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  1. He see's you when you're sleeping... He knows when you're awake...
  2. Who is responsible for reviving this suggestion? -1 CK more, make people fear their chars lives.
  3. Oh i got one! People argue over the rules and what they deem realistic then get upset about them in the forums. Okay i win.
  4. Why are you nerds still debating this, anyone who has read the rules knows the bats were in the wrong, and they got clapped for their trouble lol.
  5. Absolutely not - 1
  6. Called an opinion, take it or leave it.
  7. Waste of effort for something that will be used for a week max, then forgotten about. No - 1
  8. Ads don't even show up if you are logged in, this is a null issue. - 1
  9. Although it's actually discord itself that has put this on us, it's needs fucking sorting. Swearing has actually increased 10x since it was added. Also little tip, the bot is shit and can be swerved by using an exclamation mark. Fuck! the censorship.
  10. Yup, got to hand it to @Rothschild for smashing on the bug list right now and all the other developers throwing out some nice quality of life updates to the server recently. Finally feels like it's all back on track.
  11. Swing and a miss on all pitches, I actually don't think it should be a thing. Go smoke a "cigarette" 😉
  12. Why should I when you just slapped out a off the cuff suggestion because some pixel boobies disturbed you eating your Wheaties.
  13. Write it up like an actual suggestion and people might actually take it seriously. -1 poor effort
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