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  1. Gucci

    Armenian Power

    The effort poured into this thread is beautiful
  2. 武士はくわねど高楊枝 "Even if a samurai hasn't eaten, he holds his toothpick high."
  3. Bid for $125,000 noted. Bidding will end in 24 hours if no further offers are placed.
  4. Offer for $78,000 received. Bids will remain open for 48 hours.
  5. Beautiful modern, spacious one bedroom apartment for sale in the heart of Little Seoul. This apartment boasts a gorgeous oriental style with undertones of modern luxury, featuring all new appliances, recently installed marble counters and flooring, and a spacious office transformed into a traditional Asian dining room. Only steps away from all of the amenities and homely ma and pop shops Little Seoul and it's neighboring Little Tokyo have to offer, this apartment is also less than a three minute drive away from landmarks such as Vespucci beach, the Del Perro Marina, and much more. Starting bid: $150,000 BUY IT TODAY: $300,000 Disclaimer: If more than one offer is placed for $300,000 higher offers will be considered. Gallery ((OOC:))
  6. Happy Birthday, folks. 🍾 👺
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