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  1. username: DSenior comment: JAA is the best organization ever, and shogun is an even better restaurant. I guess number 12!
  2. The only time I've experienced any kind of gambling role-play was when I would hold friendly poker games with friends of my character. We'd all enter with a relatively low amount of money with small blinds being established, to put an actual focus on the role-play surrounding the game, as well as allow for small-talk to be held. At casinos around the server, the poker table is typically just 10 guys/girls sitting around a table silently, with the occasional /b message of "table bugged?" "hurry, its ur turn" and things of the like.
  3. I definitely agree with using FaceBrowser more often. As someone who has taken a variety of journalism classes throughout university I noticed that social media is certainly the #1 way to engage an audience. A lot of journalists are on the streets regularly and report live news through their Twitter feed for example, so it would be interesting to see some LSNN journalists reporting live news coverage through FaceBrowser. I also agree with the use of real VoiceOver reporting on a radio station. If requiring someone to record audio logs is an issue I'd be more than happy to oblige on an OOC leve
  4. The Japanese Initial D main-character attitude used by these players is incredibly harmful to those who actually put time and effort into making a Japanese community. We often get lumped in with this crowd.
  5. good stuff, Geo. Glad to see another enthusiast in the community
  6. Can you provide your contact information?
  7. Starting Bid: $180,000 Buyout: $315,000 Minimum Bidstep: $5,000 ((OOC INFO)) ((The cost of the interior was $100,000, hence the asking price))
  8. Any time period without mass cell-phone usage would be interesting to see how it would play out
  9. Username: DaichiFrmJAA Comment: Glad to see an article about the community. Feel free to visit the JAA website to learn more about us
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