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  1. I'll disagree with this one honestly. Not only does it make sense to pick up after yourself, I'd honestly prefer seeing someone picking up their casings and leaving a scene promptly after killing me than seeing like 4 people rush to my corpse to fight over whatever loot I have left on me whilst disregarding whatever evidence they leave behind. If the cops are gonna be on your ass, you don't want to get your hands on the victim itself, let alone their own personal belongings, illegal or not. Because that's going to carry their DNA. I really, really doubt people are going to RP getting rid of the victim's DNA on whatever belonging they looted. There's no such system in place, so it's easier to kill and grab and stock up because no DNA exists on those items that could link you with the crime.
  2. "My name is Joe Doe, I'm 22 and I have a condo in Vinewood hills, a casino and a club as well as a beach house in Paleto, you know, for vacations. You know, I live a pretty lavish life, yeah you can say that. Well, see, I live in Los Santos - That's pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain to you how I made it to the very top. Before I became Joe Doe, I was named Jane Doe. I can't count the number of advertisements I put out there as an escort. I danced, I.. Well, the rest is a little obvious. Then, once I had about 600k, which is, honestly nothing, I walked into a body shop and, through means that you wouldn't understand, I changed my name - There's no real official way to do so in Los Santos itself, so I had to resort to that instead. Life was really not easy. So, as my now current self, Joe Doe, with an accumulated 600k in hand and a small loan of 450k, I bought my first car. It was back in the day, really, so the Jester was a big thing. - Anyways, I flipped that really fast and figured - But wait, what if I bought cars from people and flipped them some more? So I did. My loan was repaid in the matter of a few days with some more benefits, and I aspired to continue flipping until I reached a million dollars. I worked hard. *chuckles* Do you know how little money that is? I felt broke and miserable. Now, at this point most people would buy a Marquis, or a helicopter of any kind. I'm not like that, it's a bit of a poor people mindset to blow your money on things that don't benefit you financially, can't do that, as a business man such as myself I had to keep a certain image, you see? Leisure came after money. So I bought businesses. Now, I won't tell you how, but I somehow got in contact with a few criminal organizations, to allow them to run things in my businesses, but I did. I received a cut. It wasn't enough though, about 50k an hour. Do I look like charity? No. So I got a few guys, you know. I got serious guys. I set them real well, AR15s, .50 pistols, you name it. They pulled off a few heists for me. Meh, there's this apparent limit in LS as to how much cash businesses could have at once. Not profitable. So now these guys were reduced to running a few gigs here and there and for my personal protection, not much else. I'm not going to tell you exactly how much I have right now, obviously, some of that I don't even know myself, I'd lie if I told you - as we speak right now? I'm probably making 350k, in the span of an hour or so. Time is money, you know?"
  3. The problem with ignoring the aftermath of every robberies like most do (Including me in some cases, honestly) is that it'd force you to react as if you're being robbed for the first time - Every time. It's not preferable, IMO. What I do instead, is, if I deem a robbery to be RP'd pretty well with /me's and, you know, things that are supposed to happen on a heavy RP server like ours, I include it as something my character has experienced because effort has been put into it. When robberies are half-assed, they get my items, shoot me or let me live, whatever, and I move on. This effectively means that, my character now has experienced getting robbed, so that my char can at the very least stay calm and make rational decisions next time. Yes, one of my character now has a metal replacement for his knee and GSW scars including a few knife scars, but it adds upon his story whilst not being an obstacle in RP. I really have to agree with this one. As I always say, the way people RP is a product of the rules. What the fear RP rules effectively allow is an immediate and almost guaranteed gain if you know what you're doing to a minimum. If you get caught by the cops, you're not doing it right because it's excruciatingly easy to isolate someone, if you don't feel it's safe for you to rob someone because it's too public but do it anyways, then you're making a bad decision and that's all there is to it. Now all you need to do is repeat that process in the exact same way, and people become your own personal wallet. But allowing victims to react however they want reasonably is a whole other story, it allows different outcomes to the same situations, which makes things interesting. Imagine that person packs heat, if you turn your head to your buddy and they're not paying attention either, that victim should be able to retaliate if they see the opportunity and escape. Now, unless that victim is a psychopathic maniac, they're most likely not going to turn the tables and rob you in turn, that honestly should not be allowed unless they're actively in a gang or something. A victim's ONLY reason for retaliation is to get away from the situation, not to gain from it. And that's something I think should be punished. If your RP is good and you take your time, you most likely WILL get any item you want on me and I won't be bothered about it. If you're all nervous, typing in /b complaining about stalling that isn't happening? You'll get what you want eventually sure, but you should probably not have begun that robbery in the first place, that risk is on you, and oh boy I'll take as much time as I usually do to type and won't speed up the pace for you, report away. No one is supposed to make it faster and easier if your own bad decisions (location of robbery, person, context) makes you nervous OOC'ly.
  4. Unpopular opinion: Fear RP needs to be revisited. It's probably not going to be a suggestion because it's most likely not going to change as it facilitates gameplay before all. Nonetheless, point blank, face-to-face robbery victims should be able to choose to defend themselves. A gun is a gun, there's no changing the amount of damage it's going to do to you if you're shot. Having the barrel of a live firearm pointed at you is scary (understatement) and there's no denying that. No matter how big or tough one may seem to be, they're going to need to change their underwear after an encounter like that. But fight or flight is real. It affects everyone of any build, age, or experience to varying degrees. It can cause a person to also freeze in place because of the initial shock once the brain has processed the threat - Anyways, unless that person physically doesn't have receptors for these, they're going to react in three of those ways. Freeze, fight, flight. (You can also faint, but we don't want people to start doing /ragdoll every time they see someone getting slapped). So yeah, before I start writing a bible, I'll cut to the chase and say that I think people should be able to react how they want to react to such threats. At the end of the day, It's their conscious choice as players, and subconscious choice as characters. A gun is terrifying to be on the receiving end of, but it shouldn't be an excuse to allow borderline powergame (Which is quite literally forcing your actions upon another player and forcing one specific outcome that benefits you). - People should be allowed to rob as many people as they want, it's their choice and I don't complain about robberies at all, it's fun RP if done right, but robberies don't always succeed, and victims should also be able to defend themselves or flee if they do so reasonably and don't powergame. Especially in Los Santos. It's not Care Bear town, man. It'd allow characters to develop and adapt to their own environment better instead of keeping this forceful linearity in that sort of RP. Someone who's been in the same situation enough times is never going to have the same reaction.
  5. I appreciate it a ton! If you feel like seeing a more in-depth look at what I mean here's a post I did about the same subject, if you feel like forwarding that:
  6. I just want to throw this out there even though it's cooled down, The one time I want to see this thread locked will be when it'll be no longer active, not because someone couldn't keep it civil. This thread 100% deserves to stay active and not get locked, it's important. It's a thread that allows people to voice their opinions and concerns and that should never be shut down. Let's collectively do an effort and make everyone a favor and let's not kill this amazing gem of a thread.
  7. Thanks for answering and clearing a few things up - However I can't help but think that this should be clarified in the rules, people should know how they are supposed to engage with each other and not having to resort to figuring out themselves, because having to resort to figuring it out yourself is a telltale sign that something is not being clarified correctly, and so everyone is adapting by choosing what works best for them and testing the waters of what they can get away with, if it's not clear-cut. If /me's are merely courtesy and not exactly mandatory to engage with other players in such a way (fist fights), I can't help but wonder about the confusion that it brings to other RP scenarios, such as gunfights. Realistically, in game, people rarely mutually agree on how they're going to approach fighting/combat. It usually start off with a single /me from one party followed by script usage, or no /me's at all and it's usually a mess of in-game and forum reports complaining about RP standards and poor escalation from the losing party. I know the rules state that small firearms such as pistols and smaller SMGs can be scrolled, but in that case, does courtesy apply when it comes to /me's and firearms? This means, if player A wants to engage in a firefight with player B and engages player B with a /me, is player B authorized to just scroll their small firearm and gun down player A with no /me's whatsoever? Here's a little example of what I'd consider an okay interaction between two players on a server focusing on RP primarily, while making use of scrolling: - Player A /me's: ** Aims his 9mm pistol at player B. - Player B /me's: ** Notices the firearm being drawn and jumps back as he pulls out his own gun. Let's face it, no one wants to drag a simple gunfight on into paragraphs of written RP, both parties are allowed to therefore shoot each other until either one is downed. This would be fine if it were the norm. Yet it always seems like /me's are viewed as a loss in certain situations, because, it's all about fast reaction time using scripts and not roleplay. Roleplay hinders the usage of script, using scripts means less time spent in doing a /me'd action and a better chance of winning a fight/combat. This would make sense on a light-RP server where RP matters a little less. So I struggle to see where GTA W leans towards. Is it truly heavy-RP in all aspects, or are the fighting/combat mechanics leaning towards Light-RP a little more? I really think that in any server and scenario claiming to be using heavy-RP, both parties should at the very least allow each other to react to /me's accordingly with their own before proceeding with an action, whether it's a scripted action or a continuation of /me's. Otherwise if you do not allow for that to happen, you guessed it, it counts as forcing your actions upon another player if you do not let the opposing party react to your action, which is powergaming. Powergaming which the server supposedly condemns. To me, this is not so much a problem with players lacking a proper standard for RP, the playerbase are just people who are working with the rules they're being presented with and adapting to what they experience as a result. There's no real "poor RP standard" or "poor escalation" regarding fights/combat if there's no real standard imposed in that regard in the first place.
  8. Any PZ players here? Any stories you want to share? If you don't know what Project Zomboid is, check out some Youtube videos, it's legit one of the best survival games out there and it'll keep getting better. https://store.steampowered.com/app/108600/Project_Zomboid/ Wait until summer sales though.
  9. I feel like the OG post is missing something. Realistically speaking, Los Santos is probably one of the worst places one could ever decide to move to. People are reacting to their environment. When you see someone's life end horribly, followed by the same people fighting over whatever belonging that corpse once had to its name, I doubt you'd ask yourself why people are acting so tough. Or when you see perfectly regular people turn into sociopathic maniacs whenever money is involved, that's when you know something isn't right. This isn't me shitting on any kind of RP, or any player, or saying that it's the case everywhere for every player, it's an example of a few observations. You're roleplaying in what we call a dystopia, gamer.
  10. While it doesn't invalidate your opinion I feel like that's a counter intuitive answer. That'd imply the server shouldn't even try because you think it wouldn't be used constantly. I don't think effort is a waste, any effort has potential to become something. There's a lot of things that aren't being used on a daily basis on the server, vehicles, systems, commands, yet they're still present on the server, and they're useful, and that's what it's all about, it's not about having something that people should be forced to use because it's there, it's about bringing a choice for people to use what you're putting on the table for their RP. Sure. it'll get used a lot within the first few days and then die out to become less of a common occurrence, but I don't think this would be an excuse to scrap the concept as a whole - isn't that the case for everything that's new anyways? Look at the recently added projects in Davis, it was a huge thing, then it died out and now it's less relevant. But it doesn't mean it's completely useless and should be removed. I think more options for public transportation is great, if it's not used often, well so be it, at least it's there.
  11. Thanks a lot! I'll definitely fill it out whenever I can. You've described it really well, I don't think escapism and realism should be neglected as well. I just think that there are things with the lore and our own environment in this world that we could take advantage of to build upon the world building even more. I see Los Santos as sort of a dystopian setting if you will. It's a broad statement, but basically the way I see Los Santos is a population of people with a distorted sense of security, if you look at it from a certain perspective, an outsider might be terrified of LS, while the people who have been in LS for a long time would see those same terrifying things as normal, daily occurrences that are just part of life for them. This alone could imply that for example, that funeral companies would be much more prevalent than they are, or that simply some companies would take the opportunity to capitalize on LS's way of life, like weapon manufacturers promoting their own guns by encouraging fear mongering about the crime rate for people to buy their guns, if you get what I mean, essentially encouraging people. Pharmaceutical companies promoting their own painkillers brands because they see that people get injured a little too often, stuff like that. And that's the point, it's a little exaggerated, but it's not entirely far fetched of a concept to exist in the lore of such a world like GTA W.
  12. That's what I think as well. If I had to answer my own question I'd say that the server should be more open to ideas that aren't completely true to real life, nothing like some alien invasion or a full on war, this would be way too out of line and wouldn't exactly fit the theme. But something like, say a shady research company that puts a little too much focus on making more profit and too little effort on their employee's safety standards without immediately being closed down because of "Realism". Something that's still somewhat believable, yet would be hard to see in real-life. (Depending on the country of course, but this is supposedly America). Something that brings more RP to as a whole, things that could be talked about on the news, things that people could speculate about, things that could be eventually but not immediately investigated by law enforcement, leading to some sort of scandal or something. Or hell, maybe it turns out that the government knew, but turned a blind eye and don't investigate because there was some sort of advantage to not doing so? Things like that are very interesting IMO.
  13. Now, before I get comments like: "Well actually, cat ears" or "Seeing gangbangers do X isn't realistic!", I want to address that this is not what this discussion thread aims for primarily. Sure, these things contribute to realism or lack thereof depending on who you ask, but this is entirely dependent on individual players. Players aside, where do we draw the line between what's realistic as a concept and what isn't, in a world like GTA: W? To give a little more context, GTA V is full of satirical commercials on the radio, presents concepts that are pretty far fetched and we have over-exaggerated companies like Life invader, Merryweather security, Gruppe Sechs, and hell, even vehicle companies experimenting with their own vehicles. They're exaggerated concepts, but are they unrealistic to the point where you no longer feel like they're supposed to be part of that world? Surely not, we as players are capable of immersing ourselves in such a world, even with all of these aforementioned factors that are not true to real life. - Because they somewhat make sense in that world, don't they? But should it be any different for GTA World? GTA World is obviously distancing itself from GTA V in terms of realism, it's become two separate things, but to what extent? You could argue that GTA World is already within the realm of fiction, but, should we limit ourselves to already existing real-life concepts and ideas or, should we allow people to come up with more "far-fetched" ideas with their companies, businesses and otherwise, for roleplay purposes? I feel like there are a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to not only RP, but world building as a whole, companies and businesses alike, concepts that are not solely and strictly dependent on whether or not it exists in real life. What do you think? Should GTA World remain "grounded" to real-life as much as it possibly can, or should it go with the flow of things and allow more fictional (but not completely immersion breaking) ideas?
  14. As a protest to this swear filter bot, I am tempted to copy and paste the original Navy Seals copypasta. I will not paste the original, because it will most likely result in a ban/mute. Therefore I will make it a little easier on innocent eyes and censor each and every offensive word that may be on it. What the @#$%&! did you just @#$%&! say about me, you little @#$%&!? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret @#$%&! on @#$%&!, and I have over 300 confirmed @#$%&!. I am trained in @#$%&! and I’m the top @#$%&! in the entire US @#$%&! forces. You are nothing to me but just another @#$%&!. I will wipe you the @#$%&! out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my @#$%&! words. You think you can get away with saying that @#$%&! to me over the Internet? Think again, @#$%&!. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, @#$%&!. The storm that wipes out the @#$%&! little thing you call your life. You’re @#$%&! @#$%&!, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can @#$%&! you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in [email protected]#$%&! @#$%&!, but I have access to the entire @#$%&! of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your @#$%&! @#$%&! off the face of the continent, you little @#$%&!. If only you could have known what @#$%&! retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your @#$%&! tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you @#$%&! @#$%&!. I will @#$%&! fury all over you and you will @#$%&! in it. You’re @#$%&! @#$%&!, kiddo.
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