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  1. Avioli: just kickin' it with a friend right now.. kind of a dead night in the city so glad to see some entertainment going on.
  2. ** Avioli pops in and sends through a quick greeting in the chat. ** "Hey hey, what's good?"
  3. ** Avioli pops out another message. ** "Honestly can't believe you aren't finding any iron. I always found hella ores, almost as much as coal."
  4. ** Avioli is once again somewhat late on her reply, but eventually does so. ** "You should make a youtube channel doing those experiments too, people would eat that right up."
  5. ** Avioli waits a bit before replying. ** "Haven't really played Minecraft much since like... 2014 or something. The new animals are cool though and all the ocean stuff I guess. The nether is just hella confusing now though"
  6. ** Avioli lurks for a good while before following the stream. She soon sends off a message, almost at the same time of following. ** "Is this vanilla or modded or whatever?"
  7. @[email protected]@Nightmare [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@SimonX6 are the real ones, thanks for putting up with me and Ava. Sorry for forgetting anyone; I don't keep track of forum accounts because small brain. 🤗 🤗 🤗
  8. Fruits of One's Labour the benefits of one's hard work or effort.
  9. Pandy

    nice dog

    1. Bash


      Thank you. It’s not mine ?

    2. Pandy


      you out here STEALING dogs, Bash???

    3. Bash


      I wouldn't sleep at night if someone stole my doggo, so I wouldn't steal someone's doggo.


  10. From all the fights I've seen first hand, they go exactly as you've described it. The only times I've seen emote fighting was in a ring or sparring with friends. There's gotta be more clarification on the subject if things are meant to be handled differently; at this point I'm a bit confused and now questioning everything I've seen and learned so far since it's been so widespread.
  11. The biggest problem with the current system is the interval; it wouldn't be such an issue if it were extended to five minutes or something that could be agreed on. I've seen a lot of complaints that people can role-play the whole shift and after three hours, they've only been paid for one hour. Most players I've spoken to completely hate this system because it feels like they're being punished instead of rewarded for creating opportunities for scenes. As far as abuse goes, it can be abused now. Anything can be abused if people really want to spend time learning how to exploit it, b
  12. Username: Avioli Comment: Absolutely incredible work for an affordable price. Super glad I found about you guys. I didn't have any issues with time or quality, in fact, I was surprised by the speedy process of it all. I definitely recommend them.
  13. I really would love to see this implemented or something like this.
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