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  1. Not exactly fair considering budget considerations arent a thing on the server and theres already a fuck ton of police
  2. (( Meant that the bidding was starting, whoops ))
  3. Unit 585 - 600 Carson Avenue Market Price: $45,000 Starting bid: $100,000 Buyout: $125,000
  4. Can someone explain what the 'Flesh out faction request' part actually means cause it's not written very clearly
  5. conversation>/mes people only do long /mes cause they dont know how to get to the point
  6. Just seems like pointless bureaucracy for the sakes of bureaucracy Like, not being able to fish within 10ft2 of eachother? What is the point of that? It's overly complicated and pointless for hunters, who will either ignore the act or get dumb fines from it. Please make it simpler, shorter and less overreaching so it will actually have some impact IC, rather than being some dumb forum rules everyone ignores
  7. How can you be sure of this though? Even if you say it's never personal, it's impossible to know that if there are zero public guidelines as to how to punish people for certain rule breaks. It's as much possible that an admin is being personal as well as an admin is just doing their job as far as the player is concerned
  8. I've never really understood the appeal of making a GTArp server and to not make illegal RP your main focus. Is this GTArp or second life? Illegal RP is in desperate need of some new updates, something for people to sink their teeth into (no, that doesn't include another f*cking police car or a reskin). What happened to the drug update, the money update?
  9. Short description: Add a way to set a maximum buy in amount for poker tables. Detailed description: Basically, the owner of a table can cap how much players are allowed to come in with. This would be useful for tournaments, as well as a general casino environment, as having everyone come in with 20k then someone with 1 million is totally unrealistic and, at the moment, unpreventable (and very common.) Commands to add: /tablecap [amount] or something Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It would prevent players going into poker games with a load of money and just bullying the other players out of the game. It would also allow for easier tournament play, as well as generally improving the poker experience. Additional information:
  10. Illegal RP tends to be confined within illegal RP though. Under that pretence, you can pretty much choose to ignore the bad parts of illegal RP by just joining up with a faction that isn't cringe (Or at least has some good parts in it.) A lot of the issues with bad RP comes down to people wanting to live out their fantasies as some multi millionaire driving a sports car or a 21 y/o sureno chick with an AK, or a [nationality] mobster in a leather jacket who always speaks foreign languages and never shows emotion I don't really think it'll ever stop just because of the type of game this is, and that playing a character is way less important in legal or illegal RP than making money or having fun.
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