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  1. this. allow ricos and give cops 21st century techniques and tools to incentivize good long-lasting criminal rp
  2. would the fact that the obscene amounts of crime in los santos arent addressed in any way be considered unrealistic escalation by the legislative branch of state government? na im serious with this question
  3. wuhtah is just precious and has intense mom energy she's like the UN humanitarian effort our wasteland somali pirate server needs
  4. here have an extra compounding suggestion on the topic but wholly different in nature and solution
  5. Detailed Description: Bit wacky, but apparently it's an admin discretion thing, at least as pertaining to the staff member I asked. Add this as a requirement to such judgements. Delete weapons, drugs, masks, lockpicks and other items of interest when a player is punished for logging out of a situation so they don't feel as if it's worth it taking it on the chin over losing a script. Do that for powergaming reports of people running away from cops up mountains or logging out of shootouts while downed. I might not be aware if such is already a practice, but it should be. Hitting the almighty alt+F4 the moment things aren't going your way should impact you in more ways than a 15 minute ajail or a warning. What's more, add it in big bold letters to the rules so people know. How will it benefit the server?: Stops people from logging out of situations when they stand to lose scripts they'll need to replenish later on. If a person doesn't have the integrity of seeing a roleplay situation to the end, whether they win or lose and the admin team's being taught to try and be lenient, this is a comfortable middle ground.
  6. what @Sam2 mentioned but in simpler terms miranda rights come before questioning. they have no bearing on an officer deciding to detain you (slapping cuffs on you and taking you to a precinct). they also have no bearing on an arrest (see arrest warrants. nobody's going to try and mirandize you in absentia if a warrant's up on you). miranda rights pertain to questioning in an official capacity and if such is yet to take place, well, nobody needs to mirandize you. whether its added to server legislation or not, dont think there'll be any bearing on police work other than removing a step in the ladder they scale during arrests
  7. either not a specific rule or under the rule 0 umbrella, thus rarely enforced and nobody'll take it seriously as a report as its "just a brawl bro" minor nitpicky p2w bullshit like this is the reason theres bureaucracy on this server; players can and will optimize out the fun of risking getting their character whooped by emoting 2 words and starting to spam left-click just to come on top +1
  8. heres an easy solution. give basic commands to support team members (/vflip, /vfix, vwhatever. teleportation to-fro, /revive) make support mini-admins that can help with the 5-second tasks that require nothing more than checking if a player requiring a teleport is dead under an interior, if their missing vehicle is desynced or on it's roof and if its fucked up due to somebody spawning their own car inside of it. theres already all the framework around admin commands, might as well help shift the less judgement-based workload onto the junior staff so they actually have something to do ingame that isnt answering the rare /helpme or locking stuff on the forums
  9. mr paramedicine hit the nail on the head lol dont even try to give anybody anything besides handguns. if anything, fix the shotguns and make them usable. rifles are just gonna get targeted and people can and will oocly find out who the owners are just to try and get them. if the argument is about citizens protecting themselves, revise the stance of server management on militia and neighbourhood-watch type factions, revise escalation and give official rulings and revise fear rp in a sensible matter doesnt matter whether you got a gat on you or not, its always somebody pasting an emote and holding rightclick with the usual
  10. keep it like it is, make a screen sway effect that prevents a jittery person on meth/person drooling on heroin/person absolutely losing it on pcp from aiming a firearm at all and you've got the drug stacking issue solved in one fell swoop; people only stack drugs for the hp, force a script on them that makes them roleplay the disadvantages of getting dosed on a self-canceling cocktail of uppers and downers, pharmaceuticals and impure, street narcotics and make sure you cant /stopeffect it. no need to remove the hp, just dont fistfight addicts. but part of me believes that the amount of addicts will fall drastically if such a script change is implemented.
  11. This is the study conducted. Sure, it's been conducted during 2003, but it's still more valid than basing yourself on assumption. Fact of the matter is, however, that drug dealers aren't willing to roleplay on the bottom. It just isn't interesting flipping a handful of grams. The phone line bit, though? That's true. It exists on social media, it exists through word of mouth. As for the networking bit, however? My last character was made specifically for the purpose of dealing narcotics at the endpoint. I have my own, personal observations from that. The vast majority of potential clients from the legal and civilian sphere, which you should admittedly be attempting to cater to, aren't willing to risk interaction with your character. Dealers on this server are more keen on robbing their clients for an asset grab, rather than taking the proverbial stat L and doing their best to develop their network, even at a loss, for the roleplay benefit of both themselves and the people partaking in their roleplay. Other affiliated illegal characters invariably have no need for drugs unless you catch them at a point where they've ran out and have none in their inventory at the point of meeting them. The demand for drugs is low, everybody has either friends that sell or a considerable amount stashed away. As for how much it pays. Make a new character, grab an ounce of any drug and try to work your way up from there, see how difficult it is without trying to turn your drug dealer into a drug trafficker by scaling up. This is just a garbage take. It works on assumptions and generalizations. "This character is an illegal one, they've had hardships, nobody loves them, they're not going to prison and hate the world." "This character is a civilian, they have had a comfortable life up to now and can't seem to understand what my character is going through." This is the sort of ego that makes people fuck with criminal characters for shits and giggles. Getting riled up that somebody has the utter /gall/ to not prostrate themselves infront of a criminal character they've never met, who is, half the time, not showing any affiliations. What's irrational is assuming that just because you roleplay a criminal, your roleplay is superior in any way to any other sort of roleplay. That's the vibe I'm getting. And that's also one of the reasons garbage escalation exists; an OOC ego and poor portrayal on either side. Not every criminal is a badass. Not every criminal fought for anything, and hardship is only a secondary motivator when greed exists. Roleplaying a cowardly scumfuck is fun. This isn't the savannah, characters aren't prey and predators, cops, robbers and NPCs. Add some nuance and ridicule people on an OOC basis when they try to knock on you for doing so. This, however, is a good take. Acknowledging how categorizing characters and roleplayers is a bad practice is something everybody should do. That's why I advocate making characters in each subset of roleplay instead of recycling the same concept once your gang dies, your character dies or you get put in prison. You can do better than that. Just as there's nonsensical and wacky first generation cat-ear wearing female characters that you hate, there's 16 year old hoodrats rolling around in 200 thousand dollar Buffalos, first generation Balkan criminals that have so much money they do crime out of principle rather than actual need. It exists everywhere; it doesn't exist in your bubble, it doesn't exist in mine, but it draws attention when it's somebody on the other side. Broaden your horizons, it'll serve you well. ( if ur char's motivation for crime is hardship and they reach a point of success, i think that people should have the balls to develop their character past the criminality and towards normalcy. dont think that "gritty roleplay" has any value when u arrive to the trap in a rebla and log off in a playa del vista penthouse condo. that's grandstanding and blowing air up your own ass; the motivation is greed and the person roleplaying it should acknowledge it rather than blow the trumpet on how good their character is )
  12. The truth of the matter is that the majority of the playerbase has the life experience of potted plants. Criminals have jobs, they have bills to pay. Slinging drugs on a corner pays below minimum wage. The underaged subset of those go to school, even if they fluke most of it. Drug addicts feel withdrawals, people have hobbies, favorite dishes, know their neighborhoods. Do you feel that the grand majority of crimegrinder goon characters out having shootouts in the middle of the road have that sort of depth? Not really. On here? Every dealer is moving kilograms to other gangs and street dealing is, in effect, dead. A vast majority of self-proclaimed "illegal" characters don't look for anything resembling normalcy to strengthen their portrayal. Admittedly, OCGs do this better by opening fronts and making their members work in them, but street gangs? No, not really. The (M)s don't go to school even as flavor to their roleplay, nobody eats in, nobody eats out. Characters aren't really characters as much as they're extensions of the organization they belong to; they're just bodies, drones. And no, derailing a thread about escalation just to vent about civilian characters doing shit you don't like doesn't in any way address the fact that garbage roleplay exists in legal, illegal, civilian characters. Some people are assholes, some people are snarky and some people are just plain rude, regardless of the ethnic nameplate hanging above your character's model. Would do well to remember that it isn't just illegal characters that can be nuanced, violent or crass. Besides, the whole legal-civilian-illegal labeling system is just a garbage practice by poor roleplayers that seeks to categorize characters, put them in a box and facilitate the tribal us-versus-them mentality that shuts down most of the public discourse on here. The legal character infront of you might be a player with two illegal alts that finds it all pitiful. And the illegal character might be somebody who's done nothing but civilian roleplay up to now; and this is the sort of mindset that's the calling card of the scene they're dipping their toes into, turning them away immediately.
  13. its almost as if escalation is the single most important issue that needs to get tackled to improve roleplay quality in any tangible sense, almost as if finding a way to set harsh boundaries on escalation would stop the majority of shootouts, deathmatching and pointless conflict that does nothing to tangibly benefit any form of roleplay but the proverbial "winner" when they post condensed cringe, t-up-enter emotes and poor aim as a proverbial floss on a person that just got taken out of a situation that has (very likely) just devolved into garbage at that point its a hobby where you play-pretend to be a model, gangbanger or anything inbetween bro, you shouldnt blow air up your own orifices and grow an ego over a hobby of writing third person actions in a 200~ pixel textbox and pretending you're somebody you're not. getting into shootouts or just doing abhorrent shit could be a character trait, sure, but los santos is already a city of psychopaths and im absolutely certain that without people roleplaying normal characters to act as the foundation propping up that garbage (and become victims of unreasonable escalation most of the time), you'd just remain in limbo starting shootouts with random cop characters over minor traffic offenses (or getting shot over minor traffic offenses), with the poorest of "yeah my char killed someone and he isnt going to prison so he'll just make sure they ship him off straight to old sparky instead by killing every cop within a zipcode"-tier excuses that get accepted by very non-confrontational staff escalation issues stem from trash portrayal, an ooc ego and half the people responsible for them are a walking rpqm case that nobody's reported yet. they're also very much a precedent issue perpetuated by staff members whose decisions can be overruled at any point at the second circuit court of staff reports, so all punishments are lenient, non-confrontational and people that are responsible for all this generally get to keep coming back with a thousand last chances because nobody wants to be that guy getting kicked off the staff roster for digging his heel in and telling the dude with the 40-punishment rap sheet that he isn't ever coming back to the server
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