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  1. If that's a nice paintjob, I want whatever drugs you're on.
  2. Same as the previous persons. Although i'm now unavailable until tomorrow, if it's not sold by then. I'll buy it for 165,000.
  3. If this hasn't been bought, i'll buy it right now.
  4. will pay 110,000 right now for it.
  5. Competition currently going for 230,000. Either buyout at 230k or go bust, they'll just buy the other guys S2 which has the same performance stats and so forth.
  6. it's almost like everything takes hours of work, nothing is an exception and nothing is done free, let's not blow it out of proportion, im no mapper, but i'll presume that modifying and removing a few trees from a map shouldnt take too long
  7. if you're experiencing frame drops with a 3090 then you either: a. built your rig to run on dirty water or b. have some underlying junk that's tanking your machines resources. i don't know your situation, but i've nowhere near that gpu, ran the mod just fine, noticing maybe 4-5fps drops at most which, in a game about roleplay, doesnt bother me whatsoever
  8. liking the idea of moving all interior objects at once, would resolve the issue tremendously those who are experiencing fps drops need a better rig, harsh life
  9. this is honestly so fucking amazing, it gives me max payne vis. novel comic vibes
  10. I'll give you like, two-thirty for it.
  11. How much you asking for it?
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