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  1. Full Name: Hiroshi Yoshiba Phone Number: 812-7438 Preferred way of Payment: Bank Transfer. ((screenshot if bank transfer)): https://imgur.com/a/vRCrqL0 Horse Name: Ol' Skag Bet: $10,000
  2. oops. I dont understand this fucking forum for shit. @mencurry Sorry I couldn't call in!^
  3. Chapter 10 "Loose ends." [Adrenaline pumping through his veins, Hiroshi finishes leading LSPD and it's counterparts on a chase throughout the city.] [It wasn't long before he was greeted by a (not-so)friendly face exactly where they knew they'd find him.] [Some time passes. Hiroshi has one thing in mind: Getting rid of loose ends.]
  4. [Later the same night.] [Kenji finds himself a passenger with the victim, gun aimed to her head as she drove and Hiroshi followed.] [Time none. Location nowhere.] [Spoiler. He wasn't smart enough.] [Moments passed.] [More than five minutes had passed. Not a soul was to be seen.] [Two distinct shots vibrated through the narrow valley's, and echoed through the mountains. The cop's were one step ahead, responding with AIR and swat units for the missing person.] [Unfortunately for them, Hiroshi know's how to steer well. He drives. That's what he does.]
  5. Figured it out kinda! I've developed a format, gonna post a strip of SS's that are separated by "Chapters".
  6. Taking the next few days to catch up on screenshots and shit. Gonna try and repair this thread as I'm just now starting to understand it and get used to it, little by little.
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