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  1. ** Darnell walker fell for this phishing scam. **
  2. I will disagree, but I appreciate you discussing with me and giving me your side.
  3. Do you not think removing ~160 million peoples bodily autonomy is not "large scale"?
  4. @ShanksCan you please explain why abortion is allowed to be discussed while the Russian Terrorism and Covid Pandemic is not?
  5. If this is the case then why do we ban any subjects?
  6. Why is the topic of Roe V Wade allowed to be discussed ICly, but then not allowed to be discussed OOCly? I dont understand the logic here.
  7. @imi has been keeping it down lately. its nice to see. He's incredibly helpful and active.
  8. Another suggestion would be some sort of categorization of the reports submitted. When you submit you a report you need to specify what its about. "Script help" "Utility" "RP Report" etc. This would help get the real easy reports like "I need my car flipped" sorted and handled more quickly, in my opinion. Then the RP reports can be handled in order of submission.
  9. This is a decent suggestion. In PD at least, there's maybe 1-2 search warrant a week. Why not let these happen on their own, then FM can review it after/periodically check on them or even have PD submit a copy of their logs after? This would speed things up immensely.
  10. I do appreciate y'all coming in here to shed some light on subjects that you can, people appreciate that. There's some good suggestions in the thread that I hope will at least be considered and/or implemented.
  11. I think this is also a viable option, a queue system of sorts. This relies on admins handling reports in order, which I don't know if they do or don't.
  12. I think one of the main issues is that there's quite a few admins that contribute often and help out. You can see the same admins always helping in the reports section, or responding to reports in game. Then there's admins that barely contribute, and just sit in the staff team for the "perks". This leads to the other staff members being demotivated and then the cycle continues. I dont know how the staff team works, and I wont pretend to, but if there's admins that are just putting in the bare minimum or no effort at all, why are they still there? I completely get it's a volunteer position and that staff still like to play the game. I think that if everyone pitched in equally, it would allow for everyone to play the game while balancing the workload.
  13. I totally get that and I totally get if there's not admins on. My main gripe is sitting there with 15+ or 20+ admins off duty and a group of players is stuck sitting there with nothing to do.
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