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  1. A night in the city
  2. Agreed, people seem to think emotions run from 0-100 With no in-between. dude didn't say he went to bed and cried themselves to sleep, they just felt something. Emotions are not scary people, or is this the world we live in now. On topic I would feel something if I had to kill someone IC that I liked. Would I string myself up over it? Of course not but you got to feel something.
  3. Nope, fine how it is. Emote once or twice to get it started then go ham.
  4. David visits the nice people in El Burro Heights Fire Station 7 For his daily coffee
  5. Got to agree, the texture loss even waking around to davis/strawberry is painful. If this can be worked on or not made worse by this then do what you want, Davis mall is pointless anyway.
  6. Feel free to continue discuss this here, will be putting up a suggestion based on the mostly positive reactions.
  7. Couldn't of said it better myself. And I really don't get why people get genuinely upset by even suggesting it should be a thing.
  8. 😂 Wut. If you can't take a reasonable reply to your opinion, maybe you shouldn't share it.
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