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  1. So true. Unpopular opinion. Who cares what Frezemis says, his warning means nothing. (Warnings were issued to those a few pages back.)
  2. (( This isn't a topic to have discussions on. Make a bid or don't then carry on. You are not allowed to start discussions on the thread - take those to PMs. Private bids are not allowed. All bids must remain public. ((Make sure the PM's remain IC as this is an IC board also make sure to notify with the OOC brackets that it is an OOC message if one is to be sent.)) ))
  3. Ease up on the topic. This isn't a topic to go at each other and start faction bashing. Stick to the point of the topic otherwise don't reply.
  4. To touch on what Wuhtah said, we have a section where the posts are only seen by staff and your own topics. A quick and easy form to report the ad could help a bunch, as stated above we aren’t around all the time and most people have ads turned off from their chat cause of the extra clutter and usually is off by default. https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/774-property-management-requests/ We will be cracking down on these private lots and dealers operating unrealistically. It’s not hard to request for a dealership while it does cost quite a bit you still make the profit back within 10-20 cars being sold. Now if it is realistically being ran but illegally then that’s for the police to handle but we will most likely determine that when we reach out to the player.
  5. Depends. If it’s a leased business they need to part take. If it’s owned, owner still needs to show some sort of presence so it’s not solely just for profit. Most business owners check in on their businesses and make sure it’s still remaining profitable.
  6. Rest In Peace.

  7. Not everyone is going to agree with each other, carry on and stay on topic please, thank you.
  8. Already a thing! They are exclusive to house requests.
  9. We have other ways of enforcing properties especially those holding properties and not putting them to use. It's not something Property Management has been on top of but something very soon that we will start monitoring and controlling if players are utilizing the property, if they are not then it's deemed an inactive property and they will end up only getting half of the market price back. As mentioned above, we take the regulations off it'll become the same concept/economy a vast majority of us have experienced. The regulation originally was x3 of market price setting the limit, players weren't happy with not being able to sell for higher we've adjusted that to avoid the house flipping and those just hoarding properties. Honestly, there is no "perfect" way to ensure it being fair aside from regulations and making sure players are using the properties. We don't regulate it then it becomes free reign and you'll see Grove Street houses going for millions. House availability has always been a concern and will remain Property Management's top priority hence why we've moved to monthly openings for our houses and property requests in which has drastically helped since then. We do have property reports if you suspect someone just hoarding a house and not using it, it only takes at most 5-10 minutes for us to determine if the house is active or not. Not using your property is considered inactive,
  10. I don't see a reason to keep this up as this is how it should be done. We are working on improving our response times on forum reports and in-game reports. If there's more to add I'll leave it up to @Pillsbury to comment.
  11. I hate @SweetDaffodil for hating this thread.
  12. Next time she's doing something just close it on her and ask her how she feels. Joking, please don't do that. Respect your mother. We've all been right where you are, just keep plugging along and if the situation arises just explain and I'm sure we can understand.
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