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  1. Literally never seen a single faction get shutdown.
  2. semi correct. OCGs (such as the mob) toss their guns usually after use, because that firearm now has a body on it and if u get caught with that? that's a murder charge. there's also the people that sell them, or the people that just don't give two fucks and keep it.
  3. You guys also refuse to take down factions because it's "not fun" or "ruins the RP for the faction", when in reality us illegal RPers want to be investigated. Why don't you take those investigations of police officer murders and use that to take down a faction?
  4. i was trying to sell ecstasy in a club and ended up with an undercover security guard buying it n then calling cops which ended up w/ a search warrant lmfao, all for a club dealer. not to mention there were like 2 ppl that actually bought it
  5. Sacred

    miles hyde erps his clients

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