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  1. Can highly agree, what's the point of pulling up to the garage if you have to look for the catalog instead of being provided one. People don't even properly roleplay it to a tee, it's just "here's a QR code" - might as well be a russian virus for all I know. They don't tell you what the code is for and where it leads. What's next, you pay them to work on the car yourself? C'mon people, use your brains.
  2. Gonna have to pass up for the time being due to external factors out of my control - sorry and best of luck.
  3. no, they shame themselves with much more than just a jpeg LOL
  4. Would you take 82 for the RV?
  5. It wasn't, unfortunately. And that's what I'm trying to say. Had I received my CCW a month ago, I wouldn't have been arrested yesterday on the premises of being forced to use a PF weapon outside of my properties when the situation demanded for it.
  6. That itself granted me a 1 month ban from applying for CCW. Even though I was a caucasian female gym owner in Davis - which should be pretty self-explanatory in and of itself. I was recently underdoing some interesting character development which unfortunately took a turn for the worse. After utilizing words and keeping my distance of a person with a blunt and deadly weapon, a wrench, I was putting myself in the line of death by using my hands against a weapon alone - due to knowing very well that using my firearm that was on me whilst only possessing a PF License was more detrimental than even seeing to it that I was killed. As someone said and with a great hint of laughter: "Woman gets killed because she couldn't use her gun as she only had a PF License." It's come to the point that upon being barred from a CCW that should already be accepted through a relatively simple background check as it is in real life, I considered my PF License to be more valuable than my character's life - only resorting to break SHAFT code by brandishing a firearm outside of my property AFTER being hit. Because after a PK, I don't lose my character, but if I lose my license - that's it. I eventually said fuck it, like ANYBODY would. Because if you were limited by the same people that are serving and protecting you to a condition that possibly gets you killed. You tell them to blow it out their ass along with their little rules. Because they're not there next to you to protect you from being killed or seriously injured. (Mind you this is an IC take on a character's wellbeing and survival instincts, not an OOC one - ive been an LEO myself, so saying those things on an OOC aspect would be shooting myself in the foot) It's utterly unnecessary. Some things should not be heavily moderated. And the PD is on the front line and collects all the data on the amount of illegally acquired weapons and abused ones. Abuse occured far prior to these 'Good Cause' requirements, and will continue to occur far beyond it's existance or removal. It's inherent, and as such - it's something you have to deal with. Situations that require immediate action are going by with regular punishment disregarding any conditioning or circumstance of what is being done - either by a license holder or an attacker, be they abusers or not.
  7. I think one word applies: oversaturated. There's no need for preventive measures as those were tried and tested several times and the fact nobody saw a positive change means it didn't work. What we do need is a serious culling and put the community's tools and ever so hard-working staff members (this time i mean it) to use their experience and powers to put these low quality shopping cart users in their places. It's true that there shouldn't be a drawn line on what you can and can't roleplay, but it's also true that you may be prevented and even so punished if you do it wrong. Either start doing some research and controlling your impulse or you might just see the things you love doing being taken from you. Don't be afraid to browse the internet or asking people for help before you do something you're not sure of. I wish I had learned this lesson sooner myself, and I regret nowadays. Just hope to see others avoiding going down the same path as myself, as that not only ruins your experience but others' as well. Again, trust me, I'd know best when it comes to being a pestering nuissance.
  8. banham used to be a place of roleplay, being in what i would believe was the first group to actively roleplay there - I can say without a doubt shit went downhill when stuff was a bit more public and open to others I sort of shed a tear watching nowadays shitters consider it a "known racing track" and just run out of bound roads like some sort of impromptu gta:o racing lobby where you trashtalk eachothers mothers because you're 14 year olds behind a screen unfortunately, its a concept that warrants far more hatred and bad fame than anything else - and having been someone so interested in it, no matter how stale or overused it may be or sound - this truly does hurt me that people would eventually grow so aversive to even the sheer sight of a sports car in all honesty, this just feels like a fancier version of the davis stereotype - where you no longer live with expectations due to a lack of detail and effort in one's actions that anyone else will most likely fit in that grand scheme unfortunately, its true, people run old vehicles, highly modified and roleplay around it but the issue is that...at the end of the day you're still just doing so as a character concept excuse to do your menial bullshit - where as i feel the underground car culture would far off be well represented by more interaction and less pointless racing people dont move locations, people dont think smart, people dont use anything besides the usual 3-4 roads and that shows because every 8 months or so a group of wise racers shows up and eventually fades due to boredom or getting caught. a good and well detailed concept would never have this happen to it - it's not the game, its the player and unfortunately, the player is also responsible for ludicrous actions such as chasing firetrucks and pointless cop baiting that anyone else with a fully legitimate daredevil risk and reward idea like that, that would actually be justifiable by them accepting any possible consequences would never be allowed to do it over john and jane doe's bullshit driving antics like with everything illegal, if you dont do it well and you dont do it smart, dont come crying when it doesnt work
  9. Blackbird

    [4SALE] Elegy

    Dial 8801 if you want to win 250, thanks cheers
  10. I for one hope the LS:RP release goes wonderfully well. Good times create weak people, weak people create bad times. Bad times create strong people, strong people create good times. The staleness in the scene of the community at large has started to show. People in places of power have felt far too comfortable far too long with their actions and places due to the lack of proper competition. I think this would mutually help every server involved by creating diversity. Imagine you're playing a game and you have all you wanted from the start. The fun in the game is the path to greatness and the effort put into improvement - which is what this server needs right now to continue thriving the way it did back in 2018/2019, it needs times of struggle - and what best way to cause struggle without loss than with an upcoming well known community to start competition?
  11. Blackbird

    [4SALE] Elegy

    240 - I'd like to have it well taken care of by my friend at their garage if those $10,000 didn't bother you.
  12. aw, it's okay - you can keep your 40 bid then, i withdraw
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