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Found 4 results

  1. MMA Fighter - Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills from a mixture of other combat sports to be used in competition. The rules allow usage of both striking and grappling techniques while standing and on the ground. Money Maker - A person or thing that earns a lot of money. Trusty Friend - A person you can depend on to look out for you and help you get things done. Coach - A coach is someone who trains a person or team of people in a particular sport. This thread will follow the story of Benjamin Corretti and the Campese Crew following the Conti Crime Family.
  2. (This will be the development thread of Benjamin Nicci, I'll be posting daily screens here) Benjamin Nicci is a young, early twenties LS based mobster. It is unsure how Nicci peculiarly found his way to the sunny eastcoast. However, it is speculated himself and rising American Mafia star, John "Tuna" Capra shared a mutual friend Robert "Bobby" Mangione in his hometown of Broker, Liberty. Mangione was a Genovese associate whom Nicci worked under for several years. His operations spanned from petty theft, house burglary and drug dealing. Mangione vouched for Nicci prior to his arrival to the Conti made man. Thus, Capra took Nicci under his watchful wing. Nicci proved to be a valuable associate of Capra's, being often referred to as his 'guarddog' and street enforcer. The ambitious young wiseguy had proven to be a leading associate in the Clinton Avenue Crew. However, Nicci proved he was more than just a lapdog enforcer. He also had brains. Nicci has been integral in building Conti captain Gerald Marchetti's waste management services; a rumoured front for extortion. He serves as a manager in the business operating out of Downtown Vinewood. Nicci has caused terror to local businesses in LS, enforcing hefty waste management fees to various local businesses in around the city. (His first mugshot when he was 18 years old) credit to Lex Bruv
  3. (Pictured: Emilo Manicci, shortly after his arrival into Los Santos, San Andreas) Emilio "Goliath" Manicci Personal Information & Defining Characteristics Birthname: Emilio "Leo" Manicci Place of Birth: Vice City, Florida Date of Birth: January 18th (25 years of age) Height: 6 feet, 4 inches Weight: 240 pounds Eye Color: Hazel Light Blue Hair Color: Black Occupation: Unknown / N/A Status: Unknown / N/A Relatives: Dominic Manicci (Father / DECEASED) Christina Manicci (Mother / UNKNOWN) Aniello "Niel" Vittorio Manicci (Brother / ALIVE) Giovanni "John" Parillo (Cousin / ALIVE) Signature: Emilio Manicci Backstory Emilio was born on the night of January 18th to mother Christina Manicci (rumored to be a sex worker or stripper) and father Dominic Manicci. He was a troubled child with a rough upbringing, having never known his mother or his brother due to being separated at a young age. His relationship with his father being the only relative he had grown to know, lacking due to his profession, he grew up consistently lashing out and disobeying authority figures and by the age of 14 could usually be found on the streets committing small time crimes such as picking the pockets of tourists, shoplifting and muggings. By the time Emilio was 17 he discovered a love for his new hobby and passion, weightlifting and boxing which he performed extremely well due to his abnormal height and weight for his age. This new way of life was short lived for Emilio however, after he drained most of his funds from his extravagant lifestyle and addiction to cocaine he quickly turned back to the life of crime however this time pushing his luck over and over by pulling off bigger, and bigger crimes upwards but not limited to assault and extortion. After a long while of living on the lowdown, he was contacted by his brother for the first time in over 20 years, Aniello Manicci. Through a long list of connections and asking around Aniello was able to reconnect with Emilio and had an offer and opportunity for him. A chance to come to Los Santos, San Andreas to try to make something of himself, which sounded like heaven to him. He packed his bags and set off where he was reunited with his brother Aniello and his cousin whom he had not seen in a long time, Giovanni. At this point, Emilio wanted nothing to do with crime wanting to carry on a simple life for himself. He found part time work at a waste disposal company while also working several venues on the side as a security guard & bouncer earning an honest living for himself. Within his first week in Los Santos while on a night bar-hopping with his brother and unbeknownst to him at the time, he stumbled into a bar known as The Rubicon in Downtown Vinewood and introduced himself to a man by the name of Carmine Gallo in a drunken stupor, offering him a drink and telling him stories about his boxing past where he was offered a membership at the Vinewood Boxing Gym. This once again sparked Emilio's interest in the sport and he began training once again. TO BE CONTINUED (( Thread will be updated on a semi-regular basis with screenshots of Emilio's adventures as well as updates to the story above. Criticism and feedback is welcome, if constructive or positive in nature. ))
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