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  1. Picky

    [SALE] STX

    Phone received. I passed it to my husband, he will call you!
  2. Picky

    [SALE] STX

    Please send me your contact details please. I or my husband will call you within the next 2-3 hours.
  3. Picky

    [SALE] STX

    Let's put these jokes aside, I will just ignore such bids. Would rather stick to previous offer of 165,000 rather than this. Still looking for offers
  4. Picky

    [SALE] STX

    Noted. Still looking for offers.
  5. Picky

    [SALE] STX

    Noted. Still looking for offers.
  6. Picky

    [SALE] STX

    Accepting offers! (( ))
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