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Found 3 results

  1. THIS FORUM WILL FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF Eddie De Luca Being a foreigner, Eddie De Luca is still getting used to the ways of the states. He has gone from Italy, to Washington, and now he has landed in Los Santos. In the streets of Los Santos, Eddie has a very small chance of staying out of trouble, which he has been doing ever since he went to juvenile. Eddie was locked up for robbery charges alongside his brother, Tyler De Luca. Growing up in a broke family who made very low profit, Eddie knew no better other than taking what he wants. These past occurances have made Eddie no stranger to crime, but he's not a mastermind either. Whilst moving to Los Santos, him and his brother knew they would need money, something they have always had to work for themselves due to the lack of parents being true parents. They decided to settle in the Mirror Park area, most fitting for them. GROWING UP Eddie was born in Italy, but was later moved down to Washington in the United States due to his father having unpaid dues to the mafia. This led to Eddie's father living in ultimate fear, eventually ending his own life. This tragic death never really meant anything to Eddie, his father was abusive to him, his brother, and his mother. He was also a drug addict, heavy on heroin. Eddie's mother on the other hand, Anna De Luca, was very hurt of the incident. She considered drug usage, but didn't want it to affect her children. By the time Eddie was eight years old, he was following the wrong direction. He got into trouble more than the usual child, leading to his mother sending him and his brother out to their grandparents. What Eddie didn't know was that while they were living with their grandparents, his mother already made the move to LS. Even with the move, Eddie still got into trouble. On 4/19/18, Eddie and his brother stole from a rival's home that had been messing over the De Luca's for a minute. Eddie and his brother both came out with wads of cash and a few other valuable items, sadly, that didn't last long. After a few days, Eddie and Tyler were both snatched by the Washington Police Department on burglarly charges, giving them seven months in juvenile. When the two were out, they decided to look for jobs and leave the crime behind until it is necassary. TODAY To this day, Eddie and Tyler have both moved to Los Santos, settling in Mirror Park with their mother.
  2. Above: Brock during a stint in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Kyle “Lucky” Brock is a 27-year-old Vespucci native recently released on parole from the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He’s known to have contact with various white gangs in and surrounding Vespucci Beach, mainly the white street gang known as Public Enemy No.1(PEN1, Peeneye) and to an extent, The Aryan Brotherhood. Since being released on parole, authorities assume Brock is inactive in the gang scene. After a high profile arrest, Kyle, along with his business partners, Edgar Boon and Weston Stigers, were sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility for eight months awaiting trial. During this time in TTCF, Kyle continued to operated under the auspices of his gang, Public Enemy No.1; Kyle continued to program on the mainline, getting involved in various race riots and altercations. Soon enough, the trio was given their court papers, only to find out that the State was dropping all charges against them. The three were then promptly released from TTCF. Brock was able to return to his home, Vespucci Beach; where's lived his whole life. He continues to program while off the mainline, getting back into the swing of things and adjusting back to his place as a menace to society.
  3. CURRENT FIXTURE DATE: 3rd of October How to bet? In order to bet, you will have to predict what the result will be of the football game by posting the names of both teams and the symbol of the result (1X2). You also must include how much you are betting and whether you would like to do a single or combined bet. Just consider your bet pending. Send the payment to me before the first match in your bet starts for it to be approved. Not doing so will make your bet invalid. If you write your bet wrongly, i'll post here letting you know Single bet: A bet on a single match Combined bet: A bet on multiple matches and multiplication of the odds People who accept payment: Thomas MacDermot (( /bankstransfer )) Betting format Forename Surname Home team - Away team: Symbol of the result (Odds) (Add more teams here if combined bet) Amount of money you wish to bet Example of what a single bet would look like: John Doe Benfica - SCP: 1 (3.20) $100 Example of what a combined bet would look like: John Doe SCP - Borussia Dortmund: 1 (3.20) Liverpool FC - Everton FC: 2 (2.07) Manchester United - Manchester City: X (2.50) $500 Rules and information Minimum bet: $200 Maximum bet: $5,000 for now Maximum winnings: $100,000 Usual fixture release dates: Every single night Betting symbols: 1 - Home team to win the match X - Draw 2 - Away team to win the match Do not edit bets without permission, doing so will result in your bet being invalid Make sure your odds or denotations are correct. Any incorrect odds/denotations on a bet will make it invalid Results will be posted on the evening your bet concludes Fixtures are provided by professionals Even if your odds are above the capped money, you will only receive $100,000 - This is to protect Luck Of The Draw and to sustain solvency to make sure LOTD continues throughout the entire football season. No matter if it's a league or a cup game where extra time and penalties may take place. Only 90 minutes + stoppage time is counted If you do not collect your winnings within a 30 day period. Your bet will automatically become invalid and the winnings will be kept
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