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  1. If you would like to place an order, feel free to send us an e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) or call #3000 during business hours.
  2. where ur admin tag

  3. K-town has been a consistent community for last year or so, especially with addition of Little Tokyo and MS-13 (defunct as of few days ago) so there's no reason in saying that (multicultural) communities don't exist. I also believe that Meng and LS Triads are doing good job keeping New Chinatown as a open community as well.
  4. Username: RayRay Comment: Only reason Mr. Gudlevskivskisvski is working in casino is because Los Santos, and San Andreas by extension doesn't have a circus for this clown to work at. !
  5. Driving in first person when trying to simulate drunk driving. Third person otherwise.
  6. Thanks everyone for participating in today's event and keeping Little Seoul a live and vibrant place, specifically K-town and Tokyo Strip members for helping organize the event.
  7. I do believe that it should be taken ICly, something that almost no trucker did in this specific case. Thirst-tea is located in front of a place where I was mapping for a event (you can even see mappings in OPs photo), and I watched almost comical situation of people just pulling up their truck, seeing practically empty parking lot, just go and take a crate (almost no RP what-so-ever) and run for the door up the flight of stairs, only to go straight into /b asking me where they are supposed to deliver crate or to moan. This continued for solid few hours, trucker after trucker coming there,
  8. G6 and well.... a few more things I best not say...
  9. Username: RayRay Comment: Who tf let this baboon run on the ballot? As much as I wanted to vote republican, I'm not giving my vote towards this dude.
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