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  1. - Brakes, Engine, Transmission all have QUALITY work, could give it a chef kiss - Turbo is a big yes. - Has some tint for cool effect - Sick rims - 450 miles more or less - Insurance is at 19 days as of TODAY. Selling it for $65,000. If interested, send me an email. - [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  2. Engine, Transmission, Brakes - top of the line quality Turbo installed Security is up to date along with an alarm system Slight cosmetic changes - front bumper, tints, rims as well. Insured for another week 500 Miles~ Looking for 135 at the least. Hit me up via e-mail if interested - [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  3. Pandy

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    Definitely needed.
  4. Avioli: just kickin' it with a friend right now.. kind of a dead night in the city so glad to see some entertainment going on.
  5. ** Avioli pops in and sends through a quick greeting in the chat. ** "Hey hey, what's good?"
  6. ** Avioli pops out another message. ** "Honestly can't believe you aren't finding any iron. I always found hella ores, almost as much as coal."
  7. ** Avioli is once again somewhat late on her reply, but eventually does so. ** "You should make a youtube channel doing those experiments too, people would eat that right up."
  8. ** Avioli waits a bit before replying. ** "Haven't really played Minecraft much since like... 2014 or something. The new animals are cool though and all the ocean stuff I guess. The nether is just hella confusing now though"
  9. ** Avioli lurks for a good while before following the stream. She soon sends off a message, almost at the same time of following. ** "Is this vanilla or modded or whatever?"
  10. @[email protected]@Nightmare [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@SimonX6 are the real ones, thanks for putting up with me and Ava. Sorry for forgetting anyone; I don't keep track of forum accounts because small brain. 🤗 🤗 🤗
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