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  1. I have a friend on here who I've known for over a decade.
  2. Horse Racing Coming Soon! Here soon we will be launching an additional service for horse racing streamed live right here. With this service horse names and info will be posted ahead of time. You can expect the horse races to be announced within twenty four hours or so of the events launch time. In order to place a bet on the races it will still work the same as it currently does. Thank You, The Los Santos Sports Betting Development Team.
  3. What is Los Santos Sports Betting? Los Santos Sports Betting is an online service that allows you to place bets on your favorite professional sporting events in real time on all major sports. How does it work? Los Santos Sports Betting is a very simple service that can be used in a few simple steps. We take pride in the anonymity of our customers that is why we use a secure database to gather your information in order to provide the safest transaction possible. In order to place bets you simply fill out the form on our website located here.. Once you have placed your bet we will email you a confirmation code which you will need in order to receive your winnings. If we for some reason decline your bet you will be notified at the soonest possible time. All bets are final. If you have any additional questions you may email this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Terms and Conditions. All bets are final we do not offer refunds. In order to place a bet you must do so at least twenty four hours prior to the start of the event. Winnings must be claimed within 72 hours of the end of the event, we are not a bank. All bets must be paid in full upon confirmation prior to the start of the event, if you do not pay the bet prior to the start of the event your bet will be null. Leave a comment for us: Username: Comment: OOC Please keep all emails, and comments. in character.
  4. This follows the development of Andreas Santiago
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