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  1. Is it possible to just install the map and minimap without the rest of the pack?
  2. Props to you guys, great RPers all around.
  3. yeah i just have the stupid i figured it out
  4. Im assuming the sound and map mod will still work with the update? I dragged and dropped into the GTAV directory but it didnt change anything. edit: ignore me i have the stupid
  5. one time at work someone looked over my phone and she asked what discord was and what the "detective bureau" was.
  6. lucious leclerc vs naughty nyka
  7. I would also like to know the rules regarding this. I have run people over at considerable speeds, and I have watched admins do it aswell. I am not sure what the rule is and would like to be informed.
  8. I know for gun models its located in a few different places. Could it be that mpbiker_male is located somewhere else and is taking priority over where you are trying to install?
  9. Where are you replacing the model at?
  10. i think instead of reducing response times, we should lower the crime rate in those areas so the police dont need to arrive as much.
  11. Would like to know that aswell. Used to be RP'ed as a millitary base that they rented out to the PD for academy purposes.
  12. Zach..

    Corrupt LSPD

    You never see corrupt offices because they're not allowed to do much. If you want to go above roughing up a suspect or having some weed, you need to have corruption perms from the Chief of Police, and LFM I believe. In my two years I have never seen anyone with corruption perms.
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