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Found 3 results

  1. Go far. Together. The world has never been predictable. Which is why families, individuals and foundations have counted on us to manage their wealth through decades of ups and downs. Our proprietary investment process is built on time-tested principles. Listening to your needs. Setting goals. Limiting risk. Patiently investing in high-quality companies. In our most recent survey, more than 90% of clients said “yes” when asked if they would recommend us. It’s hard to imagine a more meaningful benchmark. WHAT WE DO In a world run by algorithms, our clients benefit from human skill and insight that have helped them consistently prosper through bubbles, recessions and pandemics. As a client, you can expect to have a wealth plan tailored to meet your financial and life goals, and a customized portfolio built from our investment strategies. Through Saejima Financial Services, you will get the know-how and advice you need to navigate economic trends and life events with calm confidence. You’ll work closely with your dedicated Portfolio Manager and have direct access to the analysts and strategists who manage your money. After all, their capital is invested alongside yours. We also offer high quality and personalized loan services with low interest rates for those with credit scores not accepted by major banking institutions. Come tax season, Saejima Financial Services helps individuals and businesses alike file their income tax correctly and maximize returns while offering solutions to lower your taxable income. WHO WE ARE Daichi Saejima, founder of Saejima Financial Services is one of San Andreas' leading independent wealth management firms and a trusted fiduciary for families, individuals and foundations. Since 2009, our experienced team has helped clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through careful planning, advice and sound investing through customized portfolio solutions. By investing our own capital alongside yours, we are deeply committed and invested in your future. CONTACT US Let's start with a conversation Growing your capital. Protecting it. Security throughout your life. A legacy for future generations. Whatever your priorities, we’re here to listen and understand. To strategize, advise and thoughtfully guide you. Contact Number: 816-268-86 Email Address: [email protected] ((Forum PM @NickXI))
  2. WHO ARE WE? Persico Financial & Accounting is a business created to help you. It doesn't matter if you are a regular civillian that wants to invest your money into something and increase your capital or if you are a big company with enough money to sustain your business for the next following years. We are prepared to provide support to your business and personal account in a daily basis, with experienced personnel able to provide you reports of your income, how much money are you making and how much money is thrown in the sink. That's not your problem? You don't worry! We also provide Marketing support for businesses, with an experienced Marketing team able to increase the visibility of your business and therefore increasing the profit. Our Marketing&Sales team is ready to provide you a pay-as-you-go system for advertising your business, be it online or broadacsted to the entire city. Accounting & VAT Our firm’s accounting department can assist clients with the proper maintenance of their accounting records and ensure compliance with VAT and tax legislation. Accounting services include: Bookkeeping Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns Preparation and submission of monthly VIES returns Arranging payment of temporary and final taxes. Management Consulting Throughout a business lifecycle, business owners need a dependable, knowledgeable and objective partner to help them negotiate the challenges they face. And they do not just need advice, they need a partner to stand by their side and address their business needs and challenges as if they were their own. Feasibility studies Budgets and cash-flow projections Company Valuations Due Diligence assignments Mergers and Acquisitions Design and review of internal controls Marketing and Advertisement support Recruitment and Selection We, at Persico Financial&Accounting, can arrange to recruit staff on behalf of clients by advertising in the local press and holding personal interviews. CAREER OPORTUNITIES Accountant: Willing to provide support to the clients with Invoice Reports for their business and personal agenda, Business plans for new clients and provide weekly reports for the business that hired our services. Payment per hour accordingly to the San Andreas Labor Law plus five percent of the contracts made. Marketing Team: Provide support to the business on the marketing, creating advertisements to be broadcasted, online advertisements and social media. Needs to be able to work on site during a business opening. Payment per hour accordingly to the San Andreas Labor Law. Sales Team: Responsable for doing door to door service and offer their services for the costumers. Earns five percent of each contract brought to the company and when working in the office earns hourly according to the San Andreas Labor Law. Intern: Are you studying at ULSA? Persico Financial provides internship for Economy and Law studens, flexible work hours with a hourly payment. You're going to work with all of the three teams inside the company, to make sure you know the path you want to follow on your future endeavours. CONTACT US This website doesn't feel enough? Contact us! E-Mail: [email protected] ((forum PM @joaoivis)) Phone: 1028 Facebrowser: Persico Financial Adress: Bay City Ave., Vespucci, Los Santos. SA.
  3. Flame Road LLP focuses on helping businesses progress throughout their development. Flame Road LLP has been around for about 25 years and has served thousands of people with their businesses and personal finances. The company has two departments in which each one focuses on a specific kind of case opposite from the other one. The Business department main focus is to help any business whether is small or large overcome being overdrawn on late payments and maintain a steady and healthy income. Flame Road have the use of experienced and well-studied CPA members who have obtained a reputation within the company for their outstanding performance and work. This firm provides services that can be very useful to businesses and personal cases. The Personal Finances department main focus is to help people keep a good credit score and maintain a stable balance between their expenses and their income. Each service provided is divided into tiers. Each tier provides specific answers. Every case that is taken is protected by the confidentiality of a customer rule. Flame Road LLP keeps each case file as a copy of example to help out with other cases but still remaining anonymously. Flame Road Services: Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV Tier V Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping √ √ √ √ √ financial information confidential. Recommends financial actions by √ √ √ √ √ accounting analysis options. Documents financial transactions by entering accounts information. X √ √ √ √ Gives a summary of current financial status. ex: Loss statements, balance- X X √ √ √ sheet, profits. Prepares payments by verifying X X X √ √ documents, and requesting disbursements. Answers of accounting procedure questions using research and X X X X √ interpreting accounting policy and regulations. Maintains accounting controls by X X X X √ preparing and recommending policies and procedures. For any information on pricing and package you would like to use please don't hesitate to call our office at. Phone: 5594441 Flame Road LLP Chief Executive Officer, David Pancrazio
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