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  1. ABOUT US Provider LLC. is the Los Santos’ financial market trail blazer, offering personal finances solutions that can help you turn your plans and dreams into a reality. From loans, through vehicle leasing opportunities all the way to long-term mortgages – we’re here to give you the financial flexibility you’ve been looking for. If you have any questions regarding a loan you're interested in feel free to contact us personally and we will try to explain you everything as detailed as possible. The main advantage of being a customer of the company is that it's all about the customer, the company is aiming to fulfill customer's request precisely and puts its customers in the center, which eventually leads to an effective service. Combining company's loyalty, and customer's requests, Provider LLC. guarantees reliable and professional service you can find in Los Santos. HOW TO APPLY? This is very simple, here you will find out on how to do that step-by-step. Nonetheless, if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you during your application process. First step for our clients is official registration on our website. After you've registered, you can access Client Reception and then Provider LLC. If you wish to apply for a loan online without first calling upon the advice of our experienced loan officers, then there is two documents you will have to submit. The loan application shines a light on who you are and explains what kind of loan you are looking for, whilst the financial statement further outlines the details of your financial situation. Submit both documents in the same topic. Once your submission is put under review you will no longer be able to access it.
  2. Empowering Financial Prosperity in Los Santos Welcome to Los Santos Prosperity Partners – your esteemed ally in transforming your ambitions into tangible achievements. Positioned as a preeminent lending establishment nestled in the heart of Los Santos, we recognize the imperative of affording both individuals and enterprises the opportunity to flourish. Demonstrating an unwavering dedication to financial empowerment, we proudly extend meticulously crafted lending resolutions that chart a course for your triumph. Our spectrum of offerings encompasses versatile loan alternatives, expedited approval processes, bespoke interest structures, and a reservoir of proficiency in the realm of financial facilitation. Our Services Personal Loans Los Santos Prosperity Partners offers unsecured personal loans designed to meet diverse financial needs, such as debt consolidation, education expenses, home improvements, and more. Clients benefit from competitive interest rates and convenient repayment options. Business Financing The company supports businesses of all sizes with working capital loans, equipment financing, and lines of credit. Its efficient approval process ensures that entrepreneurs can access funds quickly to drive growth and maintain operations. Real Estate Investment Recognizing the dynamic real estate landscape of Los Santos, the company specializes in providing real estate financing solutions. Whether it's funding property acquisitions, development projects, or investment opportunities, Los Santos Prosperity Partners assists investors and developers in realizing their visions. Loan Application Unlock your financial potential: Experience our seamless Loan Application At Los Santos Prosperity Partners, we're dedicated to propelling your dreams forward. Our streamlined loan application process empowers you to secure the fund you need with ease. Whether you're aspiring to invest, grow your business, or achieve personal milestones, our user-friendly application ensures that your journey toward financial success begins promptly. Say goodbye to complexities - Apply today and embrace a future brimming with possibilities! LSPP | Loan Application Form
  3. Smart Investing About Us: InvoBank is an online neo-banking service specialized in investment, with one goal in mind: bringing simplicity into an extraordinarily complex industry such as the financial sector. Our users are able to see their money grow on their investments from the comfort of their homes, with a tailored customer experience according to their needs and financial requirements. Since its inception in 2019, InvoBank has continued to grow its customer base, and consequently been expading the services offered to our loyal customers. Starting with personal loans and mortages, to insurance or tailored payment and credit solutions to business customers. Private Banking Services: • 'Day-to-Day' Current Account: Conditions: • Up to 4% Annual EIR. • Deposit at any time. • Withdraw your funds at any time, with 24h advance notice. • Balance limits: Min. $50,000 - Max. $550,000 • Investment Risk assessment: 1/6 • Savings Account: Conditions: • Up to 7% Annual EIR. • Able to deposit additional funds weekly. • Able to withdraw every two weeks, any amount. • Balance limits: Min. $100,000 - Max. $1,250,000 • Investment Risk assessment: 2/6 • Long-Term Savings Account: Conditions: • Up to 12% Annual EIR. • Able to deposit additional funds monthly. • Able to withdraw every two months, up to a 50% of the invested amount on a single operation. • Balance limits: Min. $850,000 - Max. $5,000,000 • Investment Risk assessment: 3/6 • Fixed-Rate Investment Account: Conditions: • Up to 18% Annual EIR. • Able to deposit additional funds bi-monthly. • Able to withdraw every four months, up to a 50% of the invested amount on a single operation. • Balance limits: Min. $850,000 - Max. $10,000,000 • Investment Risk assessment: 2/6 • Variable-Rate Investment Account: Conditions: • APR determined on return. • Able to deposit additional funds bi-monthly. • Single return, after 6 months. • Balance limits: Min. $1,000,000 - Max. $10,000,000 • Investment Risk assessment: 5/6 Loan & Mortgages Services: • Single-Payment Credit: Conditions: • 15% EIR, fixed. • Return it on a single payment, 1 month after. • Loan limits: Min. $5,000 - Max. $30,000 • Personal Micro-Loan: Conditions: • 20% EIR, fixed. • Return it on weekly payments, for up to 2 months. • Loan limits: Min. $5,000 - Max. $80,000 • Vehicle Purchase Loan: Conditions: • 13% EIR, fixed. • Collateral loan, vehicle as collateral. • Up to 80% of the value of the vehicle can be financed. • Return it on weekly payments, for up to 2 months. • Loan limits: Min. $25,000 - Max. $100,000 • Property Purchase Mortgage: Conditions: • Interest dependant on value, and credit history. • Collateral loan, property as collateral. • Up to 80% of the value of the property can be financed. • Return it on weekly payments, for up to 5 months. • Loan limits: Min. $65,000 - Max. $500,000 • Business Establishment Loan: Conditions: • Interest dependant on value, and credit history. • Collateral loan, business as collateral. • Up to 70% of the value of the business can be financed. • Return it on weekly payments, for up to 6 months. • Loan limits: Min. $100,000 - Max. $2.000,000 Business Financial Services: • Shared Business Account: Conditions: • Up to 2% Annual APR. • Deposit at any time. • Allows all authorized parties to deposit and withdraw. • Withdraw your funds at any time, with 24h advance notice. • No limits. • Investment Risk assessment: 1/6 • Credit Line: Conditions: • 12% APR, fixed. • Have a pre-approved credit line to make use when necessary. • Pay it back on a weekly terms. • Loan limits: Max. $300,000 INQUIRY ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS: CLICK TO ACCESS JOIN OUR COMMUNITY CHANNEL FOR SUPPORT: CLICK TO ACCESS ** For any questions or concerns, you may contact us via [email protected] (( Forum PM )) * This is an on-line service. All operational requests will be made through the customer service form or e-mail. ** (( Discord Server Invite; this is to be RP'd as a website with an interactive chat agent, from 10 AM to 10 PM agent service )).
  4. ♠ CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR POKER CLUB ♠ ABOUT US What is sports betting? Well, as the name suggests, it’s the process of betting on sports and, when it comes to doing it, there’s no better place than Fortuna. Personifying the idea that betting should be fun, our sportsbook is packed with odds, offers, and unique features. At the top of our tree of offerings are impeccable odds. As well as covering every major sporting event, including the Grand National, Wrestle Mania, the Premier League, and the Super Bowl, our oddsmakers always opt for value. In other words, the betting lines at Fortuna are as good if not better than they are elsewhere. We also like to sprinkle bonuses, free bets, and enhancers like “power prices” into the mix to make things even better. Finally, when it comes to sports betting, we go the extra mile to cover every eventuality. Our sportsbook has odds for almost every sport, including horse racing, football, tennis, boxing, golf, soccer, and football. We even go a few steps better by offering betting fans odds on current events like elections or TV shows. Add to this live streams, statistics, and expert tips, and there are no bookies that can compete with us. Raffle and lottery tickets - Or game nights? As a part of our crowdfunded operation, we offer monthly and weekly raffle and lottery tickets, this could be your one-way ticket to Vinewood Hills, or realize your dream by winning exotic sports cars while also supporting your favorite charity! Another one of our main attractions is the high table game nights; these games are hosted once a week and you may enter by simply registering prior to the event with the table fee, once a week, for every month of the year, this could be your chance to walk out the door, the richest man in the entire city of Los Santos. We also have a loan out division here at Fortuna LLC, looking to buy your dream house? or do you want funds to start your own line of business? our loan-out division is here to help you with state-verified loan contracts and reasonable terms, such as your own chosen installment settlements and very low-interest rates. PLACE YOUR BETS + GET YOUR TICKETS = MAKE A FORTUNE OK, so you want to make a fortune but you’re not sure how to do it? Here at Fortuna, we’ve got you covered. Firstly, you must be 18+ and live in a valid region (City of Los Santos & Blaine County), you can visit our shop and once you’ve supplied a few details and verified your identity, you’ll be an eligible individual to partake in the games, place bets and buy tickets. SLOT MACHINES If you don't feel like participating in a friendly game of poker, or just want to spend some time having fun and also earning some quick bucks, our establishment is equipped with slot machines that are available 24/7 for you to use. RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING - LET'S KEEP THINGS FUN All of us here at Fortuna want betting and gambling to be fun. A way to socialize, a chance to prove your powers of foresight to your friends, with the bonus of a little cash if and when you win. What we don’t want, is for betting or gambling to have a damaging effect on people’s lives. Harmful play has no place in our business, and we’re proactive about supporting players who need help. Responsible gambling means you are having fun, and feel in control of how you play. If your gambling is creating financial stress, anxiety, depression, or affecting your life in a negative way overall, then it may develop into a problem. We want to be a part of the solution. So what we do to tackle the problem, is provide you with the ability to easily calculate your budget, set deposit and loss limits. And to top it off, we'll do occasional reality checks on our customers to ensure that they're having fun. Shop & Office is located at Mission Row, Fantastic Place. ONLINE BETTING SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. VISIT OUR SHOP TO PLACE BETS AND BUY TICKETS. CONTACT US: ☎️ 8788270 ☎️ 📧 [email protected] 📧 Copyright © FORTUNA LLC
  5. dans110


    ((Submit your application via this link: https://forms.gle/j6xerjFQ5ZBvatjk7)) ((Comments are disabled.))
  6. Los Santos Loans The Best Place to Get a Loan About Us Los Santos Loans is an independently run loan service that provides those in need of funds the ability to do so with the intention of paying back the amount in ample amount of time in order to purchase a business, house, personal loan, or vehicle. Our goal is to provide customers with top notch customer service, quick response time, and friendly service, to make your experience quick, haste free, and friendly. Loans we Offer The loans we offer include, business purchase, home purchase, personal loan, and vehicle purchase. The purpose of the loans is to provide funds to purchase the desired product of your choice. The loan type is designed specifically for what you are requesting it for. It may not be used for any other means. Although the vehicle loan is the easiest one to get, it also comes with a slightly higher interest with a longer term then a personal loan. The business loan is a harder one to get but included lower interest rates and longer terms. The purchased item will technically belong to Los Santos Loans, but the registered keeper is the purchaser. All interest rates are conducted by an independent firm and not by our agents. How much can I borrow? Los Santos Loans allows any amount up to the value of $150,000 given you meet the requirements and pass our credit checks. In certain circumstances, more may be acquired, but are rarely accepted. How to apply ONLINE #1) Click the link below to be taken to our application process through our website. Mobile Application #2) Once we receive your initial loan application, our team will make contact with you via email to ask a few more questions and any other questions you might have. Contact Information Company Phone- 41259440 SMS/ Call. We can answer and questions you may have through our company phone. Company Office Location - Red E. Office #4 *Comments would be disabled PH: 41259440
  7. Go far. Together. The world has never been predictable. Which is why families, individuals and foundations have counted on us to manage their wealth through decades of ups and downs. Our proprietary investment process is built on time-tested principles. Listening to your needs. Setting goals. Limiting risk. Patiently investing in high-quality companies. In our most recent survey, more than 90% of clients said “yes” when asked if they would recommend us. It’s hard to imagine a more meaningful benchmark. WHAT WE DO In a world run by algorithms, our clients benefit from human skill and insight that have helped them consistently prosper through bubbles, recessions and pandemics. As a client, you can expect to have a wealth plan tailored to meet your financial and life goals, and a customized portfolio built from our investment strategies. Through Saejima Financial Services, you will get the know-how and advice you need to navigate economic trends and life events with calm confidence. You’ll work closely with your dedicated Portfolio Manager and have direct access to the analysts and strategists who manage your money. After all, their capital is invested alongside yours. We also offer high quality and personalized loan services with low interest rates for those with credit scores not accepted by major banking institutions. Come tax season, Saejima Financial Services helps individuals and businesses alike file their income tax correctly and maximize returns while offering solutions to lower your taxable income. WHO WE ARE Daichi Saejima, founder of Saejima Financial Services is one of San Andreas' leading independent wealth management firms and a trusted fiduciary for families, individuals and foundations. Since 2009, our experienced team has helped clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through careful planning, advice and sound investing through customized portfolio solutions. By investing our own capital alongside yours, we are deeply committed and invested in your future. CONTACT US Let's start with a conversation Growing your capital. Protecting it. Security throughout your life. A legacy for future generations. Whatever your priorities, we’re here to listen and understand. To strategize, advise and thoughtfully guide you. Contact Number: 816-268-86 Email Address: [email protected] ((Forum PM @NickXI))
  8. About Us: 613 Investment group has opened its gates to the public at the date of 24/7/22. After the establishment of the wealthy coalition formed by several key industry members of the economics within Los Santos upper echelon, the coalition has funded and established 613 Investment Group in order to establish a successful cash route and economic flow between all classes of society backed by professional and renown firm to provide a trust worthy service to all interested clients equally. 613 Investment Group is an investment, lending and private business sector financing company, giving the opportunity to establish the economic dreams of all citizens of Los Santos, the entire business purpose of the group is to assure and provide backing credit to the client's financial ambitions as many thrive to accomplish many creative business ideas that could have not been done prior based on lack of financing but now it is all over as every citizen from the moment he is ready to take the right step to take out a loan, the company is ready to help and consult the client through out the entire project into making his business professionally profitable, well marketed and well branded while being backed by the firm's strong financial aid. The company is well invested especially in residents of Low-Income, trying to prevent crime in the low-ends of Los Santos by providing an additional choice of escaping poverty, the company has dedicated a special program in place in order to fight crime from the financial sector by eliminating the possibility of the statement 'I had no choice, I did not have any money'. The 613 Investment Group assures you will have a possibility for loan at all times regardless of the condition seems to be at the worst position for yourself. In addition, supporting many of the private independent business sector, assuring all clients of the private sector to have a moment to breath within all the surrounding stress by allowing a system to provide financial aid to the business in the hopes of redesigning, rebranding, remarkerting, restock. By all means, the company assures to provide financial backing to it's clients in the possibility and hope of prosperity for the client and the entirety of Los Santos. 613 Investment group operates solely within the state of San Andreas and hence does all of his investments only in Los Santos area and it's surroundings, for more inquiry, reach out for the contact us button.
  9. Short description: Remove some cars from the script dealerships, add brand-specific dealers as leasable businesses and leave them in the care of players. Financing, repos, options and maintenance. Detailed description: What it says on the tin, really. Remove a bunch of brands and vehicles from the script dealerships and open up a few dealerships that could be leasable by players; implement a floorplan system where said dealership managers can finance their vehicles. Something alike the current lease system, just for multiple vehicles. When sold, implement ways of financing with the dealership much alike the current lease system and vehicle requests, though done on an IC basis and dependant on down payment, credit score (and whether your character even has a job at all) and income. I suggest it be implemented for sports and luxury brands first, vehicles that aren't mass-market. Think Grotti, Pfister, Cognoscenti, Enus, Ocelot, Lampadati. In addition to simple sales, outsourcing or having in-house service could also be an option. Garages not open to the general public unless the clients go through the dealership or own one of the brands said dealership supports. When you get tired of your car? Trade it in, get another model from the same brand, then allow the vehicle to trickle down the used market. Want a new car? Trade in one from a different brand, have it's value appraised and taken out as a chunk from your vehicle payments. Fail to follow on your payments? A towtruck comes by, an admin transfers your car back to the dealership and it's sold on the used car market. Commands to add: N/A. Items to add: N/A. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would expand vehicle roleplay greatly, obviously, and step into the big culture around dealing vehicles in the states. It would veto players too; gone would be the mechanics with no address and no stable job owning six figure sports-cars, as they'd be vetted by players and even admins. The process isn't automated, you can't just run into an empty parking lot in town and leave with a sportscar bought with mechanic/trucking money. Dealers would be able to make risk buyers like those pay high interest, considering the possibility of them not making their payments, the vehicles given character, history and be given greater importance than just script assets to flaunt then sell on. Not difficult to imagine that it wouldn't be extremely profitable either; vehicles need to be bought and invested into by the dealers, then financed. It incentivises moving cars and not leaving them on a parking spot collecting dust until a schmuck shows up and allows themselves to be ripped off. Which naturally allows deals to be made and the prices made less rigid since every day can and will impact the bottom line. Additional information: N/A.
  10. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. TEXTILE CITY LOANS cheap, quick, easy What is Textile City Loans? Textile City Loans is a newly incorporated financier that looks to provide those who need money with a quick and easy solution, along with good interest rates and flexible payment options. We aren't some fat cat bank looking to take your money, but instead we're looking to promote and help out those who are looking to achieve their dreams, whether it be a property, business, vehicle, personal or any other type of loan, we're here to help. Repayment for all loans takes over a 2 month period, in weekly instalments of equal value. For example: Taking out a $100,000 business loan will result in you paying back $120,000 over 8 weeks. This would result in a weekly payment of $15,000, payable on the same weekday that the loan was originally taken out. Loan System To apply for a loan, please fill out our loan form below. Our rates are as follows: Business Loan ($0 - $300,000) - 20% A business loan is applicable to someone looking to start up, or invest in, a business which they have a full business plan for. Proof of business plan is needed along with equivalent collateral in the case of default on a payment. Property Loan ($0 - $250,000) - 15% A property loan is applicable to someone looking to purchase a property in order to live in, let out or to resell. Buildings purchased for business use are applicable under the business loan category. Equivalent collateral is needed in the case of defaulting on a payment. Vehicle Loan ($0 - $200,000) - 15% A vehicle loan is applicable to someone looking to purchase a vehicle in order for personal use or to resell. Equivalent collateral is needed in case of defaulting on a payment. Car valuation is done by TCL staff, who will be present in the case of a second-hand sale in order to ensure the proper valuation of the car. Personal Loan ($0 - $100,000) - 25% Need a loan in a hurry to cover personal costs? No problem, we have you covered up to $100,000 when you need it. Equivalent collateral is needed in the case of defaulting on a payment. Application If you wish to take out a loan with us, then please the format below and we will get back to you within 1 working day. Application Form (Please note we do not collect any personal information from this form, only the information inputted into the form.) Contact If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please contact the number below, or email [email protected] (Forum PM) Pavel J. - C.E.O - #3334 FAQ What if I default on a payment? We understand that people have personal issues, and that sometimes paying on time can be hard. In the case of a first default, we will allow the borrower to have an extra 3 days to pay the payment, along with an additional $5,000 late fee. If payment of this is not received, or not received in full, then we will unfortunately have to go court in order to receive compensation. I want to take out a loan for ____, can you help me? Please contact us privately in order to discuss loans which are not within the money brackets above. Please note terms and conditions, including interest rates, may differ from those listed above, due to the volatility and risk associated with loaning out large amounts of money.
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