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Found 8 results

  1. King of The Ring is making a return! A fresh spin on an MMA league in Los Santos, created by Mountain MMA. King of The Ring aims to create a competitive platform for teams and athletes, providing the people of Los Santos with good MMA fights and a great spectacle. King of the Ring strives to boost the MMA scene in Los Santos, it will look to foster an environment for new and upcoming fighters to build up their record and to help them gain valuable experience. Prepare for a superior MMA experience. History of King of The Ring King of the Ring was started with an idea from Mountain MMA, at that moment run by Garbon Meqvabishvili, to help new fighters get noticed and make money fighting. The King of the Ring's very first event was an eight-man tournament with many established fighters taking part. It was former IFC heavyweight champion "Rafford Mann" who eventually went on to win all three fights in one night to be crowned the inaugural "King of The Ring". The second King of the Ring Grand Prix took place in ULSA where also 8 new faces competed for a huge cash prize and a chance at a professional contract. The outcome became clear when Jackson Hayes knocked out all of his opponents and became the second King of the Ring champion in history. Following its evolution into its own entity, KOTR began hosting large-scale events in various venues around Los Santos. One of its primary locations was Fantasia. OOC INFORMATION We provide a platform and workplaces for the community for those who are in need. Either you are an up and coming fighter or a photographer who is looking to build his/her portfolio. King of the Ring will find a place for you. Our competitions help fighters get noticed by sponsors, teams, and higher competitions. We also offer management for those who need guidance to start their journey in the world of MMA. With combined experience of years in this business our companies staff will do their best you get guarantees like health care, exposure to the public, and competitive wages. Discord: https://discord.gg/sq8B9Wdnjt If you are interested in making a career in professional fighting, reach out to us in: Leonid Tukhachevsky (PH: 2521) ; Eduardas Tyla (PH: 3977) Or you can contact us via email: ((GTAW Forum: @Cladavian @rimviedris Discord: Cladavian; chujak#4140)
  2. Kenneth Nakagawa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kenneth Nakagawa, also known as "Kenny" or "Ken" (born April 20, 2004) is a Japanese-American MMA-Fighter. Biography Early Life Kenneth was an orphan and troublesome youth, something which dettered prospective foster parents from adopting him. Once he graduated from high school at the age of sixteen, he left the Orphanage behind and moved into the Asian Community Center in Little Seoul. After moving out, Kenny spent a lot of time hanging around various communities, such as Little Seoul, South Central and El Burro. Shortly after he started to live in the ACC, Kenneth started visiting Gyms all over the City in order to maintain a good physique. In August of 2023 Kenneth started spending more time around Vespucci, due to his job at the Shingle Fish. During his employment there, he reconnected with an old friend, Jonathan Ishikawa. After reconnecting with Ishikawa, Kenneth was signed on as an amateur MMA fighter and spent his days training and polishing his techniques for his debut at the Rockford Dome. Career Nakagawa V. Rogov - 23/09/2023 Even though he was a novice, he showed exceptional talent and tenacity throughout his first bout, taking out one of the best fighters in the league. Sports fans dubbed the contest "Fight of the Night" after three rounds of furious back-and-forth combat. Kenneth was able to stay focused and create an opening in the third round, hitting a hard strike that ultimately left Rogov dizzied. Kenneth tackled Rogov to the ground as he transitioned into a full mount position before pounding Rogov's face with a barrage of powerful blows. The referee quickly intervened, calling a stop to the fight. The crowd erupted in cheers as Kenneth was declared the winner, and he basked in the glory of his hard-fought victory. For Kenneth, this win marked a significant milestone in his career, and he looked forward to taking on even more challenging opponents in the future. As for Michael, he vowed to come back stronger and continue to hone his skills until he emerged victorious in his next match. In the end, both fighters showed great sportsmanship and respect for each other, proving that MMA is not just about winning and losing. Nakagawa V. Murphy - 07/10/2023 In an electrifying MMA showdown, Kenneth Nakagawa and Matias Murphy faced off in a highly anticipated match. The first round saw Nakagawa establishing dominance with a relentless display of striking and grappling skills. Murphy, despite putting up a resilient fight, found himself overwhelmed by Nakagawa's precision and aggression. As the second round unfolded, Nakagawa continued to press the advantage, showcasing superior technique and control. In a strategic maneuver, Nakagawa seized an opportune moment to apply a submission hold, forcing Murphy to tap out. The match concluded with Nakagawa emerging victorious, securing a well-deserved win. Nakagawa V. Duke - 28/10/2023 In a thrilling MMA showdown, Kenneth Nakagawa faced off against Sam Duke in a battle of skill and determination. The first round saw Nakagawa struggling to find his rhythm against the relentless onslaught of Duke's offense. Despite Nakagawa's resilience, Duke's tactics proved too much to handle, and Nakagawa conceded the round. Refusing to be deterred, Nakagawa came back with a vengeance in the second round, showcasing his prowess with a dominant display of striking and grappling. With precision and determination, Nakagawa turned the tide of the match, leaving Duke reeling under his relentless assault. However, as the fight entered its decisive third round, Nakagawa's momentum faltered, and Duke capitalized on a crucial opening. In a nail-biting conclusion, Duke narrowly edged out Nakagawa, securing victory by a hair's breadth in a testament to his tenacity and skill. Though Nakagawa fought valiantly, it was Duke who emerged triumphant in a contest that will be remembered for its intensity. Nakagawa V. Malakian - 09/12/2023 In a highly anticipated MMA clash, Kenneth Nakagawa squared off against Robert Malakian in a battle of contrasting styles and strategies. The opening round witnessed Nakagawa asserting his dominance with a display of calculated aggression and impeccable technique, leaving Malakian on the defensive. However, Malakian, undeterred by Nakagawa's initial onslaught, adapted his approach in the second round, gradually shifting the momentum of the fight in his favor. With strategic adjustments and unwavering determination, Malakian turned the tables on Nakagawa, seizing control of the match and mounting a formidable offense. Despite Nakagawa's resilience and relentless counterattacks, Malakian managed to hold his ground and secure a narrow victory by a hair's breadth in a testament to his resilience and tactical acumen. However, Nakagawa's performance left an indelible mark, showcasing his fighting spirit and refusal to concede defeat without a fierce struggle. Nakagawa V. Caldwell - 20/01/2024 In an intriguing matchup between the seasoned veteran Kenneth Nakagawa and the up-and-coming fighter Travis Caldwell, the fight unfolded with a mix of experience and youthful vigor. In the first round, Nakagawa showcased his veteran prowess, dominating the octagon with a calculated combination of striking and grappling, leaving Caldwell struggling to find an answer. As the second round commenced, Nakagawa's impatience became apparent. Eager to finish the fight quickly, he made a tactical error, allowing Caldwell to capitalize on the opportunity. Caldwell, displaying resilience and tactical awareness, managed to secure points by exploiting Nakagawa's momentary lapse in strategy. Heading into the third round, Caldwell held a slim lead in points. The junior fighter showcased his determination, utilizing evasive maneuvers and strategic strikes to maintain his advantage. Despite Nakagawa's efforts to stage a comeback, Caldwell secured the victory by a narrow margin, winning the match through a points decision. The bout served as a testament to the dynamic nature of MMA, where experience and skill can be challenged by the enthusiasm and strategic acumen of emerging talents like Travis Caldwell. External links 1. Little Okinawa 2. Mountain MMA 3. Bellicose MMA
  3. Explosive Action Unfolds at Bellicose MMA Event in Cypress Flats _______________ Price vs the Butcher Last night, the Sweathouse in Cypress Flats played host to an electrifying MMA event organized by Bellicose MMA, featuring intense matchups that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. One of the main attractions was the clash between Zhaire Price and Roy 'The Butcher' Mazza, a fight that ended in a clean knockout victory for Price. In an exclusive pre-fight interview, Zhaire Price revealed that his training camp leading up to the event had been exceptional, with SAFA champion Takenaka as his coach. When asked about his opponent, Roy 'The Butcher' Mazza, Price shrugged off any pre-fight banter, stating that he had never met Mazza but would soon face him in the octagon. As the tension escalated, Mazza confidently passed by, taunting Price with a menacing prediction. However, Price remained focused, expressing his determination to let his performance speak for itself in the cage. During the interview, Price also discussed his strategies and game plans for the fight, emphasizing his intention to dominate and showcasing his aggressive fighting style. The match unfolded as predicted, with Price securing a decisive victory, Event manager Derrick Chou praised Price's performance, highlighting his potential and natural comfort in the ring. Post-fight, Price attributed his success to his opponent's lack of preparation, citing the rookie status of Mazza. He capitalized on this vulnerability, employing a relentless offensive strategy that proved too much for 'The Butcher' to handle. Roy 'The Butcher' Mazza graciously acknowledged the defeat as a valuable lesson in his professional MMA journey. Determined to bounce back, Mazza expressed his availability for future fights, showcasing a resilient spirit despite the setback. _______________ Geisha vs Jad-ein Yong Unfortunately, the anticipated clash between Naoko 'Geisha' Mitsukuri and Ryeom 'Jad-eun Yong' Eui was canceled due to a car crash involving Mitsukuri. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family, hoping for a swift recovery. _______________ Kenny vs Rogov In a tumultuous matchup between Kenneth 'Kenny' Nakagawa and Michael Rogov, the fight concluded with a shocking technical knockout, leaving Rogov with a broken leg. The bout showcased the unpredictable nature of MMA, taking unexpected turns and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Nakagawa's victory was not without its challenges, as he initially struggled in the first round, resulting in a loss. However, the resilient fighter made a remarkable comeback in the second round, dominating his opponent with a display of skill and determination. The turning point occurred in a brutal performance in the round that followed. Nakagawa's aggressive strategy paid off, leading to the unfortunate injury sustained by Rogov—a broken leg that abruptly ended the fight. Post-fight, Michael Rogov gracefully acknowledged Nakagawa's prowess, recognizing him as a future champion. Despite the injury, Rogov praised Nakagawa's dominating performance in their previous encounter and admitted to focusing on rectifying his weaknesses leading up to this fight. Rogov acknowledged that, in the final round, Nakagawa's power proved insurmountable, resulting in the unfortunate leg injury he now faces. Rogov's words underscored the respect and recognition among fighters in the MMA community. Despite the setback, he expressed confidence in Nakagawa's potential and labeled him as an "unreal fighter" destined for the top of the MMA ranks. The aftermath of this intense battle leaves fans eagerly anticipating Nakagawa's future in the sport, as he continues to rise and make a lasting impression on the MMA scene. _______________ Bellicose MMA once again delivered an evening of unpredictable outcomes, reinforcing the sport's essence of resilience, skill, and unpredictability. As the fighters reflect on their performances, and fans eagerly await the next chapter, this event will undoubtedly be remembered as a thrilling showcase of MMA prowess and determination.
  4. WELCOME TO Mountain MMA is a gym and a MMA Team, located in Hawick, Los Santos. Founded by the Godfather of Los Santos MMA Garbon Meqvabishvili, training the best fighters in the state. WE offer mixed martial arts training for any level, from self-defense to Pro-Fighting, with Pro-Fighters teaching our students. Mountain MMA is currently oldest working gym in Los Santos and home of the most champions in the state from the names like Leonid Tukhachevsky, Catherine Tukhachevsky, Rafford Mann, Isaac Ryu, Ike Chambers, Naoko Mitsukuri, Ashton Winters, Jackson Hayes and many more honorable members like Nikos Karagiorgis, Elizabeth Lacroix, Adrian Martinez, Hunter White, Felix Stone, Elizabeth Ricci, Noah Jenkins, Sarah Byrne, Rimvydas Snariadov. Current roster of official Team Mountain MMA: Leonid Tukhachevsky (Head of the team and current Bellicose champion) Isaac Ryu (Former undefeated best pound for pound fighter and Bellicose champion) Jackson Hayes (Former King of the Ring and Bellicose champion) Eduardas Tyla (The current owner of Mountain MMA and head coach) Julian Esperanza Kenneth Nakagawa Ryeom Eui Naoko Mitsukuri (Former Queen of the Ring and Bellicose champion) Ramunas Baranauskas (Professional fighter coach) GET YOUR GYM PASS
  5. [The Bellicose MMA Logo displays on-screen for three seconds.] [Rika Noguchi] "Good evening, everyone. Tonight we're here with the fan favorite, Rosalia." [Rika Noguchi] "Rosalia, congratulations on your recent victories after a challenging losing streak! How did it feel to finally get those wins and turn the tide in your career?" [Rosalia Avalos] Thank you! Y'know, it felt li' super alleviatin' after the past matches I've had and all the trainin' I been through in the past weeks. [Rosalia Avalos] I was on cloud nine y'could say 'cus I been workin' so hard to get on track and to deliver summin' exciting for the fans and to finally break through that rough streak of losses. [Rosalia Avalos] But I'm grateful for all the experience I've gathered so far. Yeah, I had a rough start but it really kept me on the ground and it fueled my motivation to keep training so I'd get better in the ring. [Rosalia Avalos seems excited as she speaks with almost sparkling eyes. She's using a fair amount of hand movements to get her message across.] [Rika Noguchi] And deliver you did— but many supporters said they could see your first win on the horizon after your revised training routine. To them, their support has finally paid off. [Rika Noguchi] Your journey in MMA has been marked by perseverance and determination. Can you share the mindset and strategies that helped you bounce back from seven consecutive losses and secure these impressive victories? [Rosalia Avalos] Y'know as corny as it is, it all comes down to believin' in yourself.. it really does. How you gon' step in the ring that day and prove to everyone that this is /your/ thing if you can't deliver that in an honest way? [Rosalia Avalos] Believe me when I say it was rough in the beginning and I been on the verges of quittin' too. [Rosalia Avalos] But 'den at the same time? It gave me the power to step up again 'n make somethin' out of it.. /this/ is what I wanna do and I'll go all the way to reach my goals. [Rosalia Avalos] Love yourself, you're all you got in this world to get further in life 'n nobody else gon' do it for you. [Rosalia Avalos chuckles a bit after saying so.] [Rosalia Avalos] Call me corny but I'm a firm believer 'o that! [Rosalia Avalos] And not to forget, I got a good coach who knows how to push me durin' trainin'. [Rika Noguchi says] On that note, you've officially signed to Bellicose recently. [Rika Noguchi] Signing a new contract and potentially heading towards stardom must be an exciting milestone in your career. How do you envision this new chapter unfolding, and what are your goals and aspirations moving forward? [Rosalia Avalos] Trainin'.. lots of trainin'. I still got a long way to go considerin' the powerful women that will be my opponents in the ring. I'm real excited to learn more and develop my own style to eventually juss' kick ass in the ring li' it ain't no thing. [Rosalia Avalos] Y'could guess my end goal.. to get that belt y'know? I dream of that and I use it as my ultimate motivation work on on myself 'n my skills in the ring. [Rosalia Avalos] I really wanna deliver to my fans, show LS that us women in Bellicose can f'sure kick ass. [Rosalia Avalos straightens her back, tilting her head to the side for a second to stay comfortable in her seat as she lets Rika speak again.] [Rika Noguchi] And finally, as a female MMA fighter, you're breaking barriers and inspiring many aspiring athletes. [Rika Noguchi] How do you feel about being a role model for young women who aspire to succeed in combat sports, and what message would you like to share with them? [Rosalia Avalos] Look at all the women we have in Bellicose so far, it's amazing to see 'em peak in what they do 'n it's part of why I love bein' wid' Bellicose.. I hope it inspires other women to go after what they love to do 'n make the most of themselves in life. [Rosalia Avalos] Even for 'em to join us or juss' if they need that lil push in life to step into the gym or work on a healthier lifestyle. [Rosalia Avalos] As for myself? It's a bit unreal to be called one for young women y'know? I'm still young myself 'n I look up to others in the league as well, for their strength and skills.. so to be called one myself? It definitely motivates me to set an example. [Rika Noguchi]: Thank you so much for joining us this evening, Rosalia. Should we expect to see you fighting at the next Rockford Dome event? [Rosalia Avalos] I'm down, I'll never skip out on a fight if I'm lined up for one. Hope to see you all at my next fight! [Rosalia Avalos does a peace sign with a grin on her face for the end of the interview.] [An advert for new fighters, commentators, and referees alike is previewed at the end of the video. ((FORUM PM))]
  6. Bellicose MMA Fights Showcasing Female and Male Warriors Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has emerged within San Andreas one of the most electrifying and inclusive combat sports of our time. In a recent event that captivated audiences worldwide, an exhilarating night of MMA fights showcased the prowess of female fighters, while the other took center stage with male warriors. This MMA event happened last Friday evening, June 2nd, 2023. A Display of Skill, Power, and Tenacity Amélie Lévesque vs Pamala De'Leon The anticipation and excitement were palpable as two highly skilled female fighters stepped into the octagon. The bout was a testament to the growing popularity of women's MMA and the exceptional talent possessed by these athletes. With lightning-fast strikes, impeccable grappling techniques, and an unwavering resolve, these women showcased the depth of their abilities. Both fighters entered the arena with determination etched on their faces, ready to prove their mettle. Throughout the match, the combatants exchanged a relentless barrage of strikes, demonstrating their technical proficiency and resilience. The crowd erupted with each impactful blow, applauding the skill and toughness displayed by these awe-inspiring women. What made this fight even more extraordinary was the mutual respect and camaraderie between the competitors. While they fiercely battled inside the octagon, their sportsmanship was evident, as they embraced after the final bell rang, showing the true essence of MMA. Lévesque’s game plan was rather basic, she said. She is a primarily Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter with a third degree brown belt. De’Leon knew this. Lévesque said De’Leon is an aggressive fighter and Lévesque took that to her advantage. She was able to land a high kick which made De’Leon rather dizzy, throughout the fights. Lévesque then says the event was organized very well by Bellicose MMA. The DJ, Security and commentary was excellent, she said. She also thanked De’Leon afterwards for the competition. This fight meant a lot to Lévesque, debuting in The Dome, in front of so many people. Main Event: Male Warriors Leave It All in the Octagon Joseph Yang vs Didac Fraga As the atmosphere reached a fever pitch, the spotlight shifted to the main event—an epic clash between two male warriors. The anticipation for this fight was off the charts, with fans eagerly awaiting the showcase of technical brilliance, sheer power, and unwavering determination that characterize elite-level MMA. Yang and Fraga, known for their dominant presence in the MMA world, stood face to face, eyeing each other with unwavering focus. The crowd erupted with a deafening roar, creating an electrifying atmosphere that sent shivers down the spines of everyone in attendance. From the moment the fight began, it was clear that these warriors were willing to push themselves to the limit. Thunderous strikes and calculated take downs reverberated throughout the arena, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. Yang noticed the way Fraga moved in the first round and because of that he knew what to do, to beat Fraga. Yang expected more from Fraga. He said it was one of his easiest fights. Yang already said at the press conference “I’m not gonna drop a single round”. Round after round, the combatants showcased their versatility, transitioning seamlessly between various martial arts disciplines. Yang had a very good start to round one, where Fraga had to take a few hard blows. Fraga was close to coming back in the second round, until Yang hit Fraga straight in the stomach with a front kick. It was hard to breathe for Fraga, and Yang ended this main fight in a 3 - 0. Ernest Ochoa (left) vs Michael Rogov (right) ending in a 0-2 for Rogov Conclusion: A Historic Night for MMA The event featuring both female and male MMA fights marked a significant milestone in the sport's evolution. It shattered gender barriers and emphasized that skill, technique, and determination know no bounds when it comes to fighting in the octagon. The fights showcased the raw power, incredible technique, and unwavering determination that make MMA Comments are ENABLED for this article. Username: Comment: Article brought to you by
  7. (( Emails to be sent to this account ))
  8. (( DISCLAIMER: THIS BETTING SITE IS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND FOR A GAMING COMMUNITY. NO REAL MONEY IS BEING INVOLVED BUT ONLY FICTIONAL MONEY FOR THE GAME OF GRAND THEFT AUTO V. )) LSBetting.website is the #1 Los Santos ONLINE Betting Website! LSBetting.website is your most trustworthy and secure way to bet online at the comfort of your home or work without having to walk over to a betting shop to play. Our exclusive website is your friend and we're updating daily with the new bets on Soccer & MMA matches. Visit our website NOW on the following link and register FOR FREE to bet online: https://lsbetting.website/ (( In-Game Competitions )) LS Soccer Association Matches Bellicose MMA (( Real Life Competitions )) UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League English Premier League Spanish La Liga Italy Serie A UFC MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Are you ready for the challenge? May the odds be with you, player! Sign up TODAY! (( In order to complete your registration on the LSBETTING.website you will need to join our discord server to verify your account. Your CHARACTER needs to be 21+ years old to be able to gamble legally. https://discord.gg/UWwNYkHJ4c JOIN OUR DISCORD TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT ON LSBETTING.WEBSITE , OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT BET! ))
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