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Found 4 results

  1. Euro Corporation was established in 2017 and for a few years, we have been proudly serving Los Santos city. We also provide services in other San Andreas counties such as Grapeseed and Paleto Bay. Years of professional work have made us a reputable and trusted company. While we mainly specialize in construction, we also provide exquisite services in Architecture, Interior Design, and Furniture customization and more. Our professionalism and attention to detail speak for themselves. We help our customers deliver projects of purpose that create a lasting positive legacy. These are projects that create jobs and grow economies; improve the resiliency of the world's infrastructure; connect communities to resources and opportunities. While expertise enables delivery, partnerships ensure long-term success, which is why we align everything we do to our customers’ goals. Since 2017, we have helped customers complete more than 100 projects around Los Santos. Core Purpose Make a Difference in the Lives of Our People, Customers, and Community Core Values Teamwork We recognize that our primary asset is people. To be successful, The Corporation must be a rewarding place to work. Our goal is that we have a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment where people feel physically and emotionally safe. We want every person at Euro Corp. and every person who steps onto our site to truly believe that they are contributing to, and have a sense of belonging to, something extraordinary. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success. Integrity We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.” Euro Corp is a business based on trust. Euro Corp is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity. Because of this reputation the company has the privilege of leading some of the highest profile, often one-of-a-kind, projects in the world. Commitment We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We understand that lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business so we pay personal attention to our clients by focusing on them as individuals. Our founder, Lucien Berjouhie, referred to our clients, appropriately, as our “respected friends." Diverse and Inclusive Euro Corp fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all employees contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and have the opportunity to grow. Our diverse and inclusive workforce positions the company to grow, enhances our presence in diverse markets, and helps us build enduring relationships with each other, industry partners, and our clients. We do our best work in teams made up of individuals with different backgrounds, skills and passions so we cultivate diversity in our offices and on our sites. We strive to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences. Inclusion is leveraging these differences to build a foundation for personal and professional growth. A culture of inclusion encourages and seeks new ideas and experiences, values and engages everyone. Innovative Euro Corp recognizes the importance of innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The process of building a company and a workforce for the future requires tremendous adaptability and vision. A key element of our company vision is to develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes. As part of our effort to achieve this vision, Euro Corp fosters a culture where employees share their ideas and engagement with one another to develop innovative ideas as well as evaluate and implement improvements at Euro Corp. Sustainable Euro Corp understands the environmental, social, and economic impact of our activities and that it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner that supports our goals for client service, community involvement, environmental performance, financial strength and employee health, safety and wellbeing. Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share our commitments. Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment Be an Active Community Partner Maintain High Ethical Standards Drive Continuous Improvement These principles serve as the foundation of our actions. Recognizing that sustainable best practices have changed and will continue to evolve, Euro Corp will lead by example and serve as ambassadors for environmental, social and economic sustainability. We will utilize our technical expertise to create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for our people, clients and the environment. Our Services Construction Management ECG Construction Management is built to modernize, expand and deliver the most iconic and complex structures ever conceived. Construction Management partners with visionary owners and developers to deliver iconic projects across Los Santos. From urban centers to remote locations, we are one of the largest builders in Los Santos, with a heritage and track record that spans a few years. we’ve best positioned ourselves to serve a diverse range of clients through several strategic acquisitions. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it. Architecture and Design From creating new buildings and communities to enhancing public space to engineering energy, transportation, and utility systems, our vision is to make the world a better place. Euro Construction Buildings + Places practice includes architecture, building engineering, interiors, workplace master planning, urban Design economics, and portfolio advisory experts. Our team designs and delivers some of Los Santos's most complex and exciting projects from famous businesses all over the city. We integrate sustainable solutions into everything and approach every project with a high-performance design strategy. Contact Us Chief Executive Officer - Lucien Berjouhie PH: 77779 Email: [email protected] Chief Operations Officer - Phyre Solakian PH: Email: [email protected] (( Our New official discord - https://discord.gg/BSumfB3c6m )) Los Santos 552 Rockford Hills, Portola Dr.
  2. Detailed Description *THUMP* You've got mail! That's right, you've got mail. Mail is still very relevant in 2022, especially in places where people still want to receive their journals or parcels - Which, is a lot of places. Here's the core idea of how it would work, with a small situational example: - Player A receives an order from Player B. - Player A sets the desired item in a cardboard box (Or not!) and goes to Player A's address. - Player A puts the item into Player B's mailbox/door slot. - Player B can now pick up what ever they've ordered from their own door slot/mailbox. How I imagine it would work is a little like this: Doors would effectively have lockable containers attached to them by default. The storage value should be up to you devs, but it shouldn't be much at all to prevent, say, 12 AR-15s/Gas cans to be slipped in the mailboxes/door slots. - Players will not be able to pick up their mail/parcels from door slots/mailboxes unless they are the owner of said door or able to unlock it. Otherwise, they will have to put in a /breakin request. (So no one just runs up to doors and spams /tmail) - Players can put things in the mailboxes, but not retrieve it if it is already locked. Relevant Commands/Items /lmail (Lock/Unlock mailbox) /pmail (Put mail) /tmail (Take mail) /minv (Mailbox inventory) How will it benefit the server? There are a lot of uses for this and more that I'm not going to mention, here are a few of my examples: - Physical business advertisements. Yep, that's right. This is a great work around for those businesses who lack blips, which also functions to bring a greater incentive to make it happen through IC means. Businesses can print out advertisement notes and have them delivered by their own employees to the desired addresses. This also works great for businesses that want to include small samples to bring in more customers. - Actual business deliveries. - This is actually a great option to have for businesses. It will create new positions within companies. A few companies already do have a delivery system, however this is different, as people don't necessarily have to be at the drop off point, or even online to receive what ever they may have ordered! So if you've ordered something, chances are you can log off and log back in later to see your desired item in your mailbox. - A logical reason for someone to create a postal service and for news channels to work in conjunction with them! News could also print out their own journals and have them distributed by services/businesses working with them. - Illegal activity. I know this function is very likely be used for illegal activities - And, the best thing is, it makes sense and is good to have. Ever heard of drug deliveries? Yep! Same principle. It's a form of business after all, and those who are inclined to do so, may have their own drugs delivered to customers' doorsteps with dedicated people to do so. Of course, this means more positions at the bottom of the scheme. And since money is an actual item, it can be dropped, which means the customer may sms the delivery guy about the whereabouts of the cash. "Hey. Behind the dumpster in the alley. Can't miss it." Overall, it just encourages general creativity. The rest is up to you to imagine, but honestly, this is an idea that I have a lot of faith into because of the possibilities. Thanks for reading.
  3. This discussion thread aims at putting forward the community's ideas for businesses. Here are some optional questions to help set the tone: 1) - What sort of business do you find yourself wanting more of on GTA World? 2) - What types of businesses aside from clubs and bars would make the city feel less empty in your opinion? 3) - Are you pleased with the current state of the GTA World business scene? 4) - Do we need more server-owned businesses with some ''RPG'' elements to them? Or are player-owned businesses strictly the best option, or would a mix of both be better? 5) - Should businesses/companies move towards the county? Do you believe this would increase county RP's popularity? Whether or not you answer those questions, feel free to leave your business ideas below so that people might be more encouraged and share your thoughts!
  4. Detailed Description Before we start I really want to put up a disclaimer: I fully understand that donator features are there to keep the server paid for and running, and I do not wish to change that. Donator perks are necessary but I believe they are often best kept for cosmetic perks mostly, removing a functional paid feature such as this one doesn't mean that you can't bring a paid cosmetic feature in exchange, cats and dogs, custom numbers and plates are a good example of a cosmetic perk which isn't necessary for RP. I implore you to read through my points before jumping to conclusions about this suggestion. Business blips and /bad are one of the most important assets of the server, they allow people to create RP hotspots and bring their own ideas to life, yet they are hidden behind a donator perk. The reason this is a bad thing, is that it's effectively limiting the amount of visible businesses on the map to that of active donators owning said businesses. Those donators will most likely want to own bars, clubs, casinos because these businesses are the most profitable. I don't blame them for wanting to make profit, but I believe this is at fault for the lack of variety in the business scene there currently is on the server, especially during early hours where the player count is 200-300 where there could still be a reasonable amount of RP going on. We do have different businesses such as art galleries, a few odd clothing and accessories/perfume stores here and there, yet these are not as common and popular as they should be and them standing less out means they're struggling as it is, now imagine not having access to a blip and being practically invisible to people. We need bars, we need clubs, and we need casinos, but these are not the only businesses that are needed to create RP, even during the evening/night. I've heard countless business ideas that were great, but ultimately were not put into practice because it turned out not to be profitable for the player who has to invest OOC money into it, which is a shame because this effectively decreases creativity with businesses in favor of the most profitable options. Again, wanting profit is understandable, but it should not get to the point where people are constrained to a specific type of RP because other options are not available/visible. The point here is ultimately to bring choice to players. People should be able to choose where they want to RP without having to rely solely on a handful of people that are sticking to the same business formulas solely because of profit. - Think of it this way, currently, during peak hours, let's say you have maybe 4-5 clubs/bars open through the whole map, and 3 or so businesses related to something else. What if you could double or triple that number, except with a wider variety of businesses which would allow the playerbase to spread out more on the map? Relevant Commands/Items N/A. How will it benefit the server? - You would see a surge in a wide range of both day time and night time related businesses. - You would encourage more people to be creative with the businesses they want to make, instead of bringing a focus on profit alone, they could afford thinking out of the box more, instead of having to stick to a business formula that almost guarantees their success. - By allowing people to get more creative with their businesses, you would spread out people more on the map which could in turn make Paleto bay, Grapeseed, Sandy Shores more relevant in the RP scene because it would no longer be constrained to profitable business options only. This won't make the server a barren wasteland, in fact I could argue that it will make it a little more lively, as people will be inclined to move from A to B, to C to even D, instead of strictly from A to B when going places, because there would be more choice available to them. Here's an example of an A to B: "Hey, you want to have a drink? There's like 4 bars open right now, let's go to the closest one." "Yep. Let's go." Here's an A to B to C to D example: "Hey dude, the bowling alley is open in Sandy, you want go to there? We could go to that new escape room in Vinewood after if you feel up for it, maybe grab a drink after that?" "Hell yeah man, I'll head home real fast let's meet at [opened fast-food joint] when I'm done preparing. Kinda wish the arcade was still a thing though." - Clubs and bars will still be just as present and popular, but they won't be one of the only main choices that people have. If people want to go to bars and clubs for RP, having a few more other businesses on the map will not change their willingness to go to these clubs and bars if that is where they want to go. All in all, I don't really see any real downsides brought to the RP scene with this, it would allow for more accessibility and a wider range of choice for people to both create and participate in all kinds of RP. At the very least, if you don't want the entirety of these functions to be free, make them limited to users, for example only a limited amount of /bad per day, or something that still allows them to be visible at the very least. Thank you for reading.
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