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  1. Interesting. In the LSPD on a recent discussion thread, we were told no such thing. Also, it was intentionally added to the MDC, didn’t just show up there automatically. Definitely wasn’t a mistake by developers.
  2. Since the release of: ..., it's been apparently decided that when a person is looked up on the MDC, it will show the person's partner's name (in addition to residence, vehicles, etc.) Rough example of how this might look for a person that has a scriptwise partnership: In many US states (incl. CA), marriage records are public. You don't even have to be a cop to look this stuff up IRL. So I suppose it makes sense why it would be shown on the MDC lookup. The issue is that we've decided to show Partnerships on the MDC if a person has a partner script
  3. Very nice content, man
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