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  1. --- Sure - I've highlighted a few examples in red for you. These are some of the things that I felt were irrelevant, redundant, unnecessarily specific, too vague, unclear, etc. GENERAL RULES I Accounts and Related Each account is personal and non-transferable. The loan, exchange or sale of Forum accounts is prohibited, under penalty of permanent blocking of the account in question; Blocked members who borrow friends' accounts, to post and participate in the forum, will lead to permanent blocking of their accounts and those shared for such acts. The same is applicable for the creation of multi-accounts with the same effect. Community banned members are allowed to make a new forum account to appeal said community ban. II Topic Contents and Replies Language used The official language of the forum is the English language and all replies and topics must be written in this language, except for the use of expressions (common "foreign words") inherent to the context of the response / topic. To write in a foreign language, look for the appropriate section. If there is a need to place an answer in a language other than the official language, a translation of the text in question must be provided by the author of the answer; In this Forum it is not allowed to use any type of Improper Language, whether in videos or even images and replies. This rule includes any type of Improper Language that can understand its meaning and / or purpose; Content In this forum it is prohibited: Advertising or references (in any form) to competing communities or entities; Commercial Advertising; Political Radicalism; Content and links to pornographic, erotic or sites that include total or partial nudity, even in the form of unblocking; Offensive material and / or potentially shocking content for the most sensitive people; Piracy / Warez; Xenophobic / Racist Comments; Links-Bait. It is not allowed to place, wherever it may be, topics or responses with a view to the Trading of Accounts/Items for money; No purchase / sale / exchange of real goods (such as money) for In Game goods (Properties, Money, Drugs, Weapons etc) is allowed; Spam is not allowed anywhere on the forum. Spam means all messages whose content does not bring anything new to the topic. Responses containing less than 5 words or just emojis are usually indicative of Spam; Off-Topic is not allowed in the entire Forum except in the Off-Topic area. Off-Topic means any and all contributions made to a topic by means of a response whose content discusses an irrelevant or totally different matter from that initially intended; It is not allowed to publish private conversations without the consent of all persons involved in them (this includes messages in the game, Forum, IRC, Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak or any other chat Software) exception being for evidence in Player Reports; It is not allowed to publish personal data such as Discord, Skype, telephone / mobile numbers, addresses (In the form of a street. Referring to localities) , among other information that is considered as personal data; Quotes from responses that do not respect any of the General or Specific Rules of the Forum are not allowed; Reply Format It is not allowed to abuse the use of emojis, line breaks, images or any type of text formatting is not allowed whenever this makes the answer / topic unreadable, confusing or that highlights it in relation to the responses of other users. The abuse of CAPS LOCK (capital letters) is also included here; The Spoiler button must not be used for the purpose of hiding disregard for the rules. Users who do this will be punished in the same way they would be if there were no Spoiler; To keep the forum properly organized, the Moderation team reserves the right to close inactive topics and without "feedback" when deemed appropriate, taking into account the last reply depending on each section rules; Polls can be created, in order to collect opinions on a given subject; Avoid creating new topics when you find that you can't find yours in the section where you posted it. Use the search and, if it is not present in the archive or in the section, it is because it was hidden. A hidden topic serves for the moderation team to analyze and correct reported situations, without users interrupting their work (adding new responses). Nothing is deleted! User Behavior The author of the topic has the power to decide on the topics created by him / her, and may request the closing or reopening of the same. However, the final decision regarding the reopening of a topic rests with the Forum Moderation Team/GTA World Staff; Digging up topics is not allowed. Only the author of the topic can do so if the topic has not yet fulfilled its purpose; It is not allowed to bump (Bring Up My Post - Response used only to make a topic go up in the list) on a topic, of which the user is or is not the author, less than 24 hours after the last answer on that topic; Double Post - writing two replies in a row on the same topic - is not allowed. The only exceptions considered is the misuse of the forum software (cases of lag) or by permission from thread owner (reserved spots in thread). Double posting is permitted if the comments cannot be edited by the author. Serious provocations and / or insults to other users may result in a warning or, in extreme cases, blocking the Forum account; You are not allowed to create replies on behalf of someone who is blocked in the Forums; It is strictly forbidden for a user to impersonate a member of the GTA World Staff Team. This includes, but is not limited to, username, avatar, signature or use of expressions used by the Team such as "Closed", "Moved"; It is not allowed to "steal" Avatars from other users (Unless the image has not been created by them). If this happens, the victim must inform the Forum Administration and prove that he was the creator of the Signature / Avatar; The same applies to identity theft. This attitude is punishable by permanent forum blocking. The use of the Report button should only occur when there is an infringement in the post in question or when someone wants an administrator to take some action on their own thread such as closing/moving/re-opening. Abuse and misuse of this button may result in a Warning. If there are many infractions in the topic they browse, report a single answer (at the beginning or at the end), asking for the moderators' analysis, avoiding the internal moderation workload; If any user shows clear signs of wanting to only disturb the Forum due to their topics, replies or Private Messages, they will be subject to permanent blocking of their Forum account and possible extension of this blocking to the Game Account; No discussion of account blocking (Forum or Game) is permitted in the Forum (Unless you are using the ban appeal section). Such topics will be closed immediately. Insisting on creating such topics can result in Warnings. Complaints about account bans should be done on the ban appeal area. Defamation, accusations, insults and other ways to denigrate the image of the GTA World Staff may result in a Forum block between 30 and 60 days to a Permanent block. These types of situations may also extend to the Game Account; Any serious infraction, committed by a user, via Private Message, can be reported and the team will act accordingly. Complaints about members of the Forum Team should be made directly to the Head of Forum Moderation and Assistant Head of Forum Moderation. Final Notes The opinions expressed in this forum are the sole responsibility of the users who post them. GTA World Staff Members are not responsible for the practices of any user. Any of these rules, or all of them, may be revised or changed by the Forum Administration without prior notice; Any doubts about the moderation methods applied or how they work, you should contact a Forum Team Member; For any situation that is not foreseen in the Forum Rules, it will be up to the Forum Administration to decide how the Team should act before it. III Avatars, Signatures and Profile General Rules The General Rules of the Forum, with regard to the content of posts, also apply to the content of signatures, profiles & avatars of users. Signatures / Avatars may contain Foreign Language, as long as that Language is not Improper or Insulting / Offensive, or that in any way violates the other General Forum Rules; Users who have avatars / signatures that do not comply with the Rule will be contacted by Private Message from a member of the Forum Team and will have a period of 48 hours (from the date and time the PM is sent) to edit them. Signatures The images cannot exceed 600px in width and 300 px in height; Each user can only use 1 image in his signature; Each signature cannot contain more than 12 lines of text in "normal" size (size 12), including line breaks. If the signature already contains an image, whatever its size, only 6 lines of text will be allowed (the size should not be abusive). The text size can only be between 8 and 16/17; - There are exceptions so you should not use maximizing values for large texts. A few words are fine. The maximum number of emojis allowed is 10. Maximum number of repeated emojis allowed is 5. GTA World Staff reserves the right to delete any Signature that may not follow these rules, since it is not an automatic process. IV Punishments Punishments to players are handled on a case-by-case basis and is entirely up to admin discretion where they may consider your past offences, the scale of your offence and other factors.
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