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  1. This is a really well-thought suggestion and a great way to motivate faction members.
  2. Username: Rosa's Dad Comment: Truer words have never been spoken. They did come out of loot boxes and they were not even the rare ones. It was the kind that has 50% chance to give you nothing or just something totally useless. "Hey can I be a Senator?" - "Of course, son."
  3. Username: NickB Comment: Resign! Save us from your office's incompetence. ✌️
  4. They are nice and all, but there isn't much roleplay in most casinos and betting shops I've visited. It feel like a browser poker game.
  5. Manny

    Texture loss

    @Swag @Scaryxo I have the same problem and these are a few things that helped me at least make my game more playable. 1. Run the game on your SSD. 2. Change your DirectX version to DirectX 10 (Settings > Graphics > DirectX Version) 3. Set your game's priority to high from your user control panel. See how much CPU your game is using when running. One thing I've noticed is that the more players log in the more intense and frequent texture loss becomes.
  6. Personally, if I needed to roleplay a poor character and the automatic paycheck system did not allow me to, I'd just ask for an administrator to simply delete the money. I don't think there's a need to add a command and makes things more complicated because people could just keep switching it on and off to nodify their income flow.
  7. I agree with the previous posts to a certain extent. Although I understand they need a certain level of freedom, there needs to be some form of review. It wouldn't make much sense to grant six people the power to decide the entire server's faith. Also the Senate should not only be about granting law enforcement RP'ers more freedom. So far, I have interacted with some amazing political roleplayers such as Eriks, Hugh-Gi-Oh, and Adjudicator, but most people just quote real-life documents to push bills that would normally have no application in our server reality. As someone involved with the criminal justice system, I had trouble keeping track of some incomplete bills that were being pushed carelessly. All in all, the Senate should be allowed to engage in this law-making process and all, but there need to be administrative fail safes. My personal experience has tought me that Faction Management is open to suggestions and may even reconsider ideas they initially rejected if drafted appropriately. It is unfair to blame this entirely on Faction Management because most of the time they act based on complaints they receive from concerned players when certain bills are passed. All in all, Senate is not a cop booster and cannot be fully independent for OOC reasons.
  8. Have you tried setting the application to high priority through the task manager menu? It worked for me once when RAGE was acting up.
  9. I've had a similar issue before. I toyed with my firewall settings and that fixed it for me.
  10. I am running the game from my SSD. Direct X10 helps, but the issue remains. The game is more....playable.
  11. Try not to die. There's no fun in that.
  12. Could you attach the schematics as well? (( Can you post a screenshot of how large the building is so we can tell what its maximum size is in the event an attempt at renovation is made? ))
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