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  1. This thread will continue showcasing the life of Cody Miller, a fraudster running a scam group through social media. Previous thread:
  2. If I die and you forget my name I won't cast no shadow, I won't throw no shade And if I never get to walk along no hall of fame It won't bother me none because I'm in, I'm in my own lane Childhood Lucien Berjouhie was born and raised in Los Santos, within the Morningwood area, colloquially referred to often as 'Little Armenia' due to the large ethnic population of Armenians. He was a first child, having an younger brother named Mikayel. The two grew up to be close and always attempted to look out for each other. Lucien's parents were considered a relatively decent couple. They were second-generation ethnic Armenians from a high-class background whose parents moved to the United States to escape the violence and ethnic conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Their father taught both boys how to hunt in the woods once a month, with Lucien's dad being an avid outdoorsman, which he expressed through his hobbies of going on hikes, trails, hunting, and fishing. He always tried to include his sons, and he was a role model to the duo growing up. Furthermore, his father owned a prominent real estate company inside the city and dealt with houses around the city after work hours during the afternoon and evening hours. When the boys reached the age of 16, they began to assist their parents in the family business. They were tasked with cleaning the establishment, doing the paperwork, and general care of the place. The work might not have been challenging, but it gave them an understanding of work-related responsibilities and fundamentals. Within Little Armenia, their company was situated in one of the more high-income areas bordering Del Perro, which often saw an increased number of apartments and houses. His father maintained a conservative and traditionalist background and was polite and well-spoken. As a result of how he was raised and his great respect for those in the business sector, Lucien always considered becoming a businessman himself. Little Armenia, Los Santos, started as a bore. Lucien woke up expecting it to be any other day and went about his daily routine of waking up, showering, brushing his teeth, and getting ready for school. Lucien was eating a great bowl of cereal and staring out the window of his bedroom where he had the perfect view of his neighbor's window where he watched her getting ready for her daily routine too. She kept looking at Lucien and made no effort to close the blinds, so there was no worry about being called a creep. He finished up and went downstairs to see his father. "Another house sold successfully." That was how his dad greeted him. "Good morning to you too, dad," Lucien replied while adjusting his tie. Their home was located in the middle of Del Perro, an exceptionally well-built home since Lucien's family thrived purely through his father's successful real estate company. Lucien waited next to the bus stop for his friends to come to pick him up for school, and when the little beat-up car sped around the corner straight towards the bus stop, Lucien's eyes widened, and a grin began to grow along his face upon seeing Adam and Gracie inside. Lucien conversed with his friends in the car while they were driving out to the countryside. "Nah fuck school today. I'm not up for it. I got liquor. I got cards, and I got weed. Plus there's a campsite just outside the city. Already got my brother to change the attendance record for the day so nobody will even notice." Once Adam brought Lucien up to speed, all Lucien could do was nod and smile. Gracie climbed over the back seat to sit next to Lucien, so he sat and twiddled with her auburn hair doing nothing but smiling, much to the dismay of Adam. Lucien stopped playing with Gracie's hair for a moment, and his eyes stuck to the car's window. He was looking at a huge sign with a Sheriff's Department advertisement on it. Eventually, the trio parked the car. They began to make their way through the forest outskirts of the Paleto. Walking along an uncommon trail, they intended to get lost. They wanted to get lost from everything and everyone so that they could enjoy themselves. The sun was already setting by the time they even reached the forest. The trio continued making their way through the woods and found a lovely spot next to a stream where they began to set up camp. Adam and Gracie went off to find the right kind of firewood as they had put it, and Lucien was left alone in the makeshift camp. He just sat there for a while watching the dirt, and moving it with his hand every so often while awaiting them. An hour later, the two returned, and the group started to play cards while drinking and smoking. They spoke of what they want to do with their lives and what will happen after they graduate. Lucien kept winning while drinking from his bottle. He had a unique talent for cards and was almost able to remember them perfectly. The night was young, though the group talked the evening through until everyone eventually fell asleep. In the morning, they drove back home and returned to their lives with more goals set. The wrong side Lucien had a good friend around the city named Karmien, who introduced him to a group of people from the dark side of town. He liked them and how they managed to handle everything with power and authority instead of just the power of money. Lucien was used to the corporate life that his father was having and knew what it was like to have fun and make money, but he wanted to know more. Hanging around with Karmien and his friends more, and without noticing, Lucien started to learn how criminals handled themselves in the streets. While he stayed out of trouble, he saw how they conducted and managed a more "seedy side" of business. He did not understand it at first. Why beat the guy up when you can offer him a deal? I guess not everyone knows how to do business, and sometimes the stick is more potent than anything. Both Lucien and his friends agreed that he should stay out of that stuff and remain clean. There was no advantage in him getting a criminal record. The group used to go out for bars with fake IDs and gamble in local bars. During that time, Lucien found he had a unique talent for blackjack and poker. He made small amounts of money from playing, and the group later went to buy booze and get drunk with the money he made. He enjoyed being around these guys more than his friends in school. They weren't dull and always had something to do. He gave them his word that he would always have their backs once he finished school like they had his. Growing up Mikayel applied and got enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and Lucien indulged in higher education, becoming a student at San Andreas University. Lucien's main goal was to start at university and see what it can offer. He managed to achieve relatively good grades in the classes he took and managed to keep up with all the paperwork given to him by his lectures, at least when he wasn’t drinking and partying with his friends on campus. Lucien studied Business Administration for three years and after that took a few extra courses in Arbitration. His plan was to finish his studies and start his own company that fits him. During his last few months at the university, he had a long conversation with his favorite lecturer that explained to him more about what potential career options are waiting for him out there. When Lucien finished his studies, his father passed away from a heart attack. Since Mikayel was serving, everything their father owned was managed and run by Lucien. Their mother refused to take anything and wanted Lucien to take over his father's business. His father's money, companies, and contacts all went straight to him, and while he respected his father's work, Lucien knew that just as he finished his studies, he would do things his way. He noticed that one of the businesses was a warehouse around La Mesa. It had a small gated yard in the back, and the warehouse was rather big. With the money left by his father, Lucien purchased a cleaning crew and new furniture for the warehouse, making it a brand new casino on the inside. He started to open the place in the late hours and slowly made a name for himself. While Lucien had a master's degree in Business Administration he still lacked the experience, he saw the money opportunity in it. Mainly, he did what he does best, which is business politics and getting his casino more familiarized with the area. Moving up 15 years have passed, and Lucien became very well known around the city. He was given the nickname "Euro" by his friends that used to work around with handles only instead of their government names, and his partners started to call him that as well. He had many failed relationships during the years and that ruined his motivation from time to time yet he kept going. Euro Den kept opening and the business was doing great yet the Government wasn't happy with the size of the business and gave him a lot of troubles. Lucien decided that it's time to move to a bigger location where he could have more things in his casino. The Den hosted a Poker table and Blackjack tables and a strip club at the ground floor. It was time for a change and Lucien started to sit down with his staff and discuss what the future casino would look like, from Roulette tables to car raffles he sat down and planned it all with his staff and when a building was decided on he sent the papers. Months passed and Lucien finally moved with his staff to Vinewood Casino. Business & Gambling Euro Den became a success for Lucien and money slowly came in with each opening. The amounts that came from the tables were rather decent as the place kept bringing a lot of people in each opening. The gambling life of the city was active and people filled the tables. Lucien kept studying and getting more experience each night. Lucien worth grew with time and he knew not to spend as his plans to grow bigger only started, he kept saving the money he earned from the table profits on the side. 13 years have passed, and Lucien became very well known around the city. He was given the nickname "Euro" by his friends that used to work around with handles only instead of their government names, and his partners started to call him that as well. He had many failed relationships during the years and that ruined his motivation from time to time yet he kept going. Euro Den kept opening and the Euro Den was doing great yet the Government wasn't happy with the size of the business and gave him a lot of troubles. Lucien decided that it's time to move to a bigger location where he could have more things in his casino. The Den hosted a Poker table and Blackjack tables and a strip club at the ground floor. It was time for a change and Lucien started to sit down with his staff and discuss what the future casino would look like, from Roulette tables to car raffles he sat down and planned it all with his staff and when a building was decided on he sent the papers. After months of liaison, meetings, and confirmations the papers for the Vinewood Casino finally came through. Time came for Lucien to sit down his staff and bring forward the news for a new beginning for everyone, and with this came the task of moving supplies as well as furniture to the new casino. It took a month for Berjouhie and his team to go over the plans for Vinewood Casino and what would be required for the grand opening in way of stock, staff, security, and events. When the night came for the grand opening nerves were on high for everyone with anticipation of whether or not such an event would work. Would another Casino be welcomed? Would there be a warm welcoming in the heart of Vinewood? From the beginning of the night to the end it was evident to patrons and employees that the opening of Vinewood Casino was a great success. Photographers gave people the red carpet treatment, security staff held utmost professionalism alongside a warm welcome, and bartenders and dealers were ecstatic about their role in the new facility. The grand opening collected 3.1 million at profit and maintained 2.7 million after all staff were paid for their hard work. With great success Vinewood Casino became, and remains, one of the most luxurious casinos in the state with each opening making a profit between 1.5 to 2.5 million. Lucien’s financial state had become very healthy. His reputation in the gambling industry became well known over time with the success of Banner Casino and would quickly spread between businessmen. With newfound business partners Lucien learned of a new casino that was being built within Liberty City, a place which lacked in the gambling scene. The city was a prime location for Lucien to visit where his brother resided and was ever ecstatic to see Lucien and became an opportunity to Lucien to visit more often alongside business means. A few meetings later with the board of directors for Banner Casino and Resort and he became a small shareholder in the casino as well as part of the board of directors. His evident experience in the gambling industry made him one of the noted professionals of the board and soon enough he was given the opportunity to oversee the casino openings. He took the time to learn more about the casino such as their hotel routines, the patrons of the casino, staff members, and external partners. Despite the success of the casino months passed by and the board became thinner where members of the board sold their shares to begin life anew elsewhere. In holding the most experience as well as being a present member of the Casino Lucien bought the shares from the leaving shareholders and became the prime shareholder of the casino. In a matter of time he became the acting CEO of the board, and although the process was difficult with such a change but it became a change for the better for the staff and patrons. Euro Enterprises is a company whose main focus is the Gambling Industry across Los Santos and Liberty City. With what began as one casino run by a small team has now become a large operation with a strong board of directors, a team of supervisors, and an abundance of casino staff in various positions to help. Within Euro Enterprises stands Vinewood Casino, our primary casino of Los Santos which was taken over by Lucien Berjouhie in August 2022. Following the success of this casino came work with Banner Resort and Casino in November 2022, and while things began with a small team they have expanded greatly with thanks to Euro Enterprises. Berjouhie spent time in aiding the casino with their success and not only became a primary partner, but too a pillar of the company who branched beneath Euro Enterprises. He became the acting CEO for Banner Resort and Casino and in turn became the sole provider of employment for their openings with covering transportation fees, advertisements within Liberty City and Los Santos, and training the current staff within Euro Enterprises to also manage the casino in Liberty City. In becoming an influential Chariman and seeing the succession of Euro Enterprises in the gambling industry the company was quick to grow in strength to secure a team of directors. Within that team we see public relations, human resources, marketing, security, and management of staff with executives, administrators and supervisors. Life Goes On When it came down to Lucien’s personal life he often indulged in the company of friends and women who wanted nothing more than lustful moments of his time. Failed relationships were ever present and he had near enough given into a future of what was merely business without expectation of companionship. Upon venturing work within Liberty City he began a friendship with Odette Fontaine who at the time held the position of personal assistant to management. It did not take long for their friendship to blossom into something more and eventually found himself spending his free time with the woman. Days turned to weeks where they had little want for leaving each other’s side and slowly those weeks turned to months where he realised true companionship was an opportunity with Odette. In the moments of what looked like the fall of Banner casino with an overhaul of management Lucien found Odette at his side through everything and was quick to seal the deal of a future with her. Plans came into place for marriage, for children, for a life together and with that came talks of a home. The pair came to a mutual vow of working toward a better life at each other’s side and within that came want for residency where they could raise their future family. They knew that an apartment was not an adequate place and a small home for what they had planned would not suffice either. In tying together their budgeting plans they came to the agreement of searching for a larger home to match their lavish lifestyle and want for a large family. Lucien's journey in the gambling industry had been marked by relentless ambition and strategic moves. His rise within Euro Enterprises had been nothing short of remarkable, transforming a single casino into a thriving empire across Los Santos and Liberty City. It was under his leadership that Vinewood Casino became a standout success and his collaboration with Banner Resort and Casino had reaped significant rewards. As the acting CEO of Banner Resort and Casino, Lucien had not only become a prominent partner but a central figure within Euro Enterprises. With his guidance, the casino's staff were trained to perfection, advertising campaigns were meticulously executed, and transportation logistics were seamless. The once struggling establishment had flourished under his watchful eye. Euro Enterprises, now a powerhouse in the gambling industry, had attracted a team of dedicated directors who oversaw various aspects of the business, from public relations to security. Lucien's vision had turned the company into a formidable force, dominating the casino scene in both cities. However, life had another surprise in store for Lucien. An unexpected opportunity emerged, one that would further solidify his status as a titan in the gambling world. Richard Farace, a fellow entrepreneur, approached Lucien with a proposal to merge their respective enterprises and create something extraordinary: the Diamond Casino and Resort. Recognizing the potential of this partnership, Lucien made the daring decision to close down Euro Enterprises and join forces with Farace. They became the dynamic board of directors behind the Diamond Casino and Resort, a colossal establishment that would soon dominate the city's gambling landscape. Under their joint leadership, the Diamond Casino and Resort became an unparalleled success. It boasted a level of luxury and entertainment that captivated both locals and tourists. The synergy between Lucien's expertise and Farace's business acumen proved to be a winning formula. As the years passed, Lucien Berjouhie's name became synonymous with opulence and success in the world of gambling. His journey from a single casino owner to a shareholder in the Diamond Casino and Resort was a testament to his unwavering determination and strategic brilliance. Lucien has been using his H1 hummer for years and due to him being a recognizable figure around the city, people recognized his very unique truck easily which sometimes gave him issues.
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  4. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Hope you've been doing your kegels, babe. Letter from the editor: Sis, stop reading the story and BE the story. Submit your gossip to our handy and under-fucking-utilized gossip submission form. Chop chop. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? Click HERE ! LSVIXEN XOXO ❤️ Bar Review: Diving into Games at 'The Diving Board Pub' (3/5) (Located under the Del Perro Pier) Rating: 💋💋💋 Curious about the rating scale and what it means? Read more HERE Soooo babes, I totally got a day job, but fear not. It does not mean I'm abandoning my tireless mission of serving you up the hottest reviews, gossip, and spicy spots to get nasty. On the contrary, cuties, I'm now just like you. A working stiff. A nine-to-fiver. So after a hard days work I wanted nothing more than a cold beer and chill vibes. That's when I found this little spot nestled underneath the Del Perro Pier. Here's my review of The Diving Board Pub. Enjoy! A platform for local bands? Sweet! 🎸 (The entrance on the right is right next to the stage and jukebox.) The first, first, first thing you notice when you walk in is the stage to the right of the entrance. Immediately my mind filled up with images of cute old retirees forming cover bands for bands like Phish or local college students cutting their teeth on some original material for the first time at this unassuming locale. A more pretentious version of me would be off-put by untested bands in a dive bar, but Los Santos has changed me, babes. I love the idea that performers can express themselves in such a warm and cozy environment. I like this and I'll be keeping an eye out for local performances. Arcade machines and makeshift tables. 👁️‍🗨️ (A view of the arcade machines and 'creative' table setups.) We'll get to more fun and games later, but for starters, I love arcade games and can get kinda sucked in, so I was happy to see these to the left of the entrance when I walked in. My only teensy weensy anxiety was that as a clumsy gal, a real clonker, a bumper and a booper, a disorientation express if you will the barrel/pallet combo tables get me nervous that I'm gonna knock stuff over. Also I was nervous I'd get splinters. I don't know if this is an aesthetic choice or if the owner's are going through a tough time financially but I'm totally down to donate some sturdy wooden tables. If only to prevent my dummy thicc and clumsy ass from knocking them over while jamming out to the classic rock streaming from the speakers. The drinks, crowd, and the main bar! 💿 (The main floor of The Diving Board Pub.) After work crowd alert! It's the usual mix of blue collar workers, leather jackety dudes, and nice locals all trying to mellow out after their respectively tricky days in the above-ground world. I like crowds like this when I'm tired. Just nice people shooting the shit, taking zero bullshit, and getting themselves properly sloshed after a long day. Also of note was a gentleman in a Los Santos Panic jacket! We're all pretty hyped about the Panic these days. So cool to see that hype trickle down even under the pier. As for drinks, the price point is pretty normal I guess. Two hundred for a Corona. I will say further south at Vespucci Community Center they sell Miller Lites for like 60 to 80 bucks so I'm unsure if VCP is just a really low-priced dive-bar or if The Diving Board Pub is just a little pricier than your average after work dive. EIther way, probably worth mentioning. The dress code is whatever you were wearing that day. Nobody cares. Just be comfy and happy. More games, games, games, games!! 🎮 (Slots and Billiards, fab ways to burn a paycheck.) Fuckity fuck fuck yes! Gambling and beer after work are a killer and dangerous combo. I tried my hands at the slot machine and managed to both lose and win one thousand dollars. By the time I hit my last spin on the slots, my beer was almost gone and my mind smoothed over from a rough week. A glance at the Billiards table also filled me with imaginings of locals hustling each-other for a few low stakes games of pool and earning back their drink money through strategic savvy. Love to see it. ALL IN ALL It's a pub, babes. You get what you expect. Beer. Games. The prospect of live music. And no judgement. That's all we can really ask for from a pub, y'know? If it gets too fancy, it gets pretentious and awkward. If it's too low-grade, it starts attracting sleazeballs. In this case, traveling the middle course served them well. An excellent after work drink. Plus you can walk the pier after and watch the sunset. And that's a super-duper fucking cute feature. Happy drinking. XOXO, DISCLAIMER >Comments are enabled!
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  9. Confucius (孔子), “people who gamble are better than those who have nothing to do.” They are known from their gambling SKILL of each individual, they are good at gambling. And their first goal is to revive gambling in Los Santos, that is, gambling does not have to be from people who have high finances, but can be done from people who are in the lower middle class in terms of finances. (OOC) This group contains of Asian descents, whether they from China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. No matter where they grew up, whether they were immigrants or had lived in Los Santos for a long time, it didn't matter where they came from. Many of them had jobs, some were struggling financially, but still wanted to contribute to the illegal things around Los Santos. Wu Jiang Group did not want to be seen by many people, they carried out operations slowly but carefully. Wu Jiang Group wants to portray the roleplay of an organized crime group in a thorough, realistic and most importantly fun way, therefore, I really hope that those who want to join Wu Jiang Group to do a good research so that their roleplay experience will be enjoyable. At least to understand the basics of Asian Organized Crime/Group. If you'd like to join the group, feel free to ask in my DM discord, greenwatr#7368 . forum PM or join our discord https://discord.gg/TxBpJvcPDg . This group is now open to everyone.
  10. Our sportsbook offers bets on all professional leagues domestic to the United States, popular professional European leagues, and Horse Racing. Please use the following links for accurate odds and available games. All main Sports: https://sportsbook.fanduel.com/ All Horse Racing: https://entries.horseracingnation.com/
  11. ABOUT US: Pinnacle Sportsbooks was established in 2021 to allow sports fanatics the ability to place bets from the comfort of their own home. Pinnacle Sportsbooks is the best and only online betting organization in Los Santos! We offer the most up to date games to ensure our clients can make the most money on their bets! HOW TO BET: REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY BET ON SINGLE OR MULTI GAMES 1. Betting Limits Minimum bet amount is $50.00 Single bet limit is $10,000 Multi bet limit is $5,000 2. Multi Bets We limit the multi bet rate at x10 If one game loses within the multi bet selection, than your entire bet is considered a loss 3. Usage of Game IDs You can only use one Game ID # per bet. Custom events cannot be grouped with a multi bet (for example: winner of Euro 2020 paired with Atlanta Hawks winning on a specific night) 4. Making a Bet You must be at least 18 years of age and present valid ID when making an account Bets must be placed before the start of any event Bets cannot be withdrawn once they are placed and accepted No confirmation is required of the betting company after the bet is placed 5. Pay Outs & Refunds Winnings are paid out within 48 hours of confirmation Winnings can only be paid out to the person who has placed the specific bet If a game is cancelled a full refund will take place RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING: Pinnacle Sportsbooks aims to provide clients with a positive gambling environment with various tools such as bet limiters (hourly, daily, monthly) and help lines for those in need. To ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience, we have a live support team to help with any questions regarding gambling addiction and closure of your account if necessary. Gambling should be done with money that you can afford to lose and you should set yourself a limit beforehand to ensure you stay within that said limit. You should not risk your savings, family money, or money you cannot afford to lose as there are no refunds or cancellations on placed bets. We try to take care of our clients in everyway possible so ensure you are gambling responsibly. (( OUT OF CHARACTER: )) Your character must be at least 18 years old to place a bet as we would check identity of the individual making an account on our site. If this rule is not followed it will be treated as power-gaming. Each bet is role-played as being placed through our website but is done through using the command /banktransfer. This is to simulate the use of a bank card/credit card payment. By placing a bet and using /banktransfer you automatically agree to the in-character and out of character rules associated with the GTA World server. You can use the format above to place a bet or use our automated Google Forms sheet. (( PLACING BETS: )) Single Bet /banktransfer [AMOUNT] Peter DiFeo PINNACLE [GAME ID #] Multi Bet /banktransfer [AMOUNT] Peter DiFeo PINNACLE [GAME ID #] + [GAME ID #] + [GAME ID #] **YOU ARE TO CHANGE THE BOLD TEXT ONLY WHEN SENDING A /BANKTRANSFER** Examples /banktransfer 7000 Peter DiFeo PINNACLE #13 /banktransfer 1000 Peter DiFeo PINNACLE #13 + #31
  12. Fashion meets gambling at Swallow Longue & Casino If you’ve ever watched a casino movie or two like Ocean’s Eleven, Casino Royal, Rain Man, or Leaving Las Vegas, you’ve likely noticed all the beautiful attire and accessories the guests wear. In fact, this is one of the biggest parts of a casino. The attire, the looks, the styles, and getting all dressed up. Undoubtedly, Swallow Lounge and Casino is one of Los Santos most relevant venues where people not only gamble and entertain themselves, but also get to know other people and make always important connections. If you don’t already know it, gambling is a huge mental thing. There is a major mental and psychological aspect involved in gambling. And, you’d be surprised at just how big of an effect clothes and attire can have on your mindset. Whatever the situation, clothes and gambling attire can have a major impact on your gambling mindset. Either if you come to Swallow to play poker, blackjack or simply to drink a cocktail and mingle at the bar, it’s always important to care about your image. After all, you’ll have to be well dressed if you happen to win one of the luxury cars they raffle at the fortune wheel. Take a look at the different attires we recommend and pick your favorite! Purple mini dress ($1,800) - White heels ($1,200) - Silver Neckless ($4,500) Model: Remi Rose Left: Red cut out midi dress ($2,200) - Silver moon neckless ($3,800) Right: Cream suit ($3,200) - White shirt ($1,000) - Red tie ($700) Models: Olivia Hill and Nicholas Rizakis Black cut out mini dress ($1,800) - Black boots ($800) - Golden watch ($3,200) - Model: Nina Garavano Black and white mini dress ($2,200) - Golden neckless ($2,200) Model: Siggy Einardottir ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  13. What is Los Santos Sports Betting? Los Santos Sports Betting is an online service that allows you to place bets on your favorite professional sporting events in real time on all major sports. How does it work? Los Santos Sports Betting is a very simple service that can be used in a few simple steps. We take pride in the anonymity of our customers that is why we use a secure database to gather your information in order to provide the safest transaction possible. In order to place bets you simply fill out the form on our website located here.. Once you have placed your bet we will email you a confirmation code which you will need in order to receive your winnings. If we for some reason decline your bet you will be notified at the soonest possible time. All bets are final. If you have any additional questions you may email this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Terms and Conditions. All bets are final we do not offer refunds. In order to place a bet you must do so at least twenty four hours prior to the start of the event. Winnings must be claimed within 72 hours of the end of the event, we are not a bank. All bets must be paid in full upon confirmation prior to the start of the event, if you do not pay the bet prior to the start of the event your bet will be null. Leave a comment for us: Username: Comment: OOC Please keep all emails, and comments. in character.
  14. The Lucky Buddha Gambling Parlor is for sale! Market price: $100,000 Furniture worth: $30,000 Buyout: $330,000 This is not a "first come first served", buyer will be hand picked. (( Approval from PM will be required for the buyer before the transaction is made ))
  15. The Lucky Buddha Gambling Parlor is for sale! A cozy two room interior, located in the heart of Little Seoul. Market Price: $100,000 Furniture worth: $37,000 Starting bid: $150,000 Minimum bid increments: $10,000 Buyout price: $337,000 (( OOC permission from the Property Management team granted for the buyer will be required before processing the transaction ))
  16. Welcome Cbet has been created with one purpose in mind: to build the most exciting, fair and complete way of sports betting in the San Andreas! Cbet clients can be assured of the warmest welcome inside our betting shop which will be open multiple times throughout the week. Taking care of you is our primary concern, and here at Cbet, you will always get the VIP treatment. The Cbet mission and vision is to be the leading betting company offering clients high quality entertainment and excellent customer service. Cbet boasts a huge selection of betting choices from various types of sports games all over the world, we also offer live 'Coinflip' and 'Greyhound Racing' betting which is quick, easy & fun! Location You can find us at Cbet, Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay, San Andreas. You can contact us via phone #9444 or e-mail Betting Options Sports betting Choose from a wide selection of sports and bet on your favorite team, quote offered on the spot at the betting shop. Winnings may be claimed anytime during opening! (Payouts vary) Last Minute Sports Betting Choose from a selection of sports events starting from 10min to 1hr from the time you place a bet, you can return soon after or next day to claim a reward! (Payouts vary) Live Sports Betting Live sports betting gives you an opportunity to bet on on-going sports events. This service is offered only during quiet opening times and payout rates vary depending on odds. Greyhound Race Betting Choose a Greyhound number (Out of 6), the race is shown on one of the TVs inside the betting shop every 10 minutes. Payouts of 2.5x given immediately after the race ends. Horse Race Betting Horse Races typically happen every ten minutes, enquire inside about upcoming horse races and we will provide you with odds for each horse within that race. Horse Racing is known for high risk and high payouts. Coinflip Betting Choose 'Heads' or 'Tails'. The Coinflip is displayed on the TV inside the betting shop every 5 minutes. Payouts of 1.80 are given immediatly after the game concludes. Underage Gambling Statement It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to place a bet in Cbet. We require our clients to declare that they are over 18 years of age. In an effort to prevent underage access to our service we carry out Rule-25 checking IDs of everyone who appears to be under the age of 25. Follow us on Facebrowser! (Click here) How do I gamble responsibly? View gambling as a form of entertainment and not a source of income. Only gamble what you can afford to lose. Never chase your losses, as this can lead to problems. Monitor the amount of time you spend gambling. Balance gambling with other activities. When gambling becomes your only form of entertainment you should stop and consider whether you are still having fun. Take regular breaks from gambling. Gambling continuously can cause you to lose track of time and perspective. Do not gamble when under the influence of alcohol or when you are upset or depressed, as it can impair decision-making. Know that if you ever need to talk to someone about problem gambling you can contact organizations offering psychological advice. General Terms and Conditions In these terms and conditions, unless the context requires otherwise, the expressions have the following meaning: “Operator” is Cbet, an Operator incorporated in United States, having its office at Cbet, Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay, San Andreas, United States. “Games” are Sportsbook, Greyhound Race Games, Coinflip Game and other games as may from time to time become available. “You” or “User” or “Customer” is yourself or any other person 1. General Betting Rules: 1.0 Operator does not allow Customers to cancel any bets already made. It is important that you carefully check your bet before you confirm it 1.1 Operator reserves the right to refuse to accept any bet. Any already accepted bet can be cancelled by the Operator if it does not comply with the Rules or if thereis an obvious misprint from our point. In such circumstances a bet can even be cancelled after the result has been confirmed. 1.2 We offer single bets on all of our gaming objects, and the odds are guaranteed once you confirm the bet. However, we reserve the right to change the odds on the objects being offered. In any cases, you keep the odds on your confirmed bet even if a change will be made later on. 1.3 The maximum and minimum betting amount may vary between different kinds of gaming objects. The maximum betting amount on individual gaming objects can be reduced as bets are being made. 1.4 There will be limits on winnings at different levels. The amounts are independent from betting amounts and odds. If a confirmed bets betting amount is exceeding these standards, we will reduce the betting amount. 1.5 . Bets made on non-starting (for example injured participant) will be refunded unless statedotherwise. 1.6 We reserve the right to cancel any bets from customers who place money on an event where they are involved as participants, referees, coaches, or similar circumstances. 1.7 If a match is suspected of unfair play, Operator reserves the right to keep any payments on hold until event organizer will confirm the results of such event and/or investigation by relevant authorities will be finished. If the unfair play can be verified, Operator has the right to cancel such bets. 1.8 Normally bets are open until the official starting time of the event. Sometimes an event starts earlier than first posted, with us being unaware of it, or that we have the wrong starting time. Any bets received after the event start will be cancelled. To be updated OOC Statement: This is an attempt to create a realistic betting store allowing you to place bets on favorite sports events happening in real life (Rp'ly other states/countries), which hopefully makes the In Character more immersive and gives your character more development opportunities. The 'Greyhound Race' is based on a /dice script. Each 'Greyhound' has a number, whiever number rolls, wins. There will be additional RP through /do for those watching the TV to help visualize the race. The 'Coinflip' is RP'ly a simple stream of coins being flipped on the TV. This is baed on /flipcoin system and is fairly simple and straight forward. Thread is still in development.
  17. ABOUT TOP BETS is an online gambling company offering sports betting founded. TOP BETS was founded in 2019 by the merger of several different bookmakers. Online it offers sports betting throughout such sports as football, basketball, ice hockey and more. In the city of Los Santos, TOP BETS has the largest selection of sports and games, aswell as the best odds. BETTING LIMITS WE ACCEPT BETS FROM $1,000 TO $10,000 HOW TO PLACE A BET YOU CAN PLACE A BET BY SIGNING UP ON OUR WEBSITE AND FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS (( /banktransfer (amount) Steven Lugera )) (( OOC INFORMATION )) Any questions or PMs can be forwarded to kokaine ron. With us, your money is safe and that means that we, TOP BETS (Steven Lugera), will not under any circumstances scam. That's an OOC promise and I will be breaching the rule OOC scamming if this occurrs.
  18. CURRENT FIXTURE DATE: 3rd of October How to bet? In order to bet, you will have to predict what the result will be of the football game by posting the names of both teams and the symbol of the result (1X2). You also must include how much you are betting and whether you would like to do a single or combined bet. Just consider your bet pending. Send the payment to me before the first match in your bet starts for it to be approved. Not doing so will make your bet invalid. If you write your bet wrongly, i'll post here letting you know Single bet: A bet on a single match Combined bet: A bet on multiple matches and multiplication of the odds People who accept payment: Thomas MacDermot (( /bankstransfer )) Betting format Forename Surname Home team - Away team: Symbol of the result (Odds) (Add more teams here if combined bet) Amount of money you wish to bet Example of what a single bet would look like: John Doe Benfica - SCP: 1 (3.20) $100 Example of what a combined bet would look like: John Doe SCP - Borussia Dortmund: 1 (3.20) Liverpool FC - Everton FC: 2 (2.07) Manchester United - Manchester City: X (2.50) $500 Rules and information Minimum bet: $200 Maximum bet: $5,000 for now Maximum winnings: $100,000 Usual fixture release dates: Every single night Betting symbols: 1 - Home team to win the match X - Draw 2 - Away team to win the match Do not edit bets without permission, doing so will result in your bet being invalid Make sure your odds or denotations are correct. Any incorrect odds/denotations on a bet will make it invalid Results will be posted on the evening your bet concludes Fixtures are provided by professionals Even if your odds are above the capped money, you will only receive $100,000 - This is to protect Luck Of The Draw and to sustain solvency to make sure LOTD continues throughout the entire football season. No matter if it's a league or a cup game where extra time and penalties may take place. Only 90 minutes + stoppage time is counted If you do not collect your winnings within a 30 day period. Your bet will automatically become invalid and the winnings will be kept
  19. Inside Track “Inside Track Las Venturas has been proud to provide the state of San Andreas for over 50 years with premiere computerized gambling based on the exciting world of horse racing! Each week, jockeys from around the country gather at the fabulous Caligula’s Race Track & Casino here in our beautiful city to put their prized stallions to the ultimate test, and to discover who will rise to the top! Inside Track conveniently provides you, the better, with all the most recent and accurate racer information as well as generous odds to give you the piece of mind when it comes to securing your bets. Should you decide to put it on the line and enter yourself in an opportunity to win up to six times your original bet; simply fill out the online form, follow the online banking prompt to complete your payment, and sit back and relax knowing that your bet is in the right hands. At this present time, our limitation on wagers caps at $10,000 USD, with the minimum bet being $1,000 USD. Should you rather a face-to-face, personal touch when it comes to betting with Inside Track, our bookies are certified and available 24/7 to provide you with professional, top notch services. See the listings below for your area rep, and thank you for choosing Inside Track for your gambling needs!” LV Rep - Douglas Howard (568-1245) [email protected] SF Rep - Sandra Davidson (767-0101) [email protected] LS Rep - Roy Capra (888-5877) [email protected] Betting Format Full Name: Phone Number: Horse Color & Name: Wager: Method of Payment: (Cash in person, bank transfer, etc.) (( How it works: Using an online horse racing simulation, I will record names of horses, their color, and computer generated payout odds according to each horse. This is information you can follow in-character to see what horse is seen as the most likely to win, the highest risk vs reward, etc. You can either contact my character, Roy Capra, IC with the information provided on the thread to place a bet or simply post here in the provided format and transfer me the money IG. I will run the computer generated horse race every Sunday and record the video, posting it here via a YouTube link. That way you can watch the race take place with your own eyes and roleplay in-game accordingly. The game is entirely random, based off of a real life video lottery game, which allows you as a player to rest assured that I can not manipulate who will win or who will lose. My methods have been inspected and approved by the admin team - allowing you to rest assured OOCly that things are being run clean. Along with the race results, I will post the new race date and predicted odds every weekend. ))
  20. Online Casino 18+ Caesar Online Casino is an electronic casino hosting roulette and blackjack. Offering x2 on winnings, Caesar offers a unique tailor made experience for its customers. With a reputable name, Caesar expands its operations across LS, by offering speedy delivery times on winnings whilst being in the comfort of your own home! Why get all dressed up to go to a Casino, when you can sit at home and win some money? Try now, and you will not be disappointed! How it works? We will host your game after receipt of your payment, showing you the entirety of the roulette table and the roll from start to end - ensuring complete transparency and maintaining gambling etiquette. How do you pay? Once you've decided to play, you'd place your bet by buying chips (( Command is: /banktransfer [Amount] Thomas Alo )). We also accept tangibles I.E (Vehicles & Property) our value surveyors will provide scrap/market value for each vehicle/property. How do I play? For roulette, you select either: - Red/Black - The number and their respective colour - Odd/Even - 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 The odds are calculated as followed: - Red/Black // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000.00 if you win) - The number and their respective colour // 10.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $10000.00 if you win) - Odd/Even // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000.00 if you win) - 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000 if you win) For Blackjack, you select either: The goal is to get 21 - above is a bust, under is fine however if the dealer gets 21 first then you lose. The odds are calculated as followed: 2.00 on all bets (I.E $1,000 gets $2,000) Rules 1. All bets are non-refundable. 2. If you say hit, then change your mind immediately after, however the action has been clicked/executed then this will stand. Meaning no re-do’s or refunds. 3. If it’s a draw in Blackjack, then it is a re-bet (meaning we go again) 4. Doubling up means you sacrifice your initial payout for a larger one. This does mean that if you lose you will not get back the initial payout. 5. A game will only be played once you fill out the form. 6. Max bet is $350,000. 7. If you're banned on the terminal (Twitch) It means you're not welcomed to play. Any bets you make will be non-refundable and your games will not be played. DISCLAIMER: FOR YOUR BET TO BE REGISTERED, YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE VIA EMAIL. ((Fill out the form below)). Form: IG Name: Game/Bet type (if roulette): Screenshot: Twitch Name: Mailing List (Discord): https://discord.gg/PYBegk5 Game Screen:
  21. Playing Cards System Playing cards is something you can use with a lot of gambling games, why not make a system for it? For now the /roll system is totally randomized and has no order in it. In playing cards there is an order and you can randomize the order every time you shuffle the cards. In one deck there are 52 cards which you can slide them towards players. Example: Classic Blackjack. Classic Blackjack is the most popular and widely played game. You have a dealer/bank and like 1 to 5 players. Those players get standard two cards, you win the hand if the card total is equal to 21 but should not exceed it. If the card total is over 21 then it's a Bust deal and a losing hand. It should also be higher than the Dealer's total for you to win. As a dealer you get also two cards but one is shown and one is the hole card (the face down card). How to get playing cards? You can buy them at a 24/7 how much decks you want to buy doesn't matter. As in Blackjack you can use 1 to 8 decks or more. Commands that would come handy: /shuffle - Shuffles all your decks to a random order of cards. You also get every card you dealt back to your deck. Example: The deck order is: Click--> |CURRENT| Dealer does /shuffle and the deck gets a new order |NEW| <--Click As you can see the cards are in a different order than it was before. So, that means that first card is number 1 and the last card is 52. /deal - Deals a single card to a player, in Blackjack as an example, you deal the player on your left first, then move left to right down the remaining players. Finish by dealing yourself one card face down (/dealhide). Deal another card to each player and now you can give yourself a card face up. (Dealer) (Player) /dealhide - Deals a card face down to someone or yourself. Face card down means that nobody can see the card! /showcards - Shows all your cards that are face down. /decks - With this you can set how much decks you want to choose. Example: you type /decks 5. Now you can deal 52x5 cards = 260 cards in total. So, you can deal with 5 decks 20 Queens. (Also a notification in the chat should be placed for all players nearby so they know how much decks are being used.) If you have idea's, questions or feedback I would like to hear it!
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