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  1. Considering this happened to my "In-Character" fiancee, yeah, it's quite messed up. And then the person who commits this crime goes inactive or namechanges to avoid the post-crime consequences. This type of roleplay is not needed in my opinion.
  2. Edgars


    Due to a logistical issue, I have to withdraw my buyout offer.
  3. Edgars


  4. Wow, those recent ones are pretty neat!
  5. One minute seems to be too short. Five minutes is probably too long... I'd say split the difference and make it 3 Minutes.
  6. I'd like to buy it for $175,000. #6400
  7. I know you said it's not for cash sale, but if you change your mind, I'd be willing to make a significant cash offer.
  8. I'm going to go ahead and bid $690,000 on this. #6400 - Phone
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