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  1. I'd love for that to be an actual thing, good idea!
  2. A Lux that goes top usually WILL troll.
  3. > Move to Russia > Get Challenger > Move back to EUW
  4. Oh yeah, it's pretty obvious if I'm being honest. And they only play a 450 champ because you get one for free(You can't start the botting process until you have finished the tutorial yourself).
  5. Can't 100% say that was a bot since I've seen people in Gold play worse than that. But it's pretty common, yeah. The best way to check if you're playing with a bot is by adressing them in chat. If they don't respond in any way whatsoever, you know it's a bot. Also, they will never ever use a single ping in a game which is pretty much mandatory for every LoL game.
  6. Sounds like a good idea, honestly. More of a side-thingy for them to add though.
  7. Yep, ARAM is the way to go for botters. It's because Rito can't detect the bots, they only notice it once the bot decides to play something that isn't ARAM. It has happened a lot of times actually. >Buys a ARAM botted acc >Plays a game of Ranked/Normal 5v5 SR >Gets banned @Nizar lost my 25 euros this way smh
  8. Same old, same old. Toxicity. Pretty cheap honestly, if you know how to climb on them. Bronze and silver are freelo's.
  9. Andddddd Rendiz is banned too. Buying a new smurf anyways.
  10. Haven't really got a main champ, as much as everyone tends to bitch about 1-tricking, I just prefer whatever is in the meta, though I suck at Ezreal :/ As for rank: http://bit.ly/2yMSAHx
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