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  1. Where do you draw the line when it comes to poor escalation? When it comes to organized crime RP, specifically Eurasian organized crime, the levels of 'realistic' escalation goes out the window. This is due to precedence set IRL by almost all mobsters who have done outrageous things, things that would get you reported on GTA:W for poor escalation. A few threats on the phone, and then instantly shot in the head. Or sometimes without warning your kneecaps will be blown off for mere disrespect. Why? Mainly because of reputation, to maintain reputation, to build reputation, to make a name for themselves. In the gruesome world of unforgiving mobsters, especially in the eastern part of the world, the mentality is entirely different. Being known as a 'reasonable guy' will earn you nothing. People react quickly and irrationally. A narrative that goes "that guy killed an associate from an argument so be careful around him," goes a lot further than "that guy is a reasonable, level-headed man, you can probably try to ask for more." In the world of crime, your reputation and your name is everything. And most would rather be feared.
  2. Enus Deity Chromed out & murdered out with limousine tints. Vehicle is fully equipped with high end anti-theft and alarms. Brake pads swapped recently so they are in great condition. Engine has been tuned to stage 4 for maximum performance. Suspension has been lowered with negative camber. Transmission has been swapped with high-end aftermarket system. Turbo boosted. DRIVEN BY A PROUD ARMENIAN REPRESENTING THE ARMENIAN CITY OF YEREVAN. Bidding begins at $300,000. Buyout is $400,000 OBO. OOC:
  3. Should’ve stayed in school
  4. Username: brj7371 Comment: u think this will help but it will only make the situation worse
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