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  1. if im gonna get shot by one of the 500 ccw carrying individuals in a 5 foot vicinity id like to at least make my $152 profit......................
  2. these rules suck, they're a huge inconvenience. im not even gonna sugar coat it anymore. try waiting 3 hours to rob a 24/7 only for there to be no response, that blows
  3. its the fact that your hand needs to be held for ANYTHING let me just rp
  4. punish players that break rules as opposed to put everything behind a wall
  5. what does that even mean... the server has a very cops vs robbers mentality sure but i fail how to see how a small rule change is somehow classified as that
  6. the system works fine? what system works fine, exactly?
  7. The Suggestion: Allow less complicated (24/7s, most open businesses) robberies to be conducted without the need for admin approval. Given the exceedingly long wait times for report responses, even garnering an O.K. from an administrator to rob an open venue can be a hassle. Spontaneity can be fun and helps make things exciting! Free up admins' time for other more important /reports, like those break-ins or the 30th RDM for the day. The Rule: 10.2) Robbery Robbing a business must be approved via /report with a description of what is attempting to be robbed, this is for in the moment robberies that do not have excessive previous planning, e.g. /report We are a group of punks attempting to make some quick money, we want to try and stick up the open Vinewood 24/7 to rob the cash register. Shoplifting without the demand of any items or cash, and purely for roleplay, does not require admin permission. Robbing a business also falls under the stash-info rule. However, any cash left in the "cashbox" will now represent the cash register. Players may steal a cash register and whatever money within the "cashbox" will be issued to the robber. - That's it, that's the rule.
  8. I agree, jail duty is very much an exercise in generating your own RP in most circumstances not only for yourself but inmates. Personally out of all of this, I'd like to simply see Bolingbroke utilized as North County Correctional Facility and serve our county jail needs as opposed to Twin Towers. It's a lovely place on the map with little use right now.
  9. As I expressed Bolingbroke actually lines up well with North County Correctional Facility, a LASD-run jail.
  10. First and foremost thank you for the detailed response, I appreciate that you're keeping it civil and you've put effort into this. Ideally it would be amazing to have an actual penitentiary and perhaps even a dedicated corrections faction, as good as it would be to also have elements such as Highway Patrol and other factions that are presently a no-go. The issue therein however lies in manpower and resources. To produce a faction akin to SADCR it would certainly require an abundance of effort and resources that are in short supply. While I recognize the jail can be slow at times and swapping out county jail locations isn't going to be a fix all for the problems that are rampant, I don't think having a dedicated corrections faction is something present server leadership would encourage due to the sheer scale of what is required to facilitate it. That aside, is custody operations attempting to do better? Yes. Absolutely. I believe good progress can be made as long as everyone can keep an open door to criticism and suggestions, as George (current custody head) has done so far. Infact as a start I've already managed to collect a few critical points brought up in thread, such as lack of set schedule or initiative by custody personnel and I will bring it to George and see if we can perhaps encourage people to be more proactive with the use of IC monetary incentives or reward. I've just been on a short hiatus from anything ingame due to working IRL myself but plan to come back with the full enthusiasm as I did prior.
  11. Yes, Twin Towers ingame does look comparable to TTCF in the real world despite the location geographically being way off and I recognize the yard is mostly accurate for that sort of facility. I do however think utilizing Bolingbroke as a stand-in for NCCF would work better as our county jail.
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