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  1. common sense would be allowing the things that align with reality not go against it
  2. makes zero sense because this is how robberies occur irl, snatch n grabs r common as are these drive-by muggings so to speak
  3. as someone that exclusively tends to rp a leo nowadays i dont think it’s sensible to expect people to ransack homes in their own neighborhood or rob their neighbors that’s kinda counterintuitive, not suggesting you go cross country either but there’s a semblance of common sense we gotta use here i mean genuine question here what does an appropriately roleplayed robbery within the rules look like here, John Doe exits his home and walks three houses down the block to break into Peter’s house? He walks home after?
  4. tbh my original suggestion when i went to war to have Bolingbroke was for it to be portrayed as north county correctional facility which is still under purview of the lssd but then sadcr was thrown into the mix
  5. sasp is a state agency n doesnt do that sanfire is a state agency n doesnt do that idk about that claim chief
  6. while i respect ur experience n opinion i don’t agree we’d have any issues with having sahp come to fruition, there’s an excess of shenanigans ongoing both in the county and city
  7. sahps primary purpose isn’t just traffic enforcement what you described in terms of operation is basically how state parks functions rn and being unable to progress to a detective or get on a specialized enforcement team doesn’t make for good development, it’s why we have a high turnover. that on top of restrictions. more leos would hardly hurt this server as there’s more than enough crime to compensate
  8. sahp would have zero issue finding people lol, highway patrol is the most sought after faction
  9. hello folks, a really simple and straight forward suggestion. let's get that tear gas in por favor: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Tear_Gas about 90% of the issues occurring as a result of riots or seditious activity in TTCF are ppl shrugging off when tear gas is deployed icly. unfortunately the lack of item is substituted by tossing flares which on its own looks so-so but it also lacks any function. ik its ez to say "just report ppl" but i assure u when theres 30+ people shrugging that shit off it can be overwhelming to keep track of. so im suggesting we had the tear gas to deploy and allow it to slowly chip away at a player's health until putting them in a downed state, or somehow slow them down or something. this would be good for SEB/tactical teams too and if a player has a gasmask on it shouldnt affect them imo. thanks for coming to my ted talk.
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