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  1. This was not approved by Management.
  2. I'd like to disagree. You're more than welcomed to come to me about this and we can prove this accusation but I don't recall LSPD putting 15 bugs in a single house cause that'd be insane. My PMs are open to discuss this issue as I don't see a need to spread false rumors with no evidence to back it up. On topic: Increasing the jail time won't do much we've already put in a criminal point system that once you reach 30 points you will become a lifer. It doesn't stop people from going on their alternative characters and so on just to continue their illegal roleplay adventure.
  3. I’m against this. I would suggest lowering it to x2 of the Market Price instead of the formula above and what we have now. As stated above we already have people selling for a huge amount.
  4. People post ridiculous photos IRL and use apps to filter and adjust their faces/bodies. You've got people doing terrible photoshop edits and thinking they can get away with it and get exposed then it gets put all over the internet as a meme. I don't think we should be limiting the usage of "FaceApp".
  5. Farewell Canadian! Don't be a stranger. Good luck and congratulations to the new members!
  6. Ah that's the video where there's like four-six guys on motorcycles at the G6 compound. Guy's sitting in an armored SUV then once Sheriffs arrive they get out of the armored vehicle and start shooting, somehow single handed take down all the guys there. Wonder why it's been taken down. People, let's play nice on this topic please.
  7. After watching so many gameplays. I'm convinced this is a Saints Row on steroids and it seems it was overhyped. I'm gonna pass on this one >.>
  8. Didn't realize this was a topic about Gruppe Six. It's a topic about the PD & You, let's keep it on topic.
  9. Thanks sir. Idk why Pillsbury is up there but ok. Screw that guy.
  10. This is an in character posting. We don't do "my discord is". Fix the topic, we don't use lock is 1/3. You state the lock is upgraded, engine is modified or so on. Those are all OOC stats and not to be used IC aside from knowing it's modified.
  11. It stops here. If you have nothing nice to say about the faction don't say it at all or bring it up privately to the faction leader. There's zero reason for you to sit here and post on a faction thread just to say bad things about them. Take it up with the leader or take it up with Illegal Faction Management but I won't have you post it here.
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