repeat the process - is that good? I don't think so. Forcing people to do it is not a good idea, nope. About 'food app' - without adding the hunger system (which I explained earlier why it will not happen) it's just a waste of time for us (developers) because no one will use it.
  7. @Asznee @george? @Fireworks @root @KussArsch big respect 🥰 gj all too
  8. - Location - added location name like in /panic messages, should be better now. - Message content - Changed it to 1st example. - Examine - added as well, for 30 minutes. Now focus on the main reason why this topic was created, but thank you for this suggestion anyways. 🙂
  9. - Location - it automatically triggers a waypoint on the map. - Grammar mistake - fixed. Sorry, I'm not an native English speaker so I can sometimes make mistakes. 🤷‍♂️ - Message content - any suggestion? - Examine thing - that is not bad, I'll think about it.
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