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  1. Fruits of One's Labour the benefits of one's hard work or effort.
  2. Pandy

    nice dog

    1. Bash


      Thank you. It’s not mine ?

    2. Pandy


      you out here STEALING dogs, Bash???

    3. Bash


      I wouldn't sleep at night if someone stole my doggo, so I wouldn't steal someone's doggo.


  3. From all the fights I've seen first hand, they go exactly as you've described it. The only times I've seen emote fighting was in a ring or sparring with friends. There's gotta be more clarification on the subject if things are meant to be handled differently; at this point I'm a bit confused and now questioning everything I've seen and learned so far since it's been so widespread.
  4. Username: Avioli Comment: Absolutely incredible work for an affordable price. Super glad I found about you guys. I didn't have any issues with time or quality, in fact, I was surprised by the speedy process of it all. I definitely recommend them.
  5. Nice flex, admins pls make sure he's rewarded for recruiting me.
  6. Honestly, ever since I've joined back and actually started playing and making friends - It's been incredible. So often I'll be playing and a wave of nostalgia just rolls over me, reminding me of the days on SAMP/MTA. It's like that one quote, you never know when the good days are until it's over but this time I know for a fact that these are gonna be the "good days" I'll be remembering years from now. While every server needs some work, this one is definitely the best one I've tried and I absolutely consider it the best and I believe it will continue to succeed and be considered the best.
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