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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings to everyone who's reading this. I'm willing to trade my two-story house with it's very own garage, which is located in La Puerta, for another one. Preferable areas would be Vespucci Canals or Mirror Park, but all the other districts will be reviewed as well. Along with this trade, i'm willing to add funds (cash) from my side, which would be discussed privately with every person who'd like to offer a trade. I'm seeking for a new house because i want to raise my own mini studio for myself there and my own house would be more comfortable for couples who're willing to live in peace, not like me with my hobby, which turned into my job several years ago. Talking about my house's pluses: This house will be a perfect choice for couples and single persons. Walk distance to the beach! (less then one minute of walking, cycling road nearby) Two balconies! You can see the beach from one of them! Your very own garage. You can fit one vehicle and a motorbike with a bicycle inside! Large living room area, combined with kitchen area. Perfect for TV series and movies lovers persons (you know why 😉). Two bedrooms on the second floor, so you can invite anyone over and have a free spot for them to stay! Cozy bathroom with a bath and everything else. Wardrobe room for all your clothing needs! A small gallery of thus house's pictures: This place is for a trade only. I won't accept any offers to sell it, because i'm willing to trade it for another house and not to stay on the streets. You can reach out to me with your offers via my e-mail (( Forum PMs )): [email protected] or post them here and i'll contact you directly by myself! (( OOC details ))
  2. Hello everyone, who's reading this. I've got my apartment at one of the most crime-free neighborhoods complexes - Tinsel Towers, that i'm willing to trade or sell. I'm seeking for any standalone houses in Los Santos and any offers will be reviewed. Preferable areas for a trade are: Vespucci Canals, Mirror Park, La Puerta, but any other offers are acceptable for discussion as well. With this offer, i may add extra cash above, so our deal would be more suitable for both sides. Talking a little bit more about my apartment, it contains: 2 bedrooms (master and guest's bedrooms), which are located nearby. 2 dining rooms, separated from each other (one is located closer to the kitchen, another is close to the panoramic window and piano). Huge kitchen area for all your cooking experiments and any desirable dishes, that you may cook there. Magnificently cozy TV area, which mostly looks like Cinema! Office, so you may work right in this apartment. Studio, which contains a bar and a dance floor and real DJ decks and mixer! Another standalone bar, which is located close to the "Cinema area", so you may serve drinks right in the middle of amazing movie for your friends! One bathroom, which contains your very own shower cabin, aesthetic bath and your washing machine (with drying function). Amazing hall with animated screen, so your glance would be attached to the waterfall on it! Automatic lights, which would makes this place even more comfortable and suitable for living. This whole list of places contains just in one place and you may become it's owner today! How? Let's proceed to the circumstances. Trade offers are preferable, as it was mentioned above. Minimum bet is: $700.000. Every bid's step must be raised for: $10.000. Buyout price is now set on: $900.000. Current bid: N/A. If you're willing to place your bet - you may do it below. For any trade offers, you may comment about them below or privately, via phone or E-Mail. Contacts: Phone number: 6-6-6-4. E-mail: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) Exterior picture. Interior pictures. (( OOC information ))
  3. Looking to trade my Sultan Classic for a Sentinel Classic with cash on top. Specifications: • Full Performance Package • Anti Theft Level 4 • Alarm Level 4 • Lock Level 3 • A few exterior modifications including upgraded hood, spoiler, and front splitter.
  4. Hoping to trade my well-loved stationary trailer home for something more spacious, ideally just-as remote and outside of city limits. (Last two not necessary, but highly preferred.) Monetary offers are not being considered at this time. Email me for more information or if interested.
  5. Looking to trade my recently furbished house for a house in El Burro Heights. E-Mail me for pictures or info. Or house in Grove Street must be furnished. NOT SELLING.
  6. Looking to trade my beautiful three-floored house for a residential property within Los Santos our the outskirts in the county, looking for a price that is equal and of good terms.The first two floors are currently renovated, the third is however left. There are alot of places to plant a balcony in, residing by the Vespucci Beach - the atmosphere is really charming. The property is not for sale but for trades only, offers which deem good enough will be entertained by me. If you want a viewing of the interior - please Call or SMS me at (8081). As the owner, I have the right to deny any offer and close the trade. Thank you. Or you can contact me on my email: [email protected]com (Discord: The Devil Wolfgang#0001 or Forum PM).
  7. For Sale: Annis ZR-380 ((Vstats: )) Vehicle's insurance was expired. Comes with a aftermarket bodykit and performance upgrades. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the vehicle. Vehicle is also up for trades if anyone has a Benefactor Schafter V12 Asking Price: $170,000
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