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  1. Why did u visit my profile on 28th let me die in irrelevancy thank you

    1. clique


      i had a dream about min sung woo 

  2. As old K-town rper I feel that we should replace entire K-town (tokyo strip included) with nuclear testing site. edit: mandatory ktown server record post
  3. Let's be real, nobody likes security companies IRL either, it's either old men before retirement who realistically are in no way shape or form capable of being security, or well, PD rejects that got job as security, so I'd say security companies are pretty spot on with portrayal. Old gem, long read, be warned: https://lonelymachines.org/mall-ninjas/
  4. Username: Rayyy Comment: Never seen greener grass in my life. How does that start bush fire??
  5. Happy birthday jax!!!!;

    1. Jax


      Thank u Serbia!!! 

    2. .George


      mfer where's the cake

  6. Name: Rayyy Comment: Bootleg Tanya Sun trying to be relevant.
  7. 9.5 Richter scale earthquake that kills everyone and forces a complete server wipe. +1 from me.
  8. Just sharpie one on screen, no 3rd party crosshairs, no exploiting.
  9. Statistics wise, USA has 392.5 million people living there. An average between all sources puts ~110 people dying from gun related incidents per day, out of which only 39 are murdered (rest are suicide). An average between all sources puts ~210 people injured daily, from gun related incidents, out of which less than half (98) are intentional attacks. If my math is correct, that means, that on a daily basis, one in 10 million are murdered each day in USA, while one in 4 million are injured each day in gun related attack. Now, you can reason that this is for whole of USA which isn't jungle all along, however, I went ahead and grabbed statistics off most violet city, which seems to be St. Louis (who would've guessed?) with it's annual rate of 66 murders per 100,000. Now, taking into account that Los Santos has approx population of ~10000 people (number of unique characters that play every day. playerCounter is down so I can't get realistic statistics), that would put average number of murdered people in city of this population to be at... 0.001 people per day, murdered, or 0.0025 people per day, injured. Clearly you can see how absolutely stupid the whole argument of ‚‚people are killed for less'' is. USA is not Brazil (I'm pretty sure that even favelas are more safe), heck, even movie The Purge is more safe than Los Santos, by wide margin. You could argue that sure, server has much higher rate of criminals to civilians compared to real life, but at the same time, around half of the murders and gun related assaults are committed by ‚‚legals'', usually in crimes of passion or similar. In the end America isn't this hellscape where human life is worth less than the clothes person is wearing.
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