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  1. BETTING SLIP Full Name: Phone Number: Wager Amount: Single Bet [ ] Multi Bet [ ] Game ID: Team Choice/Tie: Game ID: Team Choice/Tie: Game ID: Team Choice/Tie: (( Send to @Peter DiFeo )) AVAILABLE GAMES SOCCER HOCKEY BASKETBALL GAME ID #1 GAME ID #9 Sun 3:00 EST Sun 8:00 EST Italy (+180) MIL Bucks (-175) England (+140) PHX Suns (+155) Tie (+185) GAME ID #2 Sun 8:00 EST Argentina (+250) Brazil (+100) Tie (+200) GAME ID #3 GAME ID #4
  2. ABOUT US: Pinnacle Sportsbooks was established in 2021 to allow sports fanatics the ability to place bets from the comfort of their own home. Pinnacle Sportsbooks is the best and only online betting organization in Los Santos! We offer the most up to date games to ensure our clients can make the most money on their bets! HOW TO BET: REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY BET ON SINGLE OR MULTI GAMES 1. Betting Limits Minimum bet amount is $50.00 Single bet limit is $10,000 Multi bet limit is $5,000 2. Multi Bets We limit the multi bet rate at x10 If one game loses within the multi bet selection, than your entire bet is considered a loss 3. Usage of Game IDs You can only use one Game ID # per bet. Custom events cannot be grouped with a multi bet (for example: winner of Euro 2020 paired with Atlanta Hawks winning on a specific night) 4. Making a Bet You must be at least 18 years of age and present valid ID when making an account Bets must be placed before the start of any event Bets cannot be withdrawn once they are placed and accepted No confirmation is required of the betting company after the bet is placed 5. Pay Outs & Refunds Winnings are paid out within 48 hours of confirmation Winnings can only be paid out to the person who has placed the specific bet If a game is cancelled a full refund will take place RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING: Pinnacle Sportsbooks aims to provide clients with a positive gambling environment with various tools such as bet limiters (hourly, daily, monthly) and help lines for those in need. To ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience, we have a live support team to help with any questions regarding gambling addiction and closure of your account if necessary. Gambling should be done with money that you can afford to lose and you should set yourself a limit beforehand to ensure you stay within that said limit. You should not risk your savings, family money, or money you cannot afford to lose as there are no refunds or cancellations on placed bets. We try to take care of our clients in everyway possible so ensure you are gambling responsibly. (( OUT OF CHARACTER: )) Your character must be at least 18 years old to place a bet as we would check identity of the individual making an account on our site. If this rule is not followed it will be treated as power-gaming. Each bet is role-played as being placed through our website but is done through using the command /banktransfer. This is to simulate the use of a bank card/credit card payment. By placing a bet and using /banktransfer you automatically agree to the in-character and out of character rules associated with the GTA World server. You can use the format above to place a bet or use our automated Google Forms sheet. (( PLACING BETS: )) Single Bet /banktransfer [AMOUNT] Peter DiFeo PINNACLE [GAME ID #] Multi Bet /banktransfer [AMOUNT] Peter DiFeo PINNACLE [GAME ID #] + [GAME ID #] + [GAME ID #] **YOU ARE TO CHANGE THE BOLD TEXT ONLY WHEN SENDING A /BANKTRANSFER** Examples /banktransfer 7000 Peter DiFeo PINNACLE #13 /banktransfer 1000 Peter DiFeo PINNACLE #13 + #31
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