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  1. Click to goto LS Bets Follow us on Facebrowser for updates on our launch! Comment: Name: Comment:
  2. So I’ve been wondering for a minute about this. I was particularly interested due to the fact that I have a cyclist character that I would like to participate in International events without having to wait for opportunities in game, such as competitions and/or leagues. I’d rather much just go at my own pace to make the roleplay believable as well as fun for myself and others. And I was just wondering if, for example, I could use a game based on simulation of professional cycling as a way to RP?
  3. SAFA Charity Fight Night & Ursus MMA Fight Night Recap: June 9th, June 16th Published by Scarlett Remington, 06/19/2023 Photography by Shun Nakamura, 06/09/2023, 06/16/2023 June 9th, Vespucci Sports Charity Fight Night - Full Gallery Link (Click Here) Starting with last week's knockout Charity event, SAFA’s first “Celebrity Cage Match”. The final event on the night's line-up, was ex-senator and casino mogul “Edgars Gudlevkskis” against his opponent, one of the city's top influencers, DJ Doux. For me it was incredibly unexpected, coming out of the left field, as it were. Before we could see this fight, however, there were two under-cards and a main event on SAFA’s weekly Fight Night. As usual we saw rookie amateurs and long time hobbyists well known at SAFA go head to head against each other. With four fights on the night's line up, I was in for a good show. Especially seeing as SAFA’s new host, Barry Dunn, returned to bring an air of showmanship to the combat event series. This week Adam Kaminski returned as referee, while his wife Noelle was among the judges panel, accompanied by experts Endymion Atlas, and Damian Samaras. Showing the promotions dedication to providing the best events possible, there was once again a bar catered by The Blue Lion. As well as betting available through pyramid-virtual.com, Pyramid Sports Betting. In the first fight, we were to see two rookies, Jaythan “The Javanese Juggernaut” Glediansyah, and Cody Hewitt. However it seemed a last minute drop out resulted in Jaythan needing replacement, seemingly he got cold feet which unfortunately also seems to happen a lot more than you’d think. Cody Hewitt, was apparently already replacing someone. Luckily, after a moment, we were blessed with Danijel “Munja” Aleksic in the octagon. Danijel is no rookie, and is well known around SAFA as a stiff competitor and skilled kickboxer. The first round started with both fighters testing each other's abilities, really taking it slow and trying to find an opening. Aleksic was a bit more aggressive than his opponent but Hewitt highlighted some great defensive tactics. At the end of the round Hewitt was looking steadily ahead, and after a brief moment we got right into round two. The second round was quick and full of furious strikes. Though rocked by the last round, Aleksic took a slow start in the second round. Hewitt, maintaining momentum, K.O’d his opponent in swift fashion with a stiff right hook. This meant Hewitt was walking away with his first SAFA victory under his belt. And while Aleksic didn’t show out the best tonight, he’s still without a doubt a name to look for on any fight card. Next up we have an Ex-Navy sailor from Portland, Oregon, Takenaka Kido. His opponent, Chechen warrior Malik Varayev is a known factor in the competition, a skilled wrestler. This is another rookie versus established amateur fight, though definitely not your average rookie, Kido’s Navy background lends him some credibility going into the sport. The Navy is renowned for their own fighting competitions, the most popular among servicemen and women being boxing. This led me to be pretty excited to see this fight, no longer are we seeing the average street brawler that you might come across at other promotions, the overall skill level at the competition is clearly on the rise. Heading into round one we see Takanaka start off defensively, he doesn’t want this wrestler to get him on his back. Likewise Varayev is careful of Takanaka’s takedown technique, he tries to strike from range and put Takanaka off balance. Takanaka keeps his cool and Varayev reaches the end of his tank and slows down at the end of the round, allowing Takanaka to score a takedown before the bell. Round two starts off in a furious exchange of combo’s from each side, though neither fighter can afford to keep that up. Takanaka creates some distance, Varayev pursues but is hammered by counter strikes as he tries to land hits on his opponent until finally one lands square on his cap and sends him tumbling to the mat unconscious. Takanaka takes the action packed bout with a spectacular knockout. In the last match before the charity event, the night's official Main Event, a five round fight between BJJ and Krav Maga technician Frank “Gyrene” Raynor and challenger Alexander Castillo, a SAFA newcomer. Though as we’ve seen from Zack Lucero’s debut, being a rookie doesn’t mean much because the team at SAFA clearly works hard to put people of similar skill levels in the ring together. Who knows where they found this newcomer, but if they gave him a main event I have no doubt that it’s going to be a show worth watching. The first of five rounds kicked off, right away the two are showing their skill and calculativeness as they probe one another for openings. They start off by trying to gain a few points, and seeing where they can completely overcome their opponents. Castillo finds his opening and drills into the opposition's defense. Round one ended with Castillo appearing a bit ahead, though it was still anyone’s match. The second round Castillo took the same approach, though this time Gyrene’s defense holds firm and he counters sternly, scoring a knockdown on his opponent in turn. The third round Castillo changed gears slightly, his fancy footwork and aggressive striking breaking through Gyrene’s defense in awe inspiring fashion. The fourth round was over incredibly fast, Castillo knocked out his opponent with a hard midsection shot. He was really working Gyrene’s abs this fight and it took the toll in the end, resulting in a hand raise for Castillo. First to be introduced in SAFA’s first Celebrity Cage Match, Edgars Gudlevskis, owner of acclaimed Pyramid Sports Bets. Of Latvian origin, Edgars is a well known businessman and politician in Los Santos, and is not someone I expected to see in the ring even if I had heard he was a fan of the sport. His opponent, frenchman and local music industry legend, Julian “Doux” Lebeau of AKAN Records, is also an MMA fan though similarly I am surprised to see him fighting here tonight. The winner's chosen charity will be taking home a healthy donation. As they make their way to the ring both men look excited, and well prepared. Neither of them has an air of nervousness about them, and it sounds like they’ve both been training hard for this moment. Round one starts and Doux comes out swinging on Edgars, who takes a rough looking punch to the face. Wasting no time however, Edgars strikes back with a right hook and clips Doux. They spend a second locked in a clinch, sending blows while grappling, then break apart and go straight back into throwing combos. The first round is extremely high octane, and both show skill as they deftly slip and counter strike each other's jabs. Doux maintains a slim points lead going into round two, he goes in on the bell extremely fast just like the first round, but this time Edgars slips and counter strikes. Doux takes the sign and changes up his strategy, both fighters take a slower approach trying to score points where they can without taking any hits themselves, but this mostly falls off as each exchange sees both fighters take a number of strikes from the others combo. The second round ends and Edgars has brought the score back neck and neck going into the final round. In the final round Edgars takes on a fully defensive strategy, purposefully staying on the back foot as Doux aggressively strikes in an attempt to punch right through Edgars’ guard. The crowd goes wild with cheers and jeers as the Referee gets between the fighters, Doux clearly out of breath and rocked. Both competitors showed grace and respect at the end of the fight, and took a moment to shout out their selected charities and announce an increase of donations, bringing the total dedication of this charity event to $400,000. All in all it was a truly spectacular event, the city should not sleep on any future SAFA events or you might miss out on a really great show. Plus with music from DJ Dano, and alcohol provided courtesy of The Blue Lion, makes the event a truly unique experience where you can get a good drink and watch an entertaining show. June 16th, Ursus MMA Fight Night - Full Gallery Link (Click Here) On to this week's event, where we saw more locals going head to head for the chance to be known as San Andreas’ best fighter. While we didn’t have a spectacle like the Celebrity Cage Match to look forward to tonight, we did have an entirely different treat. SAFA’s first ever female fight card, showing that the promotion only continues to grow. Another sign of the company's growth is that this event marks the move to 4 fight cards per night, expanding to 3 undercards and a main event. It was another amazing night with high energy host Barry Dunn, DJ Dano on the mix decks, Noelle Kaminska as Referee tonight and on the judges panel, Damian Samaras, Jackson Hayes, and Endymion Atlas. The first fight was the women's card, where we saw Amélie Lévesque face off against her opponent, Cleopatra Klaproth. Amélie is apparently a fighter from Montreal, a BJJ expert, and is known for cutting a path through the Bellicose circuit and dominating the competition. Cleopatra on the other hand, a Hawick local and self-proclaimed street fighter. Given the match ups we’ve seen at SAFA in the past I’m reluctant to count her out despite facing a decisively more ‘professional’ and technical opponent. Round one kicked off with a flurry of strikes from both sides. Each highlighting footwork, defense and counter striking. Watching the first round it was a lot closer than one might expect, in the end it was hard to determine if either had gained a lead and both women scored a knockdown. This seemingly put both fighters on notice as they both panicked to try and switch up their techniques several times in round two. Cleopatra however scored a knockdown and came up looking ahead on the fight cards at the end of the round. A bit more adjustment from Amélie in the third round, and perhaps a bit of exhaustion on Cleopatra’s side, meant that Amélie could score a final knockdown of her own before the clock ran out. After a moment of waiting for the Ref to consult the judges, a split decision had two judges scoring the fight as a draw. Though one judge, Jackson Hayes, scored 23-24, in favor of Klaproth. With the fight finished, Amélie Lévesque expressed disdain with having a draw on her record and loudly challenged Cleopatra to a rematch down the line, to which she happily accepted. In the second fight we saw Malik Varayev return to face off against Kendrick “Scarface” Robinson. Varayev, SAFA’s Chechen Warrior, is coming off a defeat last week and is clearly eager to show that he isn’t someone to count out. He’s training, and he’s after those main liners heads. His opponent, on the other hand, is coming off the back of a win in his debut match up, and is no doubt feeling confident in his ability to compete. This fight was quite the doozy, and it was over in a flash! Malik dominated his opponent in the first round, scoring a knockdown. The second round didn’t last much longer, Malik taking Scarface down and forcing a submission via a stunning rear naked choke, in what I believe is SAFA’s first submission finisher. As for the third fight of the night, we saw two sparring partners, Zack “The Spitfire” Lucero and Cody Hewitt go head to head. Zack, with one loss, zero wins, and Cody with the opposite record. The first two rounds were striking heavy, and mostly high action. Whereas by the end of the third round both fighters were slowly targeting one another, trying to run out the bell and win by the grace of the judges scores. This tactic paid off for Lucero, who was unanimously declared victor by the judges score. The final fight of the night was SAFA super star, Sam Morris, against Alexander Castillo. Both have proven to be some of the toughest competitors the state has ever seen. Castillo is a LS county Deputy and a Kickboxing aficionado. As for his opponent, Morris is a long time hobbyist and student of VS MMA, a wrestling and boxing knockout. The event kicks off and Morris puts on the heat against Castillo. They take four rounds, but Castillo struggles to keep up on the scorecards, he takes a knockdown in round three but gets knocked out in round four. It’s clear as one of SAFA’s best, Morris is striving to improve, and eventually challenge Yang for a rematch. Yang is without debate at the top of the MMA circuit at the moment, boasting an undefeated record in SAFA. But with that another show stopping smackdown of an event comes to an end, and I can honestly say it remains as one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a Friday night in Los Santos.
  4. Bellicose MMA Fights Showcasing Female and Male Warriors Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has emerged within San Andreas one of the most electrifying and inclusive combat sports of our time. In a recent event that captivated audiences worldwide, an exhilarating night of MMA fights showcased the prowess of female fighters, while the other took center stage with male warriors. This MMA event happened last Friday evening, June 2nd, 2023. A Display of Skill, Power, and Tenacity Amélie Lévesque vs Pamala De'Leon The anticipation and excitement were palpable as two highly skilled female fighters stepped into the octagon. The bout was a testament to the growing popularity of women's MMA and the exceptional talent possessed by these athletes. With lightning-fast strikes, impeccable grappling techniques, and an unwavering resolve, these women showcased the depth of their abilities. Both fighters entered the arena with determination etched on their faces, ready to prove their mettle. Throughout the match, the combatants exchanged a relentless barrage of strikes, demonstrating their technical proficiency and resilience. The crowd erupted with each impactful blow, applauding the skill and toughness displayed by these awe-inspiring women. What made this fight even more extraordinary was the mutual respect and camaraderie between the competitors. While they fiercely battled inside the octagon, their sportsmanship was evident, as they embraced after the final bell rang, showing the true essence of MMA. Lévesque’s game plan was rather basic, she said. She is a primarily Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter with a third degree brown belt. De’Leon knew this. Lévesque said De’Leon is an aggressive fighter and Lévesque took that to her advantage. She was able to land a high kick which made De’Leon rather dizzy, throughout the fights. Lévesque then says the event was organized very well by Bellicose MMA. The DJ, Security and commentary was excellent, she said. She also thanked De’Leon afterwards for the competition. This fight meant a lot to Lévesque, debuting in The Dome, in front of so many people. Main Event: Male Warriors Leave It All in the Octagon Joseph Yang vs Didac Fraga As the atmosphere reached a fever pitch, the spotlight shifted to the main event—an epic clash between two male warriors. The anticipation for this fight was off the charts, with fans eagerly awaiting the showcase of technical brilliance, sheer power, and unwavering determination that characterize elite-level MMA. Yang and Fraga, known for their dominant presence in the MMA world, stood face to face, eyeing each other with unwavering focus. The crowd erupted with a deafening roar, creating an electrifying atmosphere that sent shivers down the spines of everyone in attendance. From the moment the fight began, it was clear that these warriors were willing to push themselves to the limit. Thunderous strikes and calculated take downs reverberated throughout the arena, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. Yang noticed the way Fraga moved in the first round and because of that he knew what to do, to beat Fraga. Yang expected more from Fraga. He said it was one of his easiest fights. Yang already said at the press conference “I’m not gonna drop a single round”. Round after round, the combatants showcased their versatility, transitioning seamlessly between various martial arts disciplines. Yang had a very good start to round one, where Fraga had to take a few hard blows. Fraga was close to coming back in the second round, until Yang hit Fraga straight in the stomach with a front kick. It was hard to breathe for Fraga, and Yang ended this main fight in a 3 - 0. Ernest Ochoa (left) vs Michael Rogov (right) ending in a 0-2 for Rogov Conclusion: A Historic Night for MMA The event featuring both female and male MMA fights marked a significant milestone in the sport's evolution. It shattered gender barriers and emphasized that skill, technique, and determination know no bounds when it comes to fighting in the octagon. The fights showcased the raw power, incredible technique, and unwavering determination that make MMA Comments are ENABLED for this article. Username: Comment: Article brought to you by
  5. "SAFA Fight Night: Ursus MMA - 05/26/2023 Results" Written by Charlie Roberts, May 26 2023 Published by Scarlett Remington Photography by Shun Nakamura (pictured: Fight #3, MORRIS vs. YANG) On May 26th the San Andreas Fighting Association hosted another Amateur Fight Night series at one of their partner gyms featuring talent from returning (and new) fighters: Patrick Stone, Ashad Curry, Michael Rosales, Ignacio Salazar, Sam Morris, and Joseph Yang. This event brought us a better perspective on returning fighters Michael Rosales, Ignacio Salazar, Joseph Yang, and the up and coming talent of Sam Morris. Last week, Morris and Rosales went head to head with an impressive 3 - 0 win by KO by Morris. Rosales on the other hand made an incredible come back with his performance tonight facing against Salazar: 2 - 0. Morris took a loss to Joseph Yang, 0 - 4. For some extra on last weeks Fight Night, check out Sports Talk with John Lopez (click here). SAFA Amateur Fight Night Results Patrick Stone (2) vs. Ashad Curry (1) RESULT: 2 - 0, STONE - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Michael Rosales (2) vs. Ignacio Salazar (0) RESULT: 2 - 0, ROSALES - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Sam Morris (0) vs. Joseph Yang (4) RESULT: 0 - 4, YANG - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Gallery #1: Click Here Gallery #2: Click Here Reference to Sports Talk with John Lopez is not affiliated with the Los Santos Insider. All content, footage, and audio on the directed URL is their property.
  6. "SAFA Fight Night: Hosted at Vespucci Sports - 05/19/2023 Results" Written by Charlie Roberts, May 19 2023 Photography by Shun Nakamura, On May 19th, 2023 the San Andreas Fighting Association hosted another one of their up and rising, and now popular, Fight Nights which features rising and already established fighters within Los Santos, and across the State of San Andreas. By far one of their most anticipated events, it was also the highest turn out in terms of fan attendance - almost tripling the usual amount of spectators: so much so, they ran out of seats.. which was no problem for the fight enthusiasts. SAFA's Partner, Pyramid Bets, reported a record amount of bets specifically for the event: outdoing any other type of bet typically placed on a day-to-day basis. This event showcased the likes of Malik Varayev, Aleksander Vujovic, Zack Lucero, Danijel Aleksic, and for the Main Card: Sam Morris vs. Michael Rosales. This event sure had some excitement but sudden action outside the ring when a brawl transpired at the DJ Booth where popular DJ Valerio Giodano was posted to roll entry songs for each fighter. The San Andreas Fighting Associations newly formed (and private) Security Team pictured above worked swiftly to subdue the brawlers, with support from the San Andreas Sheriff Deputies also in attendance. The brawlers were quickly ejected, and the event continued on. SAFA Amateur Fight Night Results FULL GALLERY LINK: Click Here (Photography by LSI, Shun Nakamura) Malik Varayev (2) vs. Aleksandar Vujovic (0) RESULT: 2 - 0, VARAYEV - WINNER BY TKO Zack Lucero (2) vs. Danijel Aleksic (0) RESULT: 2 - 0, LUCERO - WINNER BY TKO MAIN CARD Sam Morris (3) vs. Michael Rosales (0) RESULT: 3 - 0, MORRIS - WINNER BY TKO
  7. "SAFA Fight Night, Hosted At Ursus MMA Gym - Results" Written by Charlie Roberts, May 13 2023 Published by Scarlett Remington, May 13 2023 (pictured: Fight #3 at Ursus MMA) On May 12th the San Andreas Fighting Association returns for yet another Fight Night, showcasing the most balanced line up of fighters to date. From growing talent to returning talent the night saw the likes of Ernest 'Torito' Ochoa, Michael Rosales, Sam Morris, Igancio 'Nacho' Salazar, Tiho Popovic, and a returning MMA veteran to the scene: Frank "Gyrene" Raynor. Not only did this event provide excitement for fight enthusiasts, but also gave SAFA the chance to work with one of their newest partnership gyms under the fighting association's flag, Ursus MMA, located near Del Perro which has under gone major renovations to start hosting fights in rotation with other gyms that have (and are expected to) work directly with the San Andreas Fighting Association. SAFA Amateur Fight Night Results Ernest 'Torito' Ochoa (1) vs. Michael Rosales (2) RESULT: 1 - 2, ROSALES - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Sam Morris (2) vs. Igancio 'Nacho' Salazar (1) RESULT: 2 - 1, MORRIS - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Frank 'Gyrene' Raynor (0) vs. Tiho Popovic (3) RESULT: 0 - 3, POPOVIC - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT
  8. San Andreas Fighting Association Returns: Amateur Fight Nights Written by Charlie Roberts, April 29 2023 Published by Scarlett Remington, April 29 2023 (pictured: Official SAFA Judges lined up at the spectators desk, ready to begin the matchups) The San Andreas Fighting Association, shortened to SAFA, has returned after a temporary break to allow fighters to rest and train for the next series of events. If unfamiliar, the SAFA hosts several fighting events every month at Vespucci Sports, leading up to an All Weight Championship Title. For a refresher, Leslie "Riverboy" Gunnel won the first ever "SAFA Amateur All Weight Rumble" championship on March 31st, 2023 becoming $160,000 richer - taking the MMA fighting scene by storm as an up and coming talent. To look back you can view our previous article on the Championship by clicking here. Tonight's Fight Night showcased some of the fastest growing names in the industry, such as Alexander Barbaro, Wade Diaz, Travis Borden, Joseph Yang, Sam Morris, and Sonny Burton. One of many events this month to showcase and revive the MMA scene in Los Santos, being another successful month for the San Andreas Fighting Association - let us anticipate what they have to bring to the table this time. Growing talent, rising stars, never a dull moment fighting action, and a thrive and compete as one of the best MMA entertainment organizations in San Andreas. FIGHT RESULTS, APRIL 29 2023 Alexander Barbaro (1) vs. Wade Diaz (2) RESULT: 2 - 1, DIAZ - WINNER BY UNANIMOUS DECISION Travis "Grumpy" Borden (0) vs. Joseph Yang (2) RESULT: 0 - 2, YANG - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT Sam Morris (0) vs. Sonny Burton (2) RESULT: 0 - 2, BURTON - WINNER BY KNOCKOUT
  9. ULSA Beavers continue to top PAC-12 Conference after Victory! Written by Kate Park, April 2 2023 Published by Scarlett Remington, April 2 2023 The ULSA Basketball team the Beavers returned to the court following several weeks rest to face the B-CU Wildcats. The Beavers appeared to meet there match in the PAC-1 conference, but ultimately came on top with a 77-72 victory. Notably this week saw the return of Beavers Captain Abbas Hamada who has been out following injury to his ankle. Pictured: ULSA Beavers Captain Abbas Hamada The Beavers were on the backfoot during the 1st half with the Wildcats dominating the home-side. Hamada entered within the 9th minute of the 1st half of his comeback receiving a huge applause and cheers. It was evident that the rising stars injury had hindered his playing ability and overall confidence. That said his contribution saw him adding 11 points with 6 assists with the 1st half ending with the Wildcats in front at 25-36. A reset at half-time saw the Beavers return to the court with grit and determination. Franco Pelosi displayed a masterclass performance in his role, adding 11 points, 6 assists as well as 2 rebounds, and 4 steals whilst on the field. This ultimately saw Pelosi being awarded the MVP for the game for his contribution in the comeback against the Wildcats. The win puts the Beavers at the top of the PAC-12 conference with a current unbeaten streak of 8-0. Game Statistics: Abbas Hamada - 11 Points, 6 Assist(s), 2 Rebound(s), 0 Steals, From the field (4-11), from 3PT (1-5), FT (2-2) in 25.5 Minutes. +/-: +2. (MVP)Franco Pelosi - 11 Points, 6 Assist(s), 3 Rebound(s), 4 Steals, From the field (4-7), from 3PT (2-3), FT (2-3) in 31.4 Minutes. +/-: +13. Ian Velez - 7 Points - 1 Assist(s), 3 Rebound(s), 0 Steals, From the field, (2-11), from 3PT (1-2), FT (1-2), in 31.0 Minutes, +/-: -2. Isaiah Harden - 9 Points, 1 Assist(s), 2 Rebound(s), 0 Steals, From the field (4-10) , from 3PT (1-2), FT (0-0), in 26.0 Minutes, +/-: +3. Alexander Pickert - 6 Points, 1 Assist(s), 1 Rebound(s), 0 Steals, From the field (2-3) , from 3PT (2-2), FT (0-0), in 6.0 Minutes, +/-: +2. Leon Engel - Did not play - Rib injury (Out for 6 weeks) In a post-game interview Abbas Hamada commented on the game, and what he thinks of the future for the team. Abbas Hamada: "Likewise— What. A. Night, exactly. First game after the break, we didn't know what to expect from the opposing team— What's next? We go on...We move forward like always, looking for another dub and that's what we do. This is a strong league as you just saw. Our next game is against the Idaho Vandals— They're a good team, we don't underestimate anybody. We need to improve our game no matter what, tight lead or a blow out .We always look to improve, today for example: Our defence, that's our weakest aspect of the game and you saw— First half didn't look well for us but, we bounced back, half time talk got to us and we never give up, that's the Beavers mentality." Hamada then went on to comment on his own role within the team following a lengthy period away with injury. "I have been away for some time— Last game for me was against another/Wildcats team, against Arizona. It was our most important game yet and I unfortunately got injured but— All that matters is we got the win, I was bummed. Of course, because I was really looking' forward to that game, we're talking' about a /national TV/ game...in front of millions of people, you wanna show up and do great y'know? But this is a team game, we got the win there and that's what matters. I "sprained" my ankle according to some doctors in the first two minutes of the game but— Time went on and they discovered it was a "Stress fracture" so that set me out for even longer, thankfully it was all before the season break." The team go on to face Idaho Vandals at home on the ULSA Campus. Tickets are available via the website at ulsa.us.
  10. SAFA First Amateur All Weight Champion: RIVERBOY takes the win! [Gallery/Results] Written by Scarlett Remington, April 1st 2023 Photography by Kate Park, March 31st 2023 (Pictured: Leslie "Riverboy" Gunnell, SAFA's First Amateur All Weight Rumble Champion) On March 31st, the San Andreas Fighting Association hosted their Finale of the first SAFA Amateur Series. Through three events that built up to this final moment of competition, the main card fight became the most anticipated fight of the year so far between Leslie "Riverboy" Gunnell, and Louvell "Fantome" Cevon. The two have fought through several fights throughout the SAFA's series, which has led them to compete for the Grand Prize Pool of $160,000 USD. The event featured other fighters such as Lucas "LEEZ" Yang, Jackie "THE BULL" Sassano, Frank "GYRENE" Raynor, and Tomas "GUZ" Guzman. The event saw a large crowd and anticipation to support their fighter of choice. Fans and spectators chanted, screamed, and cheered on their pick - some being disappointed, while some thrilled at their victories. After a successful event, the winner of the SAFA Amateur Series saw Leslie "Riverboy" Gunnell come out on top, winning a total of $160,000 - despite suffering injuries that had him transported to a nearby hospital. Riverboy becomes the first ever SAFA First Amateur All Weight Rumble Champion. (Pictured: Gunnell and Cevon in the cage, during Round 2) FIGHT RESULTS Lucas "LEEZ" Yang (2) vs. Jackie "THE BULL" Sassano (0) Result: 2 - 0, Winner by Knockout Frank "GYRENE" Raynor (1) vs. Tomas "GUZ" Guzman (2) Result: 1 - 2, Winner by Knockout MAIN EVENT: Louvell "FANTOME" Cevon (0) vs. Leslie "RIVERBOY" Gunnell (3) Result: 0 - 3, Winner by Knockout GALLERY Gallery Link Photos by Kate Park
  11. "[Opinion] Gallery: SAFA Amateur Bout at Vespucci Sports (Results)" Written by Scarlett Remington, March 17th 2023 March 17th, the San Andreas Fighting Association hosted another series of their up and coming events hosted at the Vespucci Sports Gym. The event brought new faces into the MMA scene, while providing endless entertainment for the spectators. Multiple knockouts, medical requests, and heated MMA action brought all attending fighting enthusiast a sense of anticipation, even matchups, and spectacular performances from each fighter. Tonight's lineup featured well known and newer up-and-coming fighters in the MMA such as: Frank "Gyrene" Raynor, Scott "The Berserker" Hughes, Nathan "Empanada" Nevarez, Daniel "The Little Dragon" Ryu, Timetric "Ashura" Powell, Nicolas "Silverhand" Drake, Tyler "The Wicked" Wick, and Dexter "The Dangerous" Burton. Fight Results & Galleries These images are free to use, without copyright. All fighters or other individuals may use at their own convenience. Frank "Gyrene" Raynor" (2) vs. Scott "The Beserker" Hughes (0) #1 Results: 2 - 0 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nathan "Empanada" Nevarez (2) vs. Daniel "The Little Dragon" Ryu (1) #2 Results: 2 - 1 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Timetric "Ashura" Powell (2) vs. Nicolas "Silverhand" Drake (0) #3 Results: 2 - 0 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tyler "The Wicked" Wick (0) vs. Dexter "The Dangerous" Burton (2) #3 Results: 0 - 2 • Gallery Link: Click Here
  12. "[Opinion] Gallery: Bellicose MMA Fight Night at Muscle Gymnasium [Results]" Written by Scarlett Remington, 03/11/2023 On March 11th, Bellicose MMA hosted one of their notorious fight nights located at the Muscle Gymnasium in the Rockford Hills area. Throughout the night we saw a large amount of spectators come out from the average fighting enthusiast or curious citizens who wanted to see what the hype was about. Some of the talent lined up for the night included Ricky Falcone, "El Chupacabra" Nevarez, Rosalia "Big Chica" Avalos, Bailey "Big Mouth" Gunnell, and new comers such as Bella Ramirez. The fight night featured a mixture of male and female fighters, respective to their league. One thing that was noticed was the impressive setup at the Muscle Gymnasium - a modern slick look and vibe, while providing a vast amount of space for the spectators. The cage, in the middle, was perfectly positioned to offer a 360 degree view at all times. Being my first time there, I was completely struck by the interior and highly suggest to attend one of Bellicose's events at the Muscle Gymnasium. Fight Results & Galleries These images are free to use, without copyright. All fighters or other individuals may use at their own convenience. Derrick "the Koi" Chou (2) vs. Damian "Damage" Phillips (0) #1 Results: 2 - 0 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Didac "Coyote" Fraga (2) vs. Lil Tommy Kimura (0) #2 Results: 2 - 0 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pamala Deleon (2) vs. Flavia Nogueira (1) #3 Results: 2 - 1 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "El Chupacabra" Nevarez (2) vs. Ricky Falcone (1) #4 Results: 2 - 1 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bella Ramirez (0) vs. Naoko Mitsukuri (2) #5 Results: 0 - 2 • Gallery Link: Click Here _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rosalia "Big Chica" Avalos (0) vs. Bailey "Big Mouth" Gunnel (2) #6 Results: 0 - 2 • Gallery Link: Click Here
  13. Est 2021. Active & Upcoming Bets BETS NOW CLOSED - NO FURTHER BETS TO BE PLACED Aston Villa vs Leicester 5th December 2021 @ 16:30 Fulltime Result Odds: Aston Villa Win: 13/10 Draw: 12/5 Leicester Win: 2/1 Everton vs Arsenal 6th December 2021 @ 20:00 Fulltime Result Odds: Everton Win: 27/11 Draw: 9/4 Arsenal Win: 11/10 Brentford vs Watford 10th December 2021 @ 20:00 Fulltime Result Odds: Brentford Win: 19/20 Draw: 5/2 Watford Win: 27/10 Manchester City vs RB Leipzig 7th December 2021 @ 17:45 Fulltime Result Odds: Man City Win: 1/1 Draw: 14/5 Leipzig Win: 23/10 Liverpool vs AC Milan 7th December 2021 @ 20:00 Fulltime Result Odds: AC Milan Win: 11/10 Draw: 14/5 Leipzig Win: 21/10 Finished Bets How to place a bet. Simply fill out the below form, ensure your routing number is correct so we can pay you out correctly. Please ensure you pay your bet to us so we can confirm it prior to the game starting. Our Routing Number is 010004336. If you have any issues, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] ((Forum PM @MyBet)) Betting Form: Username: Bet Information: (Game & Bet) Bet Amount: Routing Number: ((OOC Disclaimer)) ((This is not a quick money making scheme for me, I enjoy the idea of roleplay surrounding this, and enjoy it OOC'ly. In no way is this a scam, if you do not recieve your pay out I may have missed it, contact me on discord. LG#1609))
  14. WELCOME TO MOUNTAIN MMA Mountain MMA is a gym and a MMA Team, located in Hawick, Los Santos. It's run by Garbon Meqvabishvili, training the best fighters in the state. Mountain MMA offers mixed martial arts training for any level, from self-defense to Pro-Fighting, with Pro-Fighters teaching our students. GET YOUR GYM PASS Visit our website for more information about the team and offers. Like our facebrowser page
  15. Calabrone Sports Golf Catalogue Calabrone Sports Tennis Catalogue Calabrone Sports Order Form Calabrone Sports Careers/Jobs
  16. -MCV-

    Calabrone Sports

    Bay City Avenue, Vespucci Canals, Los Santos, San Andreas The Calabrone Sports is a local sports articles shop. We're selling gear and equipment for a variety of sports and activities, indoor or outdoor. We're also offering bikes for rent, bike maintenance, surfboard waxing, tennis racket stringing. It's almost summer so enjoy a great day out with your friends. Opening times: M-F 08:00 - 19:00 S-S 10:00 - 14:00 We're also on Facebrowser! Link Calabrone Bets - visit our website for the upcoming bets and odds. Visit our shop to place a slip. Our services: Bike rentals: any model - $100 per week ((day)) - We can provide road bikes, full-suspension XC MTB bikes, hardtail XC MTBs, BMXs or cruising/commuting bikes. Shop: Bikes, electronics (GPS, cycling computers, power meters, sensors, running smart-watches etc), sports clothing and/or protection items (established expensive brands or casual apparel), nutrition products, gadgets and accessories, components, tools and spare parts. Bike maintenance: If we're full, you can leave your bike for a check-up and take it back within 24-48 hours. Our mechanics will have it up and running again. Otherwise if we're available, it will be handled on the spot. Same for the surfboard waxing and tennis racket stringing. Advice, coaching (mostly for cycling, but we can work with other trainers, should they want to associate) Bike fitting: $1,000 Order a product or schedule a visit for a service: Submit a message on our website ((forum PM)) Hiring We're looking for shop assistants. Little to no experience required, you'll be trained on the spot. Inquire about a position on the website ((forum PM)). The payment will be $4,000 per shift and a commission from every sold item. SUPPORTING THE YOUTH AND ASPIRING TALENTS We're in the process of setting up a a shop cycling team and propel aspiring children and teenagers to a possible athletic future. Any donations to support this movement are welcome. We will do everything we can to support this mission ourselves. Proceedings can go to offering free bike rentals to struggling youth or will be donated to other causes. Brands that can be found in our shop: Endurex, Tri-Cycle, Scorcher, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, BMC, Reeb Cycles, Allied Cycle Sports, SHIMANO, SRAM, Campagnolo, Merida, Magura, Continental, Fox, Oakley, dhb, Endura, Castelli, Sportful, HJC, Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo, Pioneer, Karoo, Bryton, Lezyne, Giro, Nukeproof, Schwalbe, Hope, Ceramic Speed, ROTOR, 4iii, Topeak, Park Tool, Prolaps, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas and many more (Some are BTC companies, but we'll handle the hassle of ordering the product for you at very little commision). We will do our best to expand our brand partnerships as much as they are willing to collaborate and bring you a wider selection. Gallery
  17. The mixed martial arts (MMA) scene in Los Santos A brief yet comprehensive view at the MMA combat sport world in Los Santos today, for those who love the sport and find it to be more than just cage fighting or a pointless bashing of one another. By KAELYN DOYLE At the moment, the way aspiring fighters rise to the top of the food chain is by joining one of the local gyms in Los Santos, that feature a sparring cage and an affiliation with a fights promotion company. Currently, there are a number of such gyms. However, there's only a few fight promotion companies around, one being Bellicose MMA. Managed by Frank Palma, Bellicose MMA is a governing body of MMA in Los Santos. Bellicose fights are held at The Rockford Dome. The local gyms that are throughout Los Santos, scout their fighters then train them in preparation for in-house events, or massive Bellicose bouts at The Rockford Dome. Bellicose MMA logo (left), The Rockford Dome (right) Bellicose itself doesn't sign any fighters, the fighters are signed by the gyms. Bellicose only acts as an MMA promotion company, based in Los Santos. Unlike other MMA companies, weight divisions don't play a huge role in organizing fights between the fighters at Bellicose. Giovanni Delvecchio, manager of Sweathouse Gym in Cypress Flats, Los Santos, who also works with Frank Palma at Bellicose, says "We don't have any official weight classes as of right now, however, the fights tend to be organized after size. It's all about the show, and for a good show, you need an evenly matched fight. The cage at Sweathouse Gym in Cypress Flats, Los Santos. The gyms scout for potential fighters and work on their training. When asked about what does it take to fight at The Rockford Dome, more specifically, "What distinguishes a possible fighting champion and an average sparring partner?" Giovanni Delvecchio responded with "You watch them. I scout, watch a lot of fights and you quickly get the sense of what is talent and what is luck. Anyone can win one random round, but consistency... and let me tell ya, professionalism... the amount of people who want to be fighters, but put no effort towards it? Nobodies, and they stay that way". Giovanni Delvecchio, manager of Sweathouse Gym in Cypress Flats, Los Santos. Also, the fighters have to stick to a training routine and a healthier lifestyle, which some may consider a restrictive lifestyle. However, fighters should be avoiding alcohol and narcotics at all costs, and Giovanni Delvecchio hates to see a talented fighter waste their potential by ruining their health. The current MMA "Champion" titleholder is Levan "Lion" Botkoveli, who defeated the 42-year-old fighter, Sala "The Maestro" Bolo on the 15th of April at The Rockford Dome, on a Fight Night Bellicose event. The fight was unpredictable up until the final round. Both fighters won a round each, however, the final third round ended with a knockout win for Levan Botkoveli. Sala Bolo (left), Levan Botkoveli (right) Leading up to a fight, fighters may cut weight in order to gain a size advantage over their opponent. Heavier fighters with more strength may choose to cut weight and fight with a lower weight class opponent, this gives them a considerable amount of strength and knockout power advantage over their opponent. However, weight cutting is usually done very quickly over the course of the few days that lead up to a fight, which may sometimes be damaging to a fighter's physical and mental health. This involves dehydrating the body as much as possible in preparation for an upcoming bout. Fighters will then rehydrate themselves back to a weight that still matches their opponent's weight class. Fighters may use saunas to dehydrate their body and shed as much water weight as possible by sweating. Other fighters may push themselves harder at the gym, correcting their previous mistakes and honing their skills, leading up to a fight. While some may even rest and recover from a previous fight. In any case, Giovanni ensures that none of his fighters spar at the gym on the day of the fights to avoid fighters from straining themselves, or just in case a serious injury happens right before the events. Speaking of events. An upcoming in-house event at Sweathouse Gym will feature fighters such as Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto, the previous winner of the last bout at Sweathouse. Danny will be fighting on the main card against Mika. The undercard fights will feature both men and women, with the men's undercard bout being Danilo Carangelo versus Reece Turner, and the undercard women's bout being between Ziggy and Natia Noroshia. The event is set to be on Thursday, the 20th. The doors to the gym are expected to open at 7 PM, with the fights beginning shortly after that, most likely beginning with the undercards. The fights have been confirmed, but may be subjected to change if the fighters were under a special circumstance. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  18. Trumavarium


    Hello, Is there anyone out there following WWE, or is keeping themselves updated on what's going on? Please refrain from bashing on wrestling in this thread. Yes, we know it's "fake" (we want to call it scripted, sounds better). What makes WWE fun to watch is the storylines, humour, promos, nostalgia and music. It's basically a neverending story, or multiple such rather — it's an infinite movie. I used to watch WWE back when I was young in 2003-2007 or so. A year ago I started watching it again though, and I still think it has the charm it had back then. Just some changes here and there. Yes, less blood and less bad words. Although the quality of the shows and the engineering is superb these days. Anywho! If someone's interested in WWE, let's ignite a discussion here. :) No Roman Reign fans allowed!
  19. Visually Modified & Installed w/ Performance Parts: Imponte Dukes Dealership Price: $52,000 Requested Price: ~$80,000 (Negotiable/Trading) Performance Modifications: Engine (Maxed) Transmission (Maxed) Turbo (Maxed) Brakes (Maxed) Top Speeds: Straight line: 110-114 mph Downhill: 120mph Average Handling and Grip. Pictures of the Vehicles:
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