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  1. The one here seems to have a slightly outdated code, I updated my Autohotkey chat assistant to use the latest one and it works, tried it, works for even a single word as well.
  2. There is no definitive fix for this issue, it might sometimes get amplified if you use mods but I assume it's either because Rage engine itself sucks ass, or RageMP, or maybe GTAW's mods are just too much. But then again, not so sure. Best solution is to moderate your mod count and pray it doesn't happen. One potentially high possibility could be the big amount of mod clothes on World, V's Rage engine has a limited number of .ymt slots per gender, so, every time the game gets updated, the slots get less, and this might cause issues when using the same number of mod clothes. Best solution is for the server to replace vanilla clothes instead of adding. But then again, this is just a possibility. EDIT: The number of available .ymts went down from 8 to just 2 ever since the Summer update, so that's maybe why it kept getting worse by each update.
  3. You got some balls kid, I'll give you that much. /me sends his regards to baddabingbaddabongghost
  4. nervous should've added the opressor mk2, so I compromised, I used a chrome motorcycle with a broken radiator instead.
  5. Currently, after having done multiple heists and break-ins with the IFM monitoring, I have to say it's VERY inconsistent and ALWAYS depends on the admin you're working with, because most people have different understandings / misunderstanding of alarms, locks and security systems, it's always a hit and miss.
  6. More elitist sopranos creepy pasta gabagooler characters of course.
  7. If you've taken a look at NVE's files, you'd know how unoptimized and clumsy it is. At least don't use it's dlc and other .rpf additions with Rage and you'll be fine.
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