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  9. Very nice, look forward to seeing this progress 🙂 PS: Hi Cascade
  10. Short description: Simply add "on the DD/MMM/YYYY at XX:XX" at the end of the existing chat pop up. Detailed description: Adding this timestamp at the end is just a quality of life feature, especially for those who need to screenshot proof of payment for example Firearms Licenses, we require users to do /time as well in order to prove the SS legitimacy. Having the time and date at the end of the command would avoid issues of people forgetting this. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Quality of life when it comes to proof of payments for IC reasons. Additional information: I know this would not benefit everyone however for those especially in FLD where we have to look at payment proof on a day to day basis it would make our lives a lot easier and also those applying for the licenses would not have to submit another payment or get admin proof for forgetting to do /time which can be done from time to time, making the process a lot less prone to errors.
  11. Username: Officer420 Comment: I want to be friends with this Zenos guy!
  12. Skent

    CCW Glitch

    All resolved, payment will be reviewed and license issued in due time.
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