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  1. Congrats brother, keep up the good work
  2. My boi Ryan, keep up the thread, I wanna see him ended up in the bars 🤣
  3. UI UX Freelancer, UX researcher
  4. I am looking to buy a garage / storage, the location is not required, but I preferably around K-Town. If anyone is selling storage / garage other than around K-town, it's okay to still contact me, thank you. Email me ((Forum PM)) or contact 46759650
  5. Calvin "吁" Wu Weakness is not an excuse. Success is earned, not waited for. This thread will provide the story of a Chinese immigrant named Calvin Wu, 20 years old living around Little Seoul, he ventured to work with the community around Little Seoul.
  6. Okay, Freeze McCormac once tryna simp for this girl, but she rejected. Can Freeze go for a date with Elle? pls
  7. TyJ left discord, anyways go hard broski
  8. Thanks doe for the info, but I fixed this, I mean fix is the render are better now, but the delay still on me even its not the same as it was. I managed to reinstall rage in a different driver, and it works. 😄 Thanks to all.
  9. It's not that bad, I never experienced this since the first time I play world in 2020, this is my first time experiencing it. I got i5-6400 CPU, Radeon RX570 4GB VRAM, 16GB RAM
  10. Yeah, I got Yardline pack and some texture mod installed, I once deleted it but still, again, nothing changed. And no, I havent check the list of uncompatible softwares, I'll do it now, thank you
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