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  1. Man I can't wait to create more permanent damage to certain IC structures knowing that at best I will get a PK. /s
  2. Yes but uhm... wouldn't this give people a headsup if there's a CK app being filed against them? Only way CK apps can/should be public to a degree is only after CK appeal has been made, otherwise a big no-no.
  3. I do think that if you had issues with said people, going down the line of RPQM reporting them or making a report to LFM would be a better option than this though.
  4. Second best thing to come after invention of toilet paper.
  5. You can do it while on the server, just go into settings, key binding, then enter to open them up, and under general change key for Radar Zoom as you wish, as seen in the screens above.
  6. Hello! I've had the same thing happen to me recently, so my only solution was honestly to change the hotkey from Z to something more fitting, in my case X.
  7. phrog.

  8. #freesio3033

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    2. sio


      It's okay we both know 3033 is more accurate

    3. .George


      just dont troll??
      write fake ban appeal about being sad and reflecting upon urself

    4. sio


      I don't troll, I create roleplay experiences

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