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  1. Username: dagestanibear Comment: AKHMED IZ BEZT! F*CK NOAH JENKINS BLYAT! Он разбил того парня!
  2. Purchase tickets here ⬇️ IFC Event tickets (( One time charge of $2.000 for a ticket. /banktransfer 3000 Robert Saryan IFC Event. You will have access to the entire event of the night. PM Art#7752 on discord with an un-edited SS of payment. You may enter the Arena after mentioning your name to the guard. )) IFC Fight pass (( Monthly subscription of $3.500. You will have access to every IFC event. To purchase the fight pass your character will have to do so online through his/her phone or computer, in our website. You will have to /banktransfer 3500 to Robert Saryan and mention “IFC Fight Pass”. From the day you pay, you will have a valid fight pass for a month, after the month you may renew. Discord PM @Art#7752 after you purchased the fight pass and send an un-edited SS. )) (( Or )) (( -> Join https://discord.gg/Hwpe79BV5v and check #purchasing-tickets-and-fightpass ))
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