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Found 11 results

  1. About Us Midas Capital Group is a Los Santos based private equity group that invests in, and partners with businesses in the US. Our founding team has collectively developed investment strategies in small businesses, lower middle and middle markets, creating value for businesses across a wide range of industries including business and consumer services, technology, security, transportation, healthcare, industrial and environmental services. Why Private Equity? When business owners reach a critical point with their company and make the decision to sell all or part of the company, many decide to partner with a private equity firm to take their business to the next level. Private equity can mean a lot of different things, but to us, it means investing in private companies to help them grow. If you’re a business owner or founder, taking on a partner is a big step, and can create a lot of uncertainty. We’re here to answer your questions about how all of this works and what it can mean for you. To start, here are some of the main reasons why top-performing private companies are increasingly deciding to bring on a private equity partner: To provide shareholders with partial or total liquidity. To have “two bites at the apple” – partial liquidity in the first transaction, and a potentially bigger payoff in a later transaction. To gain additional capital for expansion or acquisitions. To get a strong partner with aligned interests who can help them grow their company. To have a sounding board for their ideas and challenges. To gain access to “best practices” from other leading companies, as well as senior-level contacts at potential customers and alliance partners. To get help recruiting senior executives and building a strong Board of Directors. To benefit from the financial sophistication of private equity partners. To get experienced help identifying, analyzing, negotiating and integrating acquisitions. Investment Criteria Our process begins with identifying a financially healthy business with substantial organic and add-on acquisition growth prospects, referred to as a “platform company”. We collaborate with the platform’s leadership team to develop a strategic plan for the business which includes mitigating key person risk, enhancing infrastructure, and investing in targeted growth programs, to create a valuable legacy business. Exit strategies include IPOs and sale of the business to another strategic buyer. Overall, the most important investment criteria are: Stable and recurring cash flows Market position Favorable industry trends Several avenues of growth Strong management team Low capital expenditure requirements Investment Inquiries Midas Capital is always looking to meet with companies ready to take the next step. We are currently investing out of our main fund and are actively pursuing new investments. If you have an opportunity that falls within our investment criteria, or if you know of an experienced management team with an interesting idea in its field, please use the template below and send us your inquiry via e-mail. Firstname: Lastname: Phone: Business Name: Business Address: Industry: Monthly Revenue: Monthly Profit: Contact Midas Capital Group, LLC. 2001 San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill, Red E. Office #19 Los Santos, SA [email protected] 191-29230
  2. ABOUT US Bennett & Co. is a newly founded Real Estate - Investment Company, based in Los Santos, Vinewood. Our active investors in Los Santos, with a focus on Real Estate, Automobiles, Financial Services, and, to a lesser extent, Business Services. Bennett's purpose is to invest in and build great businesses. To maintain our track record of building some of the most successful market-leading businesses, we want to be the partner of choice for entrepreneurs and management teams that want to reach their full potential. To become the premier fund manager for institutional investors seeking exceptional returns, as well as a gold standard employer attracting the top people in the Los Santos. Bennett & Co.'s aim is to support Los Santos' local businesses, which in allows us to help our local communities, economy, and environment. We put our money behind you and your ideas. We collaborate directly with you to create possibilities unlike any other, providing feedback, support, and direction along the way. We provide complete transparency and negotiation independence, allowing you to take control of your destiny. OUR SERVICES - INTERIOR DESIGN Bennett & Co. provides interior design solutions by a team of already heavily experienced designers & construction specialists. The company began with the mammoth task of building the hugely successful Grand Rockford Casino. The project was the businesses first commercial project, and ever since the portfolio hasn’t stopped growing. We cover just about everything from repairs in your apartment to complete demolition jobs and redesigns. Our architects work with owners to accompany tastes and specifications which we incorporate into the design to produce a finished product that has the build and visual quality you’d expect from a professional design & construction company. At Bennett & Co. we keep our customers up to date during build progress, allowing mid-build viewings where safety permits to make any changes customers would like once they see their designs come to fruition. Get in contact with us today to find out more about our extensive portfolio and get your quote booked in. INTERIOR DESIGN If you want to hire Bennett & Co. interior design team, you will need to contact us over email and/or phone. First step is to check the actual size of your building/property in order to give a quote - we'll need to know what are your intentions, requirements, design preferences for the property and of course, your overall budget. If you don't have a budget we usually quote you a total cost of the both furniture and our labor based on what you've described the finished product to be but PLEASE NOTE: All the prices are NOT final, there might go up or down, depending on the property, but we strive to give you total cost at the start and keeping it like that. Contact for interior design service is [email protected] (https://lsmail.gta.world/main). OUR SERVICE - INVESTMENTS & LOANS Bennett & Co. provides services in a variety of areas related to financial security, competence to ensure that your money is kept safe, secure, and well-managed in order to avoid unnecessary losses. We offer financial support tailored to you and/or your company. We think that people, capital, and ideas are the driving forces behind the success that our clients, shareholders, and communities enjoy. The following are some of the services we can provide to clients: Personal finance management Business finance management Weekly, monthly and quarterly finance reports Company bookkeeping Accountant services Loan types: Real Estate loan (25%) Vehicle loan (25%) Business loan (30%) Personal loan (35%) INVESTMENTS & LOANS Below you can find more information about each loan type. Investments are done only via interview with our finance officers which can be arranged over e-mail. Real Estate Loan: Interest rate of 25% Increase rate of 2% weekly (in case deadline is not met) Maximum loan amount of $500,000 Maximum separate payments are 12 for maximum of 45 days Vehicle Loan: Interest rate of 25% Increase rate of 2% weekly (in case deadline is not met) Maximum loan amount of $200,000 Maximum separate payments are 8 for maximum of 25 days Business Loan: Interest rate of 30% Increase rate of 3% weekly (in case deadline is not met) Maximum loan amount of $500,000 Maximum separate payments are 12 for maximum of 45 days Personal Loan: Interest rate of 35% Increase rate of 3% weekly (in case deadline is not met) Maximum loan amount of $300,000 Maximum separate payments are 10 for maximum of 30 days Example: Real Estate - $400,000 Loan Amount + $100,000 Interest Rate = $500,000 repayable. Vehicle - $150,000 Loan Amount + $37,500 Interest Rate = $187,500 repayable. Business - $300,000 Loan Amount + $90,000 Interest Rate = $390,000 repayable. Personal - $70,000 Loan Amount + $24,500 Interest Rate = $94,500 repayable. To ask for a loan/investment contact our CEO Harvey Bennett on [email protected] (https://lsmail.gta.world/main). Requirements to borrower: Be at least 21 years old; Be a legal resident of the San Andreas State; Pledge market price must at least cover loan amount; Documents granting your ownership of vehicle / property; If your pledge isn't good enough for amount that you're willing to get we will suggest you other options. Application form: When application is sent, loan/finance officer will review your application, based on all the information given it will be either approved, pending or declined. Approved: Finance/loan officer will call you to arrange a meeting and sign a loan contract before you receive money on your bank account. Pending: Finance/loan officer will either call your or send additional questions via e-mail to disclose any necessary evidence and/or discuss way to make your loan plan work. Declined: You will be provided with a reason for the loan denial, unless that reason is satisfied, do not submit another loan request before you fix mentioned issues. JOB POSTING Bennett & Co. is hiring. Below is a list of all vacancies, your CV has to be sent to business mail - [email protected] (https://lsmail.gta.world/main) The following are current vacancies: Finance/Loan Officer: Oversee the preparation and planning of budgets. Maintain records and receipts for all daily transactions. Ensure financial records are kept up-to-date with the latest transactions and changes. (MS Excel) Monitor all bank deposits and payments. Perform periodic financial analysis to detect and resolve problems. Prepare balance sheets and invoices. ((OOC NOTE: Must be able to create/edit spreadsheets and loan agreements through google docs)) Position requirements: High School diploma Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or relevant field. In-depth knowledge of financial regulations and accounting processes. Strong attention to detail. Ability to multitask and work good under pressure Accountant: Monitoring spending and budgets Auditing and analyzing financial performance Financial forecasting and risk analysis Advising on how to reduce costs and increase profits Compiling and presenting financial and budget reports Ensure that financial statements and records comply with laws and regulations Keeping account books and systems up to date. ((OOC NOTE: Must be able to create/edit spreadsheets)) Position requirements: High School diploma Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or relevant field. Excellent communication skills both oral and written Creative writing Ability to multitask and work good under pressure PR-/Social Media Manager: Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies and partnerships Managing enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media Planning publicity strategies and campaigns Organizing events including press conferences, exhibitions, open days and press tours Managing and sharing content with users on social media sites such as Facebrowser Creating and managing brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, etc. Analyzing media coverage Distributing information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns progress Position requirements: High School diploma Bachelor/Master degree in finance or related field Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures Hands-on experience with spreadsheets (MS Excel) Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills Ability to multitask and work good under pressure How can I apply? You can currently apply by sending your application privately to the Managing Director's mail [email protected] (https://lsmail.gta.world/main). Keep in mind to provide a full summary and a curriculum vitae. APPLICATION PROCESSInitially, after passing your preliminary application and the interview with one of the Human Resources officers, you will enter the team as a intern. The intern position can be seen as a probationary rank, meaning that after passing your probationary period you will be inducted in to the Bennett & Co. official ranks. APPLICATIONIf you want to apply for Bennett & Co. please fill in the below stated application format. Title of the email should be (choose one vacancy): "Job application (Bennett & Co.) - Accountant/PR Manager - Name Last name Ex. Job application (Bennett & Co.) - Accountant - John Doe After sending out your application successfully, a member of the Department of Human Resources will reach out to you with either an invitation to an interview or a denial. MEET THE TEAM Managing Director - Harvey Bennett TBU! Operations Director - Denzel Brooks TBU! Finance Director - Martin Maxwell TBU! PARTNERSHIP There are no current partners with this firm. PUBLIC RELATIONS MESSAGE FROM MANAGING DIRECTOR In accordance with its mission "Innovating the future" Bennett & Co. has responded to the expectations of society and its customers through innovation. Currently, the world is facing a variety of changes, including issues related to resource shortages and climate change demographic changes brought on by the aging of society and the issues accompanying urbanizations. Under these circumstances, Bennett & Co. will return to its founding principles of advancing societal development with the goal of contributing to the achievement of sustainable society by evolving its Social Innovation Business on a global scale. With our slogan "Innovating the future" which expresses the vision of our Mid-term management plan, we will devote all our energy to realize to "good" desired by people throughout the world. Managing Director Harvey Bennett Bennett & Co.
  3. Looking to buy Übermacht Rebla GTS on finance a Rebla GTS over 10 days, will pay regularly and on-time. Ideally in good specification although not mandatory. For example: Rebla GTS total cost is $220,000 220,000 divided by 10 days = $22,000 per day. I will pay this amount everyday for 10 days. Please contact me if you own said vehicle and would be happy to let me buy it on finance. This is a vehicle I have been wanting for some time, it's a dream vehicle though I cannot buy it in full instantly at the moment. You can contact me via forum private messages. Additionally, you can call me on 3944032. Thank you.
  4. The following will showcase the development of Ezra Bardin and his assimilation into organized crime in Los Santos.
  5. Short description: Remove some cars from the script dealerships, add brand-specific dealers as leasable businesses and leave them in the care of players. Financing, repos, options and maintenance. Detailed description: What it says on the tin, really. Remove a bunch of brands and vehicles from the script dealerships and open up a few dealerships that could be leasable by players; implement a floorplan system where said dealership managers can finance their vehicles. Something alike the current lease system, just for multiple vehicles. When sold, implement ways of financing with the dealership much alike the current lease system and vehicle requests, though done on an IC basis and dependant on down payment, credit score (and whether your character even has a job at all) and income. I suggest it be implemented for sports and luxury brands first, vehicles that aren't mass-market. Think Grotti, Pfister, Cognoscenti, Enus, Ocelot, Lampadati. In addition to simple sales, outsourcing or having in-house service could also be an option. Garages not open to the general public unless the clients go through the dealership or own one of the brands said dealership supports. When you get tired of your car? Trade it in, get another model from the same brand, then allow the vehicle to trickle down the used market. Want a new car? Trade in one from a different brand, have it's value appraised and taken out as a chunk from your vehicle payments. Fail to follow on your payments? A towtruck comes by, an admin transfers your car back to the dealership and it's sold on the used car market. Commands to add: N/A. Items to add: N/A. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would expand vehicle roleplay greatly, obviously, and step into the big culture around dealing vehicles in the states. It would veto players too; gone would be the mechanics with no address and no stable job owning six figure sports-cars, as they'd be vetted by players and even admins. The process isn't automated, you can't just run into an empty parking lot in town and leave with a sportscar bought with mechanic/trucking money. Dealers would be able to make risk buyers like those pay high interest, considering the possibility of them not making their payments, the vehicles given character, history and be given greater importance than just script assets to flaunt then sell on. Not difficult to imagine that it wouldn't be extremely profitable either; vehicles need to be bought and invested into by the dealers, then financed. It incentivises moving cars and not leaving them on a parking spot collecting dust until a schmuck shows up and allows themselves to be ripped off. Which naturally allows deals to be made and the prices made less rigid since every day can and will impact the bottom line. Additional information: N/A.
  6. TEXTILE CITY LOANS cheap, quick, easy What is Textile City Loans? Textile City Loans is a newly incorporated financier that looks to provide those who need money with a quick and easy solution, along with good interest rates and flexible payment options. We aren't some fat cat bank looking to take your money, but instead we're looking to promote and help out those who are looking to achieve their dreams, whether it be a property, business, vehicle, personal or any other type of loan, we're here to help. Repayment for all loans takes over a 2 month period, in weekly instalments of equal value. For example: Taking out a $100,000 business loan will result in you paying back $120,000 over 8 weeks. This would result in a weekly payment of $15,000, payable on the same weekday that the loan was originally taken out. Loan System To apply for a loan, please fill out our loan form below. Our rates are as follows: Business Loan ($0 - $300,000) - 20% A business loan is applicable to someone looking to start up, or invest in, a business which they have a full business plan for. Proof of business plan is needed along with equivalent collateral in the case of default on a payment. Property Loan ($0 - $250,000) - 15% A property loan is applicable to someone looking to purchase a property in order to live in, let out or to resell. Buildings purchased for business use are applicable under the business loan category. Equivalent collateral is needed in the case of defaulting on a payment. Vehicle Loan ($0 - $200,000) - 15% A vehicle loan is applicable to someone looking to purchase a vehicle in order for personal use or to resell. Equivalent collateral is needed in case of defaulting on a payment. Car valuation is done by TCL staff, who will be present in the case of a second-hand sale in order to ensure the proper valuation of the car. Personal Loan ($0 - $100,000) - 25% Need a loan in a hurry to cover personal costs? No problem, we have you covered up to $100,000 when you need it. Equivalent collateral is needed in the case of defaulting on a payment. Application If you wish to take out a loan with us, then please the format below and we will get back to you within 1 working day. Application Form (Please note we do not collect any personal information from this form, only the information inputted into the form.) Contact If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please contact the number below, or email [email protected] (Forum PM) Pavel J. - C.E.O - #3334 FAQ What if I default on a payment? We understand that people have personal issues, and that sometimes paying on time can be hard. In the case of a first default, we will allow the borrower to have an extra 3 days to pay the payment, along with an additional $5,000 late fee. If payment of this is not received, or not received in full, then we will unfortunately have to go court in order to receive compensation. I want to take out a loan for ____, can you help me? Please contact us privately in order to discuss loans which are not within the money brackets above. Please note terms and conditions, including interest rates, may differ from those listed above, due to the volatility and risk associated with loaning out large amounts of money.
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