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  1. Business is open once more! We now offer in person visits and online. Visit us at our new location, Red E. Office #4. If we are not at the office, give us a ring at 41259440. All previous loan request have been deleted. If you need a loan, reapply for one by visiting the link above.
  2. Business is still temporary on hold. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Noted. Thank you for the bid. Let me see if anyone else is interested.
  4. Offering $278,717 ((This is the max buyout, as seen by the admin below.)) Edit- I am available now!
  5. ((On an ooc note, max buyout on this place is $476,708 as per property rules.)) ((Rule 1.0 Property Sales/Rentals "3 months to 6 months : You may sell the house up to (5 x MP) + furniture price." $75,000 x 5 = 375,000 + 101,708 = 476,708, which is the max buyout.)) ((I believe the server dates are month/day/year))
  6. All loan applications will be ignored until a pending lawsuit is settled. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  7. Noted. Send your contact details to me and we can complete the sale.
  8. Ending auction. Setting sale price to $200,000.
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