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  1. I believe the Davis LTD has served it's prison sentence and with that, it's been released on a temporary basis to see how it operates now. If it spikes back up to how it was before, it will be turned off again. This was actually done in Bombie's time so it's been probably six months now since this was closed.
  2. 9.1 Property Mapping Commission Fees As a standard, mappers are not to charge any more than the total price of furniture + 250% of total furniture worth as payment for any project. To avoid any mishaps; players and mappers alike are urged to come in contact with anyone from Property Management - be it a mapper or an admin - for assistance and guidance on what is considered an acceptable rate. There is rarely a reason to charge any extravagant amount over the furniture worth. This is to be regulated by Property Management so any mapper attempting to charge more than 250% of furniture worth should be reported to Property Management admins. Example: Furniture worth is $100,000. The mapper could only charge the service a maximum amount of $250,000 for their work excluding furniture cost. The total cost to the client would be $350,000 because that includes furniture costs. Exceptions to this rule may be made in rare circumstances. To request an exception, submit a forum PM including the property ID, proposed rate and furniture worth (estimate if not completed) to @MomoIsHere. She will discuss this with the team and get back to you. *Placing random, expensive furniture and hiding it in places will result in admin punishment within the admin's discretion.
  3. Nooo @Groz don't go. lol who let this guy management
  4. House Requests open on : October 9th, 2021 House Requests close on : October 16th, 2021
  5. Away for The Weekend

  6. Small update. Those that did have the Patriot Classic had the vehicle removed and were refunded the vehicle's worth. I will bring this up for discussion once more with the higher ups but I wouldn't hold your breath as the decision was made to take it out as it was not supposed to be added in. Til then, will be closing this topic. Possibility of a lease might be considered.
  7. Archived as there's a duplicate.
  8. Hello! I will admit this is partially my fault as I did not go in and remove those vehicles from those players but that's okay because sooner or later they are going to lose that vehicle depending on how this goes. A discussion took place July 18th and we decided to remove the vehicle from the dealerships, with that I was supposed to go in and remove those vehicles from those players and refund them the cost of the vehicle and modifications. Things happened and I lost track of that! At the current moment, that vehicle is not available. Those that do have it, should have lost it when we removed it but again that is my fault. I will bring this up for discussion again and see what the staff thinks about this. If we turn against it, those that have it will end up losing it.
  9. Hello! Feel free to reach out to me via discord/forum PMs so we can look further into this and discuss. From my understanding you bought a garage that belonged to a house and the owner of the house should have ownership of their garage which would explain the property being taken from you and given to someone else. In these incidents we don't normally inform the other player about it as garages are only $500 and should have been set to where they cannot be purchased. I also believe this was already sorted with Adv so I'll be archiving this.
  10. House Requests open on : August 28th, 2021 House Requests close on : September 4th, 2021
  11. House Request Calendar Hello everyone! This is following the announcement posted by Nervous that way I can announce when they open and close on this topic as well as discord announcements when time comes. Process First week: House requests will open up and everyone will be submitting their applications. There will be more than one request for a specific house, we've anticipated that a lot of people will request the same house. Second week: House requests will close and we will not accept anymore requests but during the second week we will start our discussions. Third week: Discussions should have finished and you should be receiving some sort of final response. Fourth week: In certain cases where your request has to be discussed further whether there are complications or things that need to be done first before we give that final response. You could be waiting at least 5 weeks before receiving news regarding your house request. Rushing the process, or complaining about it will simply get your request denied instantly. This includes messaging any admin about it. **Waiting long time does not mean you're guaranteed to be accepted. Appeals can also take over a month. You will not receive an estimate or price evaluation. Warning Please do not get discouraged if you get denied and something along the lines of "Someone else has received this property.". We will be going through hundreds of requests and hundreds of background checks including assets, admin history and so on. We will obviously immediately deny those that are not eligible to receive a house via house requests. Eligibility Here are the requirements to be able to go through house requests without any OOC issues unless you're a certain case. Must not have any admin interaction for 3 months. This includes admin jails, bans. Kicks & warnings can be considered if they are serve.(AFK kicks don't count) You need at least 100 hours of ingame activity on your account Read and understand our property rules is a must. Must be active prior to the house request. Your activity, character's criminal activity, assets, roleplay history, past admin interactions and so on will be evaluated. Be ready to justify everything in your request, and if you are denied for failing to do so, then that's on you and we can't do anything about it this phase. You will not be able to sell the property. If you do not want the property back within the first three months of receiving it, you will get 50% back. If you wish to receive it after actively utilizing it past three months, or wish to change the character/concept - you get 75% back. Furniture worth in full. You're requesting it for the character you're on. You won't be able to give it to a friend, a family member, or keep it when you name change/CK. Some admin punishments could mean your house is revoked, especially if it's an RP or asset concern. And finally what you've all been waiting for! Calendar This will show a three month ahead of time and will be in text format for the time being. House Requests open on : August 28th, 2021 House Requests close on : September 4th, 2021 House Requests open on : October 9th, 2021 House Requests close on : October 16th, 2021 House Requests open on : November 20th, 2021 House Requests close on : November 27th, 2021 Calendar dates are subject to change announcements will be made if changes are done.
  12. Still hate you to this day.

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