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  1. Will be going to the current bid in 48h.
  2. Apartment at 1161 Spanish Avenue complex for sale Located in the heart of Hawick, at the corner of Spanish Avenue and Power Street. 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Balcony (( Smart-TP )) Parking spot in communal garage Included: safe, alarm (( Mapped, walk-in entrance to the building )) (( Market price: $90,000 )) (( Stock interior)) Exterior Pictures: Interior Pictures: STARTING BID: $130,000 MINIMUM INCREMENT: $10,000
  3. I'm just gonna join the group of people advocating for free business blips, even if it'`s slightly off-topic. I'm going say, that to this day, the thing that probably irks me the most about this servers is the barriers you need to go past to get anything done. Mainly PM's processes, but also LFM's vetoing and the actual IC processes that exist and don't always add anything in value to the concepts. Now on top of this, you got business blips; if you don't pay real cash? Forget about any kind of business concept that serves to the public -shops, dealerships, clubs, garages, events, financial entities, real estate businesses, pretty much everything-. Now, the public isn't an abstract concept; the public is people who is also playing this server and trying to have fun, yet find themselves out of opportunities to RP unless they're involved with some gov faction, got good connections or are living the gang/criminal life. We're limiting the entertainment that this server provides to its community by gatekeeping who can keep their businesses running by paying an absurd amount of money to the server to get a simple green blip on the map through a monthly subscription. I feel the the server is boycotting itself with this policy. Having actual free blips would not only open up a more varied RP scene for absolutely everyone (business owners, employees, customers), allowing for more creative, niche concepts to prosper, but greatly improve the retention rate of players and maybe get a few more donations out of the fact that people may be enjoying themselves more, since people are more prone to donating if the free service they are using is more enjoyable. Obviously, the amount of money that is received by the server will be lower overall in the short-term, but it will only help the server, improving the experience and helping our playerbase to grow or at least be more consistent. It would also potentially help with the 'cops and robbers' feeling that's been growing amongst many users in the server last few months, enlarging the possibilities of non-gov civilian RP even further. It's not going to be an overnight miracle, but I honestly think it will greatly increase the quality of the server overall. Having your IC business work shouldn't be behind a paywall at all. I understand it's a big reason why a lot people purchase WPs in the first place, and thus it's likely a large portion of the server's income, but there's a limit to people's enjoyment of the server with these limitations in place and we know it's actively hurting the server when at peak time we got just a few blips across a server of over 600-700 people, and 90% of them being nightclubs or casinos, with absolutely zero variety in the supply.
  4. Don't think this is the place to have anyone respond to that. You wanna bring that with FD's faction command, but I don't anticipate much success if you keep referring to them as gooses, specially with a history for common courtesy.
  5. As someone who was part of FLD's Command until not that long ago, with specific purview of the application processes (including Good Cause appeals), I can say FLD has very little say OOCly on to what extend these rules are enforced. Yes, we were all Europeans, but then again FLD did not instate the Good Cause requirement on its own, but we were required to by LFM/SM in order to minimise the supply of weapons into the server, which were getting stolen and giving way to a lot of unrealistic scenarios by CCW carriers. Regulations surrounding Good Cause are specific and most if not all handlers from the CCW section are required to know them to heart (which isn't the case for handlers of other sections), with direct supervision from a few members above who ensure the regulations set in place by LFM/SM are enforced properly. There will be some inconsistency due to the nature of the licensing process, but you have the option to appeal it to other people who is above the licensing officers that can take a second look at your case and re-evaluate if it falls into the provided scenarios. FLD Command does push for certain changes every now and then, but 95% of the time it will be through IC means, recurring to the IC channels for such (senate), and being subject to modifications along the way that come from both the Senate, or the Courts themselves. All the requirements, however, are always done based on an IC perspective of the situation and considering all law that is in place ICly. Just as IRL, the licensing authority has a certain degree of jurisdiction over the whole firearms scene's evolution on its assigned area, and will push for legislation changes to favour their enforcement that may or may not pass the legislature, so this is completely understandable from an IC perspective, as well.
  6. Donations are a needed evil, unfortunately. I feel a lot could be done to unrestrict certain RP from paywalls, though. There's just a lot of things you can't realistically do without donating, like owning businesses that inherently need /bad to work (clubs, dealerships, garages...) to get that icon on the map, or to furnish a property properly (which is also a need for businesses). As a result, the whole business scene is not a dynamic as it could be, and the whole RP surrounding them is rather limited when you can't develop your business due to OOC restrictions, just because you can't pay 15-25€ a month for the sake of a couple perks that are absolutely a need for most businesses. I know these restrictions affecting businesses are the main source of income for the server, but the could be crafted differently by adding certain other new features and leave a basic version for the non-paying, loyal players of the server. Consider for example, business ads: there could be some automation added for platinum or gold, that allows the property manage to not be there, but actually automate part of the ads, but allow /bad for every 30 mins for regular owners. It's already expensive and choresome enough to run a business in-game; reduce character slots down to 2 by default (which, while it restricts certain creativity on the player side, allows for the more in-depth development of the existing slots...). Other cosmetic features should remain behind a paywall, like pets and the like. That's perfectly fine. Maybe players could be involved in the revamp process to see what non-donors would be willing to give away in exchange to unlimit certain features that actually restrict some RP concepts for non-payers.
  7. ... the blood of LS County About Us: Located in the heart of Paleto Bay, Palmas Logistics (est. 2020) prides itself on being one of the leading transport companies of the county of Los Santos. Serving the local businesses and offering fair and human-friendly employment to the local community, Palmas Logistics has been one of the most long-lasting businesses of its type in the area. With over 20 vehicles in its fleet, Palmas Logistics specialises in medium-haul connections between the Port of Los Santos and the industrial areas and commercial businesses around the vast county of Los Santos, serving local businesses with unbeatable pricing and service conditions. Find us at Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay We are HIRING! OPEN POSITIONS: • Field Staff - Driver: OPEN (∞) Conditions: • 90% commission rate per delivery; up to 92% on high-demand scenarios. • Weekly performance bonus per crate delivered for top performers (up to an additional $5 per crate). • Extra commission for deliveries to contracted businesses, under contract conditions. • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Office Staff - Human Resources Assistant: OPEN (4) Conditions: • Starting salary: $28,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement of $2,000 per assignment completed (up to $12,000/week) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Office Staff - Public Relations Assistant: OPEN (2) Conditions: • Starting salary: $28,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement of $1,000 per assignment completed (up to $6,000/week) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Supervisory Staff - Team Manager: OPEN (1) Conditions: • Starting salary: $32,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement per assignment completed (discussed privately) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Management Staff - Head of Contracts: OPEN (1) Conditions: • Starting salary: $36,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement per assignment completed (discussed privately) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. !! APPLY HERE: CLICK TO ACCESS FORM !! For any questions or concerns, you may contact us via [email protected] (( Join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/w3Hh2UWAPA ))
  8. There is a system already in place for people who don't pay their tickets, which goes through a judge and gets your property temporarily seized til they are paid. The system is just a pain in the ass to deal with, considering a request needs to be posted, to be replied to by a judge a month later just so you can go in-game and /report to get an admin to spawn their vehicles to THEN tow the car(s) yourself to the impound lot. It's a long, tedious process that simply isn't effective, tbh. There should be alternative ways to deal with this kind of thing or at least an effort to make the system a lot simpler. This is already a thing. You don't need to stop at a red light until you get a green light. You stop to check for incoming vehicles when there's a red, but you can still go through if no one is coming; on a green light you can just go past (if you're brave enough). "1212.) If, upon approaching a junction containing traffic lights, the traffic light displays a red light, the driver must stop before the white perpendicular line or last perpendicular line of a crosswalk. The driver shall yield the right of way to any and all vehicles before proceeding through the junction. If the traffic light displays a yellow light that is going to a green light, then it is to be treated as a green light. If the traffic light displays a green light, the driver is not required to stop, and may pass through the intersection without stopping. Shall be charged with the applicable Title IV charge."
  9. Sold to highest bidder. Can be archived.
  10. Bidding concluding in 12 hours. Going to the highest bidder if no other bids are put in.
  12. My last offer still stands. Ph. 6765303
  13. Yes, please. Finding a property/business can be quite a chore without a GPS, but it won't take anything else than the exact address, even the floor and room. Also having to go onto the online map just to search a random, weird street name to then have to tag IG and find it on the map is pretty unrealistic considering the day and age we live in.
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