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  1. The homies held it down whilst they could x 💪
  2. Mathias Nilsson and a bunch of Japanese names - Crate Island raids or bust 😤
  3. Sold to the handsome man @Calamity, can be L&A.
  4. Updated photo gallery of the property: https://imgur.com/a/Fa50UIk
  5. It has been an incredible year and four months since I started roleplaying in this faction. I do not see myself sinking as much time (2k hours) into this server had this faction not been around. Yes, there were highs and lows but I think all of that contributed to the experience of the journey in a positive manner. With that said, I want to thank everybody who had some part in this adventure no matter how it may have ended up between us. I want to start off by thanking @Crocker and @.Georgefor founding this faction and providing this unique roleplaying experience. I never thought I would have seen a Korean based faction become so popular as through my years of RP it was mainly just Japanese/Chinese factions that received attention. I applaud you two for creating something unique and am especially thankful that I was able to take part in this experience. I want to thank @JackMiller07 @Jax @Powley for continuing the roleplay of this faction and seeing it reach new heights. I am confident that K-Town will remain successful and provide roleplay opportunities as we have always done. In addition, I want to give a shoutout to the current members of K-Town Kkangpae such as @hipsxn @CJSync @Robyn @chester for being so active and really helping maintain this success we’ve been seeing. Despite not having much interaction with these folks, I can say for sure that the 213 Seoul Tigers are a mature bunch and know how to roleplay well. I'm looking forward to watching how you all develop. Last but not least, I want to give a shoutout to our friends from Tokyo Strip who have joined us on this journey months back; I can confidently say you guys will continue to set new standards for Japanese American Roleplay and wish you the best with your upcoming milestone. Fighting!
  6. Here is a photo gallery of the property. https://imgur.com/a/M42R6lO
  7. Starting Bid: $50,000 Buyout: $105,000 Minimum Increments: $5,000 Contact: [email protected] ((PM)) OOC Information:
  8. Interior Design: ((OOC Information)) contact: [email protected] ((PM)) STARTING: $150,000 BUYOUT: $388,000
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