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Found 3 results

  1. SIGN UP TODAY For all your poker needs Private games and Tournaments being hosted Register your interest today and join the club!
  2. Top Hat Society Business incubator. Political action organization. People of class and fashion. The Top Hat society is comprised of a series of business leaders who have common shared interests and goals. A group that is dedicated to their own empowerment in the legal world of business and communication. It's members come from a wide range of backgrounds from café owners to leaders of industry and interior designers. All members of the Top Hat society are not bound by a code of laws, or an omerta. Instead, they join only to gain access to the elite nature of it's people and it's associates. Whether you need an emergency bartender, a loan of 50,000, or maybe just a friendly ear to vent we will be a consistent factor in the elevation of your goals. The Top Hop society is interested in the the luxury aspects of high society, fashionable dress, and penthouse views. Members would rather enjoy a brandy and cigars then a beer in loud club. A game of poker over a game of dice. There is an aim to dress well, eat well, and live well in each others company and there is somewhat and emphasis of showing up as your best person. No, a top hat is not needed. No hat is needed, in fact. But a sense of fashion and respect for yourself is. Associate members can expect invitations to many fancy galas, high profile events, late night card games, and cigar sessions on the balcony. Members have access to the contact details of other members as well as access to association owned facilities and assets. To join the society, there is no fee or great lengthy application process. To become a member is to be invited by another member. After approval from us, you will be issued a card and added to our personal contact list where we will notify you upon our meetings. Members can upgrade their status to platinum for a nominal fee which comes with added perks. The association has a great interest in supporting politicians financially and promoting causes it believes will elevate itself and the people of the city. It functions partially as a campaign PAC and attempts to levy it's political influence through hard campaigning of all our respectful industries and dutiful financial support. Candidates who are supported by the association can expect business's to display campaign signs in their windows and host events in the name of said candidate. It is through this type of effort we aim to have an impact on the direction of the city. The association seeks to provide a platform of unity. For example, if a problem customer is causing problem in one store they may seek the assistance of other members to come to their aide, and vice versa, and in the event that a person causes problems in Tony's Bar he will find himself not welcome at Vanessa's Flower Shop either. We share in each others misery and pain sell as joy and profits. We act in unity, but we are not beholden to each other. Nothing is owed, but everything is given. OOC Information We seek to be in the grey area where many players fall. Not really a criminal or in a faction but not a police officer or a lawyer either. Roleplayers in the association do not give us CK perms or agree to only RP in our faction alone etc. We seek to be an open ended group with a clear focus on attracting and promoting unique character ideas, business concepts, and interesting dyamics. We aim to have a "family-esque" aspect to our members where we are not bound by a criminal blood bond or being in the same police unit but by business and shared common interests. At present, there isn't much that sort of fills that gap. You have to "settle in" to something whereas many people seek to remain unsettled. This group is for you and anyone else that wishes an alternative environment from just their criminal enterprise or legal law shindig. I would also like to eventually host some session based roleplay where we have sort of DND inspired events and influenced roleplay that everyone is participating in that has some interesting and compelling ideas that no one else is really doing. Such as fun and unique ideas like looking in the desert for lost artifacts or organizing a parade to celebrate Annual Muffin Day. Things that are not done but could be fun to roleplay and a different tempo from what is present now. At the end of the day, This will have that "people to RP with" aspect for those who sometimes don't have "people to RP with". Many people come to RP with me when I run my cafes and I see familiar faces who generally I don't believe have a posse or anything like that due to not being in a strict faction. I hope we can be the "not so serious" option for them. TL;DR - The faction for those who don't want to be in a faction and are not gangbanging or being a cop.
  3. Information Los Santos' premier gambling spot for strategy based card games. We pride ourselves for hosting competitive poker tournaments, blackjack tables and exclusive car raffles. We are hosting a type of tournament known as a sit-and-go poker tournament. This tournament will be split into two phases. During phase 1 we allow a single buy-in. You will be seated in a table with 4-10 individuals, in a room with atleast three tables. Once the phase starts we will be increasing the blinds every twenty minutes, which will result in players being knocked out. This phase will eventually end once every table has a single winner. There is a period of overtime that lasts for ten minutes and if there isn't a single winner by the end of it, the player with the most money will be considered the winner. For phase 2 we take all the winners from phase 1 and put them into a single table. The players will play for the entire pot. We will be increasing the blinds every twenty minutes and by the end of the hour we expect a single winner. There will be overtime just as phase one, except this time if no winner is set, each player walks out with what they have in their hand. Car Raffle Ocelot Lynx Brakes: 3/3 | Engine 4/4 | Suspensions: 5/4 | Transmission: 3/3 | Turbo: Yes Lock level: 3 | Alarm level: 1 | Anti-Theft level: 2 Poker Tournament - MAY/17 @ 9PM 9pm-12am (Total event duration) -------------------------------- 9:15pm - 9:30pm (Poker tournament check-in) 9:30pm - 9:45pm (Poker tournament late check-ins) 9:45pm - 10:45pm (First round, 4-10 player table, no rebuys) 11:00pm - 12:00am (Second round, winner takes the total prize pool) [First round blind structure - 4 player table] (players per table and blind increments subject to change) Buy-in: $10,000 [Time] -- blind 1. [+0:00] -- $200 2. [+0:20] -- $600 3. [+0:40] -- $2,000 4. [+1:00] -- $6,000 5. 10 minute overtime, winner will be the individual holding the most money. [Second round blind structure] Buy in: [# of players per tables during the first round] x [First round buy-in] x [80% (house takes 20%)] Blind steps will be calculated once we have determined the buy-in value. REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Buy-in: $10,000 + $2,000 (house). Preregister for the event to guarantee your seat. In order to preregister for the event feel free to send us a bank transfer. Please have your ID on you when you arrive and please use a bank account that has your name registered to it. You must be 21 years old or older to register. Send your payments to Joseph Hoffman. Under the comments add your phone number in-case we need to contact you. ((/banktransfer 12000 Joseph Hoffman [your_phone_number])) Questions or Concerns? We are always available for any questions on our email: [email protected](( Forum PM )) & via phone - 6921-9546
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