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Found 8 results

  1. WELCOME TO MOUNTAIN MMA Mountain MMA is a gym and a MMA Team, located in Hawick, Los Santos. It's run by Garbon Meqvabishvili, training the best fighters in the state. Mountain MMA offers mixed martial arts training for any level, from self-defense to Pro-Fighting, with Pro-Fighters teaching our students. GET YOUR GYM PASS Visit our website for more information about the team and offers. Like our facebrowser page
  2. Social Media pages FaceBrowser: https://face.gta.world/pages/www.IFC.com
  3. (( Emails to be sent to this account ))
  4. MMA Fighter - Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills from a mixture of other combat sports to be used in competition. The rules allow usage of both striking and grappling techniques while standing and on the ground. Money Maker - A person or thing that earns a lot of money. Trusty Friend - A person you can depend on to look out for you and help you get things done. Coach - A coach is someone who trains a person or team of people in a particular sport. This thread will follow the story of Benjamin Corretti and the Campese Crew following the Conti Crime Family.
  5. Deon "Cronus" De Feo Height/Weight: 6'5'' / 120kg Body reference: JJ Watt (Click) Amateur Record: 7-0-0 (Boxing) Deon De Feo was born on the 12th of June 1999 at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI. His parents, Rita and Angelo De Feo where both second generation Italian-Americans, his father's brother was a well-respected mademan in the Detroit Partnership and himself was an accountant. Deon is oblivious to whether or not his father was involved with the mob, however was normalized to the mob life as a child; the chances are his father was a part of the mob. The De Feo family was a wealthy family, two generations of mobsters either dead or in jail did have it's benefits. Deon grew up financially stable and happy, in school he was on the honour roll for multiple years and graduated high school with a 4.73 GPA. By the age of 15 Deon was 6'0'' and weighed 75kg, he was quickly recruited onto his high school football team as a linebacker but as he trained with his team and in the gym he eventually transferred to tight end, this was around the same time he began boxing at his father's cousins gym in Metro Detroit. By 17 Deon was the high school star, he was 6'2'' and weighed 88kg of majority muscle, he was gaining a lot of attention from college football scouts however deep down always preferred boxing. After graduation, when it came time to pick a college, he freaked out and decided not to go to and instead try and further his boxing career, much at the disappointment of his family. He continued to fight amateur boxing and by the time he was 18.5 years old he had an amateur record of 5-0, after coming to a realization whilst watching the UFC he started attending an MMA gym as well as boxing, he started to train kickboxing, capoeira and BJJ and within two years was statistically the best in each of his individual classes. Deon moved to Los Santos and enrolled at ULSA where he majors in history, around this time he also met Richard Balistrieri who saw promise in him as a fighter and began to train him; also giving him a personal job. Today, Deon is fighting under Sweathouse and aims at being the biggest name at Bellicose. He has big plans for the future, however regardless his future is destined for success should things continue the way they have gone for him his entire life. Deon grew through naivety at a very young age, despite protection from his family he was seen as a target due to the importance of both his father and his uncle. This is a major factor in Deon's mentality, mixed with egotism and pride Deon tends to think he is the Titan he humbly named himself after; Cronus. Cronus was a fearless Greek titan, son of Uranus and Gaia the mother and father of the earth and sky. Cronus saw his vulnerabilities at a young age and so castrated his father and thus creating mankind. He claimed the universe and became king of the gods through deception and force, and when his godly children where born he ate each individual one despite Zeus, who was hidden from Cronus by Rhea, his sister and consort. Eventually, Zeus returned and defeated Cronus, claiming the seat for himself. In some mythology Cronus is considered the father of snakes, Deon sees himself as a two-faced snake just as much as he sees himself as a Titan, and worryingly draws a significant amount of mental power from his constructs.
  6. The mixed martial arts (MMA) scene in Los Santos A brief yet comprehensive view at the MMA combat sport world in Los Santos today, for those who love the sport and find it to be more than just cage fighting or a pointless bashing of one another. By KAELYN DOYLE At the moment, the way aspiring fighters rise to the top of the food chain is by joining one of the local gyms in Los Santos, that feature a sparring cage and an affiliation with a fights promotion company. Currently, there are a number of such gyms. However, there's only a few fight promotion companies around, one being Bellicose MMA. Managed by Frank Palma, Bellicose MMA is a governing body of MMA in Los Santos. Bellicose fights are held at The Rockford Dome. The local gyms that are throughout Los Santos, scout their fighters then train them in preparation for in-house events, or massive Bellicose bouts at The Rockford Dome. Bellicose MMA logo (left), The Rockford Dome (right) Bellicose itself doesn't sign any fighters, the fighters are signed by the gyms. Bellicose only acts as an MMA promotion company, based in Los Santos. Unlike other MMA companies, weight divisions don't play a huge role in organizing fights between the fighters at Bellicose. Giovanni Delvecchio, manager of Sweathouse Gym in Cypress Flats, Los Santos, who also works with Frank Palma at Bellicose, says "We don't have any official weight classes as of right now, however, the fights tend to be organized after size. It's all about the show, and for a good show, you need an evenly matched fight. The cage at Sweathouse Gym in Cypress Flats, Los Santos. The gyms scout for potential fighters and work on their training. When asked about what does it take to fight at The Rockford Dome, more specifically, "What distinguishes a possible fighting champion and an average sparring partner?" Giovanni Delvecchio responded with "You watch them. I scout, watch a lot of fights and you quickly get the sense of what is talent and what is luck. Anyone can win one random round, but consistency... and let me tell ya, professionalism... the amount of people who want to be fighters, but put no effort towards it? Nobodies, and they stay that way". Giovanni Delvecchio, manager of Sweathouse Gym in Cypress Flats, Los Santos. Also, the fighters have to stick to a training routine and a healthier lifestyle, which some may consider a restrictive lifestyle. However, fighters should be avoiding alcohol and narcotics at all costs, and Giovanni Delvecchio hates to see a talented fighter waste their potential by ruining their health. The current MMA "Champion" titleholder is Levan "Lion" Botkoveli, who defeated the 42-year-old fighter, Sala "The Maestro" Bolo on the 15th of April at The Rockford Dome, on a Fight Night Bellicose event. The fight was unpredictable up until the final round. Both fighters won a round each, however, the final third round ended with a knockout win for Levan Botkoveli. Sala Bolo (left), Levan Botkoveli (right) Leading up to a fight, fighters may cut weight in order to gain a size advantage over their opponent. Heavier fighters with more strength may choose to cut weight and fight with a lower weight class opponent, this gives them a considerable amount of strength and knockout power advantage over their opponent. However, weight cutting is usually done very quickly over the course of the few days that lead up to a fight, which may sometimes be damaging to a fighter's physical and mental health. This involves dehydrating the body as much as possible in preparation for an upcoming bout. Fighters will then rehydrate themselves back to a weight that still matches their opponent's weight class. Fighters may use saunas to dehydrate their body and shed as much water weight as possible by sweating. Other fighters may push themselves harder at the gym, correcting their previous mistakes and honing their skills, leading up to a fight. While some may even rest and recover from a previous fight. In any case, Giovanni ensures that none of his fighters spar at the gym on the day of the fights to avoid fighters from straining themselves, or just in case a serious injury happens right before the events. Speaking of events. An upcoming in-house event at Sweathouse Gym will feature fighters such as Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto, the previous winner of the last bout at Sweathouse. Danny will be fighting on the main card against Mika. The undercard fights will feature both men and women, with the men's undercard bout being Danilo Carangelo versus Reece Turner, and the undercard women's bout being between Ziggy and Natia Noroshia. The event is set to be on Thursday, the 20th. The doors to the gym are expected to open at 7 PM, with the fights beginning shortly after that, most likely beginning with the undercards. The fights have been confirmed, but may be subjected to change if the fighters were under a special circumstance. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  7. AIN'T NOTHING SMOOTHER THEN A HOOVER. QUINCEY HECTOR COLEMAN 25/07/1997 (23 Y/O) 5'10'' | 198lbs Quincey Hector Coleman, also known as "QC" was born on the 25th of July 1997 in Pillbox Hospital, Los Santos. For the entirety of his life he has lived in Chamberlain Hills on Crystal Heights, also known as Eight Tray. By the age of 12 Quincey was serving crack and heroin on the block, this quickly spiralled out of control and soon enough Quincey was a stone-cold killer; unable to even feel remorse. He was left blind in his left eye after being slashed across the face with a 15'' blade during a brawl after stabbing a rival gang member in the chest. On the 9th of November 2015, Quincey and his younger cousin Taylor Wallace robbed a gas station at gun point. The police quickly responded and the duo was arrested, Quincey was sentenced to 5 years in prison where he was recruited to the black car and spent the majority of his time working out in the yard and getting into brawls, trying to secure himself notoriety as a young Hoover crim. Following Quincey's release from prison in early 2021, he was promoted to an OTG by high ranking members of the gang, and he started working at Vespucci Sports as a trainer. During this time Quincey spent numerous hours everyday training to become a professional MMA fighter, whilst holding down the set.
  8. (( DISCLAIMER: THIS BETTING SITE IS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND FOR A GAMING COMMUNITY. NO REAL MONEY IS BEING INVOLVED BUT ONLY FICTIONAL MONEY FOR THE GAME OF GRAND THEFT AUTO V. )) LSBetting.website is the #1 Los Santos ONLINE Betting Website! LSBetting.website is your most trustworthy and secure way to bet online at the comfort of your home or work without having to walk over to a betting shop to play. Our exclusive website is your friend and we're updating daily with the new bets on Soccer & MMA matches. Visit our website NOW on the following link and register FOR FREE to bet online: https://lsbetting.website/ (( In-Game Competitions )) LS Soccer Association Matches Bellicose MMA (( Real Life Competitions )) UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League English Premier League Spanish La Liga Italy Serie A UFC MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Are you ready for the challenge? May the odds be with you, player! Sign up TODAY! (( In order to complete your registration on the LSBETTING.website you will need to join our discord server to verify your account. Your CHARACTER needs to be 21+ years old to be able to gamble legally. https://discord.gg/UWwNYkHJ4c JOIN OUR DISCORD TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT ON LSBETTING.WEBSITE , OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT BET! ))
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