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  1. Primestone Developers, previously part of the well known Horizon Developers LLC is a real estate developer company based out of Los Santos, San Andreas. The business started off as a few man project after a handful of people decided to part ways with the construction giant Horizon Developers after a change in management. They formed a new company under the name "Primestone", which is a high quality engineered quartz stone surface that is highly durable so you can be confident it will face up to your daily lifestyle. The name already says a lot about the people working for Primestone and the projects they get involved in. They are looking to build people's dreams in a way that they actually last centuries. After parting ways, the two firms agreed to let Primestone finish the project they had been working on while being apart of Horizon, the LSPD Administration HQ. After finishing the project a little break had followed but in late August Primestone's been awarded a contract to build a multi-apartment building in Rockford Hills for an investment company based out of Liberty City. After the first couple of shifts Primestone started growing at a rapid pace and starting getting recognition from government agencies for their superb work. In late September the Los Santos City Government hired Primestone through a public procurement to renovate the City Hall in Rockford. Primestone currently employs 40-50 active construction workers, works closely with various smaller/family owned construction firms. The motto of the company is "You dream it, we build it." We are a privately owned company and we're never planning on becoming a big corporation and releasing stocks on the stockmarket. Why? You might ask, it's easy. We want to build your dreams, we cannot do that if everything has to go through ten executives and two hundred big stock owners. We believe in boots on the ground management, this is why we have come so far. Our current portfolio: - LSPD Administration Building - Rockford Multi-Apartment Building (( LFM funded project )) - Rockford City Hall (( City Council - TBA - TBA - TBA )) - Judicial Branch of San Andreas Greg E. Joplin Courthouse Renovation Project (( Our goal is to provide the server with good blue-collar roleplay. The opportunities are endless, from plumbing to lobbying at the Mayor's Office, one of our employees do it. If you are looking to join us on our journey, use the link below to join our discord server. )) (( https://discord.gg/cXHnzVmesN ))
  2. If I die and you forget my name I won't cast no shadow, I won't throw no shade And if I never get to walk along no hall of fame It won't bother me none because I'm in, I'm in my own lane Childhood Lucien Berjouhie was born and raised in Los Santos, within the Morningwood area, colloquially referred to often as 'Little Armenia' due to the large ethnic population of Armenians. He was a first child, having an younger brother named Mikayel. The two grew up to be close and always attempted to look out for each other. Lucien's parents were considered a relatively decent couple. They were second-generation ethnic Armenians from a high-class background whose parents moved to the United States to escape the violence and ethnic conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Their father taught both boys how to hunt in the woods once a month, with Lucien's dad being an avid outdoorsman, which he expressed through his hobbies of going on hikes, trails, hunting, and fishing. He always tried to include his sons, and he was a role model to the duo growing up. Furthermore, his father owned a prominent real estate company inside the city and dealt with houses around the city after work hours during the afternoon and evening hours. When the boys reached the age of 16, they began to assist their parents in the family business. They were tasked with cleaning the establishment, doing the paperwork, and general care of the place. The work might not have been challenging, but it gave them an understanding of work-related responsibilities and fundamentals. Within Little Armenia, their company was situated in one of the more high-income areas bordering Del Perro, which often saw an increased number of apartments and houses. His father maintained a conservative and traditionalist background and was polite and well-spoken. As a result of how he was raised and his great respect for those in the business sector, Lucien always considered becoming a businessman himself. Little Armenia, Los Santos, started as a bore. Lucien woke up expecting it to be any other day and went about his daily routine of waking up, showering, brushing his teeth, and getting ready for school. Lucien was eating a great bowl of cereal and staring out the window of his bedroom where he had the perfect view of his neighbor's window where he watched her getting ready for her daily routine too. She kept looking at Lucien and made no effort to close the blinds, so there was no worry about being called a creep. He finished up and went downstairs to see his father. "Another house sold successfully." That was how his dad greeted him. "Good morning to you too, dad," Lucien replied while adjusting his tie. Their home was located in the middle of Del Perro, an exceptionally well-built home since Lucien's family thrived purely through his father's successful real estate company. Lucien waited next to the bus stop for his friends to come to pick him up for school, and when the little beat-up car sped around the corner straight towards the bus stop, Lucien's eyes widened, and a grin began to grow along his face upon seeing Adam and Gracie inside. Lucien conversed with his friends in the car while they were driving out to the countryside. "Nah fuck school today. I'm not up for it. I got liquor. I got cards, and I got weed. Plus there's a campsite just outside the city. Already got my brother to change the attendance record for the day so nobody will even notice." Once Adam brought Lucien up to speed, all Lucien could do was nod and smile. Gracie climbed over the back seat to sit next to Lucien, so he sat and twiddled with her auburn hair doing nothing but smiling, much to the dismay of Adam. Lucien stopped playing with Gracie's hair for a moment, and his eyes stuck to the car's window. He was looking at a huge sign with a Sheriff's Department advertisement on it. Eventually, the trio parked the car. They began to make their way through the forest outskirts of the Paleto. Walking along an uncommon trail, they intended to get lost. They wanted to get lost from everything and everyone so that they could enjoy themselves. The sun was already setting by the time they even reached the forest. The trio continued making their way through the woods and found a lovely spot next to a stream where they began to set up camp. Adam and Gracie went off to find the right kind of firewood as they had put it, and Lucien was left alone in the makeshift camp. He just sat there for a while watching the dirt, and moving it with his hand every so often while awaiting them. An hour later, the two returned, and the group started to play cards while drinking and smoking. They spoke of what they want to do with their lives and what will happen after they graduate. Lucien kept winning while drinking from his bottle. He had a unique talent for cards and was almost able to remember them perfectly. The night was young, though the group talked the evening through until everyone eventually fell asleep. In the morning, they drove back home and returned to their lives with more goals set. The wrong side Lucien had a good friend around the city named Karmien, who introduced him to a group of people from the dark side of town. He liked them and how they managed to handle everything with power and authority instead of just the power of money. Lucien was used to the corporate life that his father was having and knew what it was like to have fun and make money, but he wanted to know more. Hanging around with Karmien and his friends more, and without noticing, Lucien started to learn how criminals handled themselves in the streets. While he stayed out of trouble, he saw how they conducted and managed a more "seedy side" of business. He did not understand it at first. Why beat the guy up when you can offer him a deal? I guess not everyone knows how to do business, and sometimes the stick is more potent than anything. Both Lucien and his friends agreed that he should stay out of that stuff and remain clean. There was no advantage in him getting a criminal record. The group used to go out for bars with fake IDs and gamble in local bars. During that time, Lucien found he had a unique talent for blackjack and poker. He made small amounts of money from playing, and the group later went to buy booze and get drunk with the money he made. He enjoyed being around these guys more than his friends in school. They weren't dull and always had something to do. He gave them his word that he would always have their backs once he finished school like they had his. Growing up Mikayel applied and got enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and Lucien indulged in higher education, becoming a student at San Andreas University. Lucien's main goal was to start at university and see what it can offer. He managed to achieve relatively good grades in the classes he took and managed to keep up with all the paperwork given to him by his lectures, at least when he wasn’t drinking and partying with his friends on campus. Lucien studied Business Administration for three years and after that took a few extra courses in Arbitration. His plan was to finish his studies and start his own company that fits him. During his last few months at the university, he had a long conversation with his favorite lecturer that explained to him more about what potential career options are waiting for him out there. When Lucien finished his studies, his father passed away from a heart attack. Since Mikayel was serving, everything their father owned was managed and run by Lucien. Their mother refused to take anything and wanted Lucien to take over his father's business. His father's money, companies, and contacts all went straight to him, and while he respected his father's work, Lucien knew that just as he finished his studies, he would do things his way. He noticed that one of the businesses was a warehouse around La Mesa. It had a small gated yard in the back, and the warehouse was rather big. With the money left by his father, Lucien purchased a cleaning crew and new furniture for the warehouse, making it a brand new casino on the inside. He started to open the place in the late hours and slowly made a name for himself. While Lucien had a master's degree in Business Administration he still lacked the experience, he saw the money opportunity in it. Mainly, he did what he does best, which is business politics and getting his casino more familiarized with the area. Moving up 15 years have passed, and Lucien became very well known around the city. He was given the nickname "Euro" by his friends that used to work around with handles only instead of their government names, and his partners started to call him that as well. He had many failed relationships during the years and that ruined his motivation from time to time yet he kept going. Euro Den kept opening and the business was doing great yet the Government wasn't happy with the size of the business and gave him a lot of troubles. Lucien decided that it's time to move to a bigger location where he could have more things in his casino. The Den hosted a Poker table and Blackjack tables and a strip club at the ground floor. It was time for a change and Lucien started to sit down with his staff and discuss what the future casino would look like, from Roulette tables to car raffles he sat down and planned it all with his staff and when a building was decided on he sent the papers. Months passed and Lucien finally moved with his staff to Vinewood Casino. Business & Gambling Euro Den became a success for Lucien and money slowly came in with each opening. The amounts that came from the tables were rather decent as the place kept bringing a lot of people in each opening. The gambling life of the city was active and people filled the tables. Lucien kept studying and getting more experience each night. Lucien worth grew with time and he knew not to spend as his plans to grow bigger only started, he kept saving the money he earned from the table profits on the side. 13 years have passed, and Lucien became very well known around the city. He was given the nickname "Euro" by his friends that used to work around with handles only instead of their government names, and his partners started to call him that as well. He had many failed relationships during the years and that ruined his motivation from time to time yet he kept going. Euro Den kept opening and the Euro Den was doing great yet the Government wasn't happy with the size of the business and gave him a lot of troubles. Lucien decided that it's time to move to a bigger location where he could have more things in his casino. The Den hosted a Poker table and Blackjack tables and a strip club at the ground floor. It was time for a change and Lucien started to sit down with his staff and discuss what the future casino would look like, from Roulette tables to car raffles he sat down and planned it all with his staff and when a building was decided on he sent the papers. After months of liaison, meetings, and confirmations the papers for the Vinewood Casino finally came through. Time came for Lucien to sit down his staff and bring forward the news for a new beginning for everyone, and with this came the task of moving supplies as well as furniture to the new casino. It took a month for Berjouhie and his team to go over the plans for Vinewood Casino and what would be required for the grand opening in way of stock, staff, security, and events. When the night came for the grand opening nerves were on high for everyone with anticipation of whether or not such an event would work. Would another Casino be welcomed? Would there be a warm welcoming in the heart of Vinewood? From the beginning of the night to the end it was evident to patrons and employees that the opening of Vinewood Casino was a great success. Photographers gave people the red carpet treatment, security staff held utmost professionalism alongside a warm welcome, and bartenders and dealers were ecstatic about their role in the new facility. The grand opening collected 3.1 million at profit and maintained 2.7 million after all staff were paid for their hard work. With great success Vinewood Casino became, and remains, one of the most luxurious casinos in the state with each opening making a profit between 1.5 to 2.5 million. Lucien’s financial state had become very healthy. His reputation in the gambling industry became well known over time with the success of Banner Casino and would quickly spread between businessmen. With newfound business partners Lucien learned of a new casino that was being built within Liberty City, a place which lacked in the gambling scene. The city was a prime location for Lucien to visit where his brother resided and was ever ecstatic to see Lucien and became an opportunity to Lucien to visit more often alongside business means. A few meetings later with the board of directors for Banner Casino and Resort and he became a small shareholder in the casino as well as part of the board of directors. His evident experience in the gambling industry made him one of the noted professionals of the board and soon enough he was given the opportunity to oversee the casino openings. He took the time to learn more about the casino such as their hotel routines, the patrons of the casino, staff members, and external partners. Despite the success of the casino months passed by and the board became thinner where members of the board sold their shares to begin life anew elsewhere. In holding the most experience as well as being a present member of the Casino Lucien bought the shares from the leaving shareholders and became the prime shareholder of the casino. In a matter of time he became the acting CEO of the board, and although the process was difficult with such a change but it became a change for the better for the staff and patrons. Euro Enterprises is a company whose main focus is the Gambling Industry across Los Santos and Liberty City. With what began as one casino run by a small team has now become a large operation with a strong board of directors, a team of supervisors, and an abundance of casino staff in various positions to help. Within Euro Enterprises stands Vinewood Casino, our primary casino of Los Santos which was taken over by Lucien Berjouhie in August 2022. Following the success of this casino came work with Banner Resort and Casino in November 2022, and while things began with a small team they have expanded greatly with thanks to Euro Enterprises. Berjouhie spent time in aiding the casino with their success and not only became a primary partner, but too a pillar of the company who branched beneath Euro Enterprises. He became the acting CEO for Banner Resort and Casino and in turn became the sole provider of employment for their openings with covering transportation fees, advertisements within Liberty City and Los Santos, and training the current staff within Euro Enterprises to also manage the casino in Liberty City. In becoming an influential Chariman and seeing the succession of Euro Enterprises in the gambling industry the company was quick to grow in strength to secure a team of directors. Within that team we see public relations, human resources, marketing, security, and management of staff with executives, administrators and supervisors. Life Goes On When it came down to Lucien’s personal life he often indulged in the company of friends and women who wanted nothing more than lustful moments of his time. Failed relationships were ever present and he had near enough given into a future of what was merely business without expectation of companionship. Upon venturing work within Liberty City he began a friendship with Odette Fontaine who at the time held the position of personal assistant to management. It did not take long for their friendship to blossom into something more and eventually found himself spending his free time with the woman. Days turned to weeks where they had little want for leaving each other’s side and slowly those weeks turned to months where he realised true companionship was an opportunity with Odette. In the moments of what looked like the fall of Banner casino with an overhaul of management Lucien found Odette at his side through everything and was quick to seal the deal of a future with her. Plans came into place for marriage, for children, for a life together and with that came talks of a home. The pair came to a mutual vow of working toward a better life at each other’s side and within that came want for residency where they could raise their future family. They knew that an apartment was not an adequate place and a small home for what they had planned would not suffice either. In tying together their budgeting plans they came to the agreement of searching for a larger home to match their lavish lifestyle and want for a large family. Lucien's journey in the gambling industry had been marked by relentless ambition and strategic moves. His rise within Euro Enterprises had been nothing short of remarkable, transforming a single casino into a thriving empire across Los Santos and Liberty City. It was under his leadership that Vinewood Casino became a standout success and his collaboration with Banner Resort and Casino had reaped significant rewards. As the acting CEO of Banner Resort and Casino, Lucien had not only become a prominent partner but a central figure within Euro Enterprises. With his guidance, the casino's staff were trained to perfection, advertising campaigns were meticulously executed, and transportation logistics were seamless. The once struggling establishment had flourished under his watchful eye. Euro Enterprises, now a powerhouse in the gambling industry, had attracted a team of dedicated directors who oversaw various aspects of the business, from public relations to security. Lucien's vision had turned the company into a formidable force, dominating the casino scene in both cities. However, life had another surprise in store for Lucien. An unexpected opportunity emerged, one that would further solidify his status as a titan in the gambling world. Richard Farace, a fellow entrepreneur, approached Lucien with a proposal to merge their respective enterprises and create something extraordinary: the Diamond Casino and Resort. Recognizing the potential of this partnership, Lucien made the daring decision to close down Euro Enterprises and join forces with Farace. They became the dynamic board of directors behind the Diamond Casino and Resort, a colossal establishment that would soon dominate the city's gambling landscape. Under their joint leadership, the Diamond Casino and Resort became an unparalleled success. It boasted a level of luxury and entertainment that captivated both locals and tourists. The synergy between Lucien's expertise and Farace's business acumen proved to be a winning formula. As the years passed, Lucien Berjouhie's name became synonymous with opulence and success in the world of gambling. His journey from a single casino owner to a shareholder in the Diamond Casino and Resort was a testament to his unwavering determination and strategic brilliance. Lucien has been using his H1 hummer for years and due to him being a recognizable figure around the city, people recognized his very unique truck easily which sometimes gave him issues.
  3. About Us Midas Capital Group is a Los Santos based private equity group that invests in, and partners with businesses in the US. Our founding team has collectively developed investment strategies in small businesses, lower middle and middle markets, creating value for businesses across a wide range of industries including business and consumer services, technology, security, transportation, healthcare, industrial and environmental services. Why Private Equity? When business owners reach a critical point with their company and make the decision to sell all or part of the company, many decide to partner with a private equity firm to take their business to the next level. Private equity can mean a lot of different things, but to us, it means investing in private companies to help them grow. If you’re a business owner or founder, taking on a partner is a big step, and can create a lot of uncertainty. We’re here to answer your questions about how all of this works and what it can mean for you. To start, here are some of the main reasons why top-performing private companies are increasingly deciding to bring on a private equity partner: To provide shareholders with partial or total liquidity. To have “two bites at the apple” – partial liquidity in the first transaction, and a potentially bigger payoff in a later transaction. To gain additional capital for expansion or acquisitions. To get a strong partner with aligned interests who can help them grow their company. To have a sounding board for their ideas and challenges. To gain access to “best practices” from other leading companies, as well as senior-level contacts at potential customers and alliance partners. To get help recruiting senior executives and building a strong Board of Directors. To benefit from the financial sophistication of private equity partners. To get experienced help identifying, analyzing, negotiating and integrating acquisitions. Investment Criteria Our process begins with identifying a financially healthy business with substantial organic and add-on acquisition growth prospects, referred to as a “platform company”. We collaborate with the platform’s leadership team to develop a strategic plan for the business which includes mitigating key person risk, enhancing infrastructure, and investing in targeted growth programs, to create a valuable legacy business. Exit strategies include IPOs and sale of the business to another strategic buyer. Overall, the most important investment criteria are: Stable and recurring cash flows Market position Favorable industry trends Several avenues of growth Strong management team Low capital expenditure requirements Investment Inquiries Midas Capital is always looking to meet with companies ready to take the next step. We are currently investing out of our main fund and are actively pursuing new investments. If you have an opportunity that falls within our investment criteria, or if you know of an experienced management team with an interesting idea in its field, please use the template below and send us your inquiry via e-mail. Firstname: Lastname: Phone: Business Name: Business Address: Industry: Monthly Revenue: Monthly Profit: Contact Midas Capital Group, LLC. 2001 San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill, Red E. Office #19 Los Santos, SA [email protected] 191-29230
  4. Euro Corporation was established in 2017 and for a few years, we have been proudly serving Los Santos city. We also provide services in other San Andreas counties such as Grapeseed and Paleto Bay. Years of professional work have made us a reputable and trusted company. While we mainly specialize in construction, we also provide exquisite services in Architecture, Interior Design, and Furniture customization and more. Our professionalism and attention to detail speak for themselves. We help our customers deliver projects of purpose that create a lasting positive legacy. These are projects that create jobs and grow economies; improve the resiliency of the world's infrastructure; connect communities to resources and opportunities. While expertise enables delivery, partnerships ensure long-term success, which is why we align everything we do to our customers’ goals. Since 2017, we have helped customers complete more than 100 projects around Los Santos. Core Purpose Make a Difference in the Lives of Our People, Customers, and Community Core Values Teamwork We recognize that our primary asset is people. To be successful, The Corporation must be a rewarding place to work. Our goal is that we have a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment where people feel physically and emotionally safe. We want every person at Euro Corp. and every person who steps onto our site to truly believe that they are contributing to, and have a sense of belonging to, something extraordinary. We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success. Integrity We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.” Euro Corp is a business based on trust. Euro Corp is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity. Because of this reputation the company has the privilege of leading some of the highest profile, often one-of-a-kind, projects in the world. Commitment We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We understand that lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business so we pay personal attention to our clients by focusing on them as individuals. Our founder, Lucien Berjouhie, referred to our clients, appropriately, as our “respected friends." Diverse and Inclusive Euro Corp fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all employees contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and have the opportunity to grow. Our diverse and inclusive workforce positions the company to grow, enhances our presence in diverse markets, and helps us build enduring relationships with each other, industry partners, and our clients. We do our best work in teams made up of individuals with different backgrounds, skills and passions so we cultivate diversity in our offices and on our sites. We strive to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences. Inclusion is leveraging these differences to build a foundation for personal and professional growth. A culture of inclusion encourages and seeks new ideas and experiences, values and engages everyone. Innovative Euro Corp recognizes the importance of innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The process of building a company and a workforce for the future requires tremendous adaptability and vision. A key element of our company vision is to develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes. As part of our effort to achieve this vision, Euro Corp fosters a culture where employees share their ideas and engagement with one another to develop innovative ideas as well as evaluate and implement improvements at Euro Corp. Sustainable Euro Corp understands the environmental, social, and economic impact of our activities and that it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner that supports our goals for client service, community involvement, environmental performance, financial strength and employee health, safety and wellbeing. Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share our commitments. Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment Be an Active Community Partner Maintain High Ethical Standards Drive Continuous Improvement These principles serve as the foundation of our actions. Recognizing that sustainable best practices have changed and will continue to evolve, Euro Corp will lead by example and serve as ambassadors for environmental, social and economic sustainability. We will utilize our technical expertise to create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for our people, clients and the environment. Our Services Construction Management ECG Construction Management is built to modernize, expand and deliver the most iconic and complex structures ever conceived. Construction Management partners with visionary owners and developers to deliver iconic projects across Los Santos. From urban centers to remote locations, we are one of the largest builders in Los Santos, with a heritage and track record that spans a few years. we’ve best positioned ourselves to serve a diverse range of clients through several strategic acquisitions. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it. Architecture and Design From creating new buildings and communities to enhancing public space to engineering energy, transportation, and utility systems, our vision is to make the world a better place. Euro Construction Buildings + Places practice includes architecture, building engineering, interiors, workplace master planning, urban Design economics, and portfolio advisory experts. Our team designs and delivers some of Los Santos's most complex and exciting projects from famous businesses all over the city. We integrate sustainable solutions into everything and approach every project with a high-performance design strategy. Contact Us Chief Executive Officer - Lucien Berjouhie PH: 77779 Email: [email protected] Chief Operations Officer - Phyre Solakian PH: Email: [email protected] (( Our New official discord - https://discord.gg/BSumfB3c6m )) Los Santos 552 Rockford Hills, Portola Dr.
  5. Rouben Sevacherian (born August 18th, 1985) is a 34 year old criminal figure of Armenian heritage. Although born in Yerevan, Armenia; Rouben spent a majority of his life in the neighborhood of Morningwood, Los Santos. The community, widely referred to as Los Santos' Little Armenia, is home to a modern age organized criminal enterprise known as Armenian Power or West Side Armenian Power Gang (W/S AP Gang). Rouben, known by associates as the moniker "Camel", has openly displayed ties to the gang since his teenage years, but has more recently graduated into firearms distribution and white collar crimes including credit card fraud and fake investment schemes. This change in modus operandi is suspected to be in part due to his connection with alleged members of the criminal society vory v zakone. Rouben currently serves as a chieftain in the Armenian Power off-branch dubbed by law enforcement as the Yuzbashyan-Sevacherian Organization. Rouben was born in the summer of 1985 to working class parents in Yerevan, Armenia. His mother, Mila Boldyreva, hailed from a Russian-background family whose history in Armenia started when the Soviets seized control of the nation in the ‘20s. She worked as a seamstress for a local market while his father, Isahak Sevacherian, worked closely with Ameriabank as an investment banker. As a child, Rouben only spent a few short years in Yerevan before his father relocated the family to Lebanon. This move occurred just after 1991, when the Red curtain fell and ex-Soviet satellite countries were once again made more accessible to immigration. At this time, Isahak accepted a more profitable position within Lebanon’s national bank, Banque du Liban, which allowed his wife to remove herself from the workforce to raise their family from home and home school Rouben. Mila became pregnant with the family’s second child when Rouben was at the age of 10. It was at this time the family immigrated to Los Santos, San Andreas to the community of Morningwood. Life as a foreign-born youth, fresh in the soil of America, was undoubtedly difficult for young Rouben. He was placed into the public school system where his parents both hoped he would gain a new cultural identity as an American and fit in better with his peers in their new home. However in the turbulent racial atmosphere of 1990s Los Santos, Rouben was exposed to more than just a new language and more Westernized culture. The school systems within West Vinewood were breeding grounds for various troubled youth navigating their way through the gangland of Los Santos. Blacks, Hispanics, and even whites cliqued together in the hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds - each with the same goal of looking out for their own people. However, there was a new group cultivating in the turmoil which was born and bred in the immigrant community of Morningwood. At the time, it was merely a group of Armenian and soviet-bloc youth reaching out to protect one another from the abuse of other teens. Rouben was swept up into this clique by some older teens who saw familiar traits in him that they’d seen in themselves. They remembered the struggle of fitting in with a new culture and bared the scars to tell the tale. What seemed somewhat selfless and positive at the time was indeed the roots of Armenian Power within Los Santos. The group escalated from this into typical gang behavior throughout the late ‘90s and into the 2000s. They claimed terrirtory with vandalism and graffiti, harassed other races, committed robberies, dipped into the drug trade like one would associate with a group of this nature. For Rouben, now nearing adulthood, the gang gave him an identity - something her very much struggled to obtain when he first moved to America. He saw the gang lifestyle and who he was as an individual as one in the same, which ultimately led to a dissociation from his immigrant parents. They shunned Rouben for his choices and with the passing of his kid brother (Manuel Sevacherian) to leukemia in 2006; Rouben lost touch with those who raised him. At twenty one, Rouben left his parents domicile and sought out refuge with his fellow gang members, spending a number of years couch surfing throughout Morningwood and North Vinewood. This was a considerably dark chapter of his life, given his younger brother’s death and the exile from his family that he faced. With little to show for himself, no formal education, no livable jobs, no place of his own, he sought refuge in the streets. Alongside senior AP member Davit “Caterpillar” Avetisyan, Rouben would participate in armed robbery and fencing stolen car parts as means to feed himself and afford certain luxuries. Davit introduced Rouben to circles of criminals such as vory v zakone which provided the pair with criminal opportunity above the typical gang MO. One individual in particular, a supposed "crowned" thief-in-law known by the moniker "Benzin" took a piece of their earnings in exchange for access to overseas buyers of stolen car parts. This allowed Rouben the means to construct a solid reputation among other like minded criminals under the flag of Armenian Power, eventually landing himself some status among the gang's senior members as a "gor." However, the risky behavior and gang activity was bound to teach Rouben a hard lesson about consequences. He and Davit were caught in 2010 evading police after committing a vehicle theft, landing Rouben with a sentence of nine months plus an additi pional year for the value of the vehicle exceeding $65,000 while Davit received a sentence of two years due to prior convictions. There was no plea bargains at stake; their unwillingness to cooperate along with the not guilty plea being dismantled in court sent the pair on a scholarship to con college, served by Twin Towers county jail. Inside the county lock up, Rouben and Davit would brush elbows with various cliques from the gangland of Los Santos. The southerners, or surenos, held the most influence of all. They ran the yard with an iron fist, backed by the black hand of La eMe under a Rene "Bosko" Blajos. Davit was easily influenced by the likes of Blajos who provided a pipeline of drugs through his network beyond prison walls and the promise of protection, while Rouben understood the lure of false promise could likely land him in a cycle of additional prison time. He used his sentence as a lesson, speaking with various lifers about the crimes they regret and choices they wish they had made. He began to idolize those who spent a lifetime committing crimes in the backs of others, taking advantage of holes in the system to keep themselves fed and safe. At the end of their sentence, Davit and Rouben had split into separate cells of the overall umbrella organization. Davit took the plunge into the pool of eMe influence, bringing about the presence of "AP-13" who paid street tax to the Blajos' Street Crew and ultimately embraced the sureno lifestyle. Rouben on the other hand left Twin Towers with a hunger for status - status which he believed was held in the hands of he and Davit's former co-conspirator Vrej "Benzin" Yuzbashyan. His "stem" of the Armenian Power organization would become known as West Side (W/S) Armenian Power - a group which maintained connections to the Russian mafia and Eurasian organized crime. Upon his return to Morningwood, Rouben reconnected with AP which had noticed a shift in membership in his absence. Half of his former affiliates decided to follow Davit into the sureno side of the organization while others either split into their own earner crews or represented the gang's original roots. Rouben sought out Vrej Yuzbashyan and was introduced to other figures within the sphere of Eurasian organized crime. In exchange for access to firearms and protection, it was agreed that under Vrej's watchful eye, Rouben would seize control of the splintered gang and act as a chieftain - linking the organized criminals and their services to the gang and the muscle which they could provide. At first tension was apparent between the two groups. Although Rouben and Davit remained on friendly terms due to their relationship and bond fostered through their youth, members would often engage in petty disputes due to their differences. Ultimately, the sureno representation overall would cease to exist as of 2018. These days, the gang roots are somewhat diluted due to a more prominent presence of organized crime within the Armenian community. Tattoos are still used to signify status within the community in L.S. though they no longer hold the same style of representation as they did in the past. Instances exist of individuals who earn their ink through criminal contribution, but others who simply wear the term "Armenian Power" as a term of ethnic pride and endearment. Through Vrej, Rouben fostered his own criminal venture; a credit card fraud ring. At first he started small with devices known to authorities as "Lebanese Loops." These little sleeves would slip into the card slots of ATMs and withhold a victim's credit card once inserted, refusing to eject it from the machine. Through this scheme Rouben would make several thousand dollars, skimming what he could before ultimately selling the credentials to criminals of higher stature. Eventually this scheme would become more sophisticated, allowing Rouben to purchase advanced card skimming units with potential to gather more information than a simple Lebanese Loop. The gang was able to keep itself off the radar of law enforcement throughout its rebuild, due in part to the attention received by the neighboring AP-13 clique and the downfall of "Bosko" Blajos' eMe empire. With the limelight focused elsewhere, W/S AP began establishing new key players such as Arman Vartanian, Arshen Markosyan, Gevork Karayan, brothers Vardan and Levon Gasparyan, and others who Rouben would absorb under his influence. The group dabbled in areas of crime such as extortion, drug trafficking, marijuana grow ops, prostitution, and fraud. The cooperative ad hoc group with Rouben and Vrej at the helm was dubbed as the Yuzbashyan-Sevacherian Organization, suggesting an existence of multiple groups involved on various levels.
  6. About Us: 613 Investment group has opened its gates to the public at the date of 24/7/22. After the establishment of the wealthy coalition formed by several key industry members of the economics within Los Santos upper echelon, the coalition has funded and established 613 Investment Group in order to establish a successful cash route and economic flow between all classes of society backed by professional and renown firm to provide a trust worthy service to all interested clients equally. 613 Investment Group is an investment, lending and private business sector financing company, giving the opportunity to establish the economic dreams of all citizens of Los Santos, the entire business purpose of the group is to assure and provide backing credit to the client's financial ambitions as many thrive to accomplish many creative business ideas that could have not been done prior based on lack of financing but now it is all over as every citizen from the moment he is ready to take the right step to take out a loan, the company is ready to help and consult the client through out the entire project into making his business professionally profitable, well marketed and well branded while being backed by the firm's strong financial aid. The company is well invested especially in residents of Low-Income, trying to prevent crime in the low-ends of Los Santos by providing an additional choice of escaping poverty, the company has dedicated a special program in place in order to fight crime from the financial sector by eliminating the possibility of the statement 'I had no choice, I did not have any money'. The 613 Investment Group assures you will have a possibility for loan at all times regardless of the condition seems to be at the worst position for yourself. In addition, supporting many of the private independent business sector, assuring all clients of the private sector to have a moment to breath within all the surrounding stress by allowing a system to provide financial aid to the business in the hopes of redesigning, rebranding, remarkerting, restock. By all means, the company assures to provide financial backing to it's clients in the possibility and hope of prosperity for the client and the entirety of Los Santos. 613 Investment group operates solely within the state of San Andreas and hence does all of his investments only in Los Santos area and it's surroundings, for more inquiry, reach out for the contact us button.
  7. It starts right after the trial against one of the biggest importation companies - and no, this time they weren't really importing drugs and shit. So, there was a fat asshole and a journalist in the back of a yellow cab. The mustache of the Muslim taxi driver on the rear-view couldn't say if he was looking at them or just driving on, it was just hot. Hell kind-a hot. The fat guy was wearing a pretty expensive suit - we could say about to 20 hundred bucks on that suit. He was sweating, and barely had hair on his head. Fuck, he was not good looking, but he had other ways, as it seems. You could only hear his stuffy voice going loud - "It was about Friday, 5th of January, wasn't it? Or was it February? Ah, they both sound the same, give me a break - The thing is, at the beginning of 2017, I was released from custody. They had me in for 4 days. It was jail, man, there was smelly people and hookers. Street fucking hookers. They asked about the cocaine in my car, and they had my name and my company's. They asked questions about the company's income, and I took the Fifth. I didn't even know what I was stopped for, and they stripped me all the way up to down. And I tell you, that cocaine? It's not my problem if my brother is addicted, alright? That is a health care problem! The government should deal with it!". And after listening to that, I'm pretty sure even the cab driver knows who that fucker is - That's Aldington. Alphonse fucking Aldington, and he's talking about Charles Aldington, he's pretty well known as his shady brother. Known for all the shenanigans that would go down in every where he'd be. He wouldn't be scared of jail, he actually been there some times, and probably know some of the hookers Alphonse is talking about. The thing is, that guy was getting interviewed by one of the biggest magazines in Los Santos, and they would put every word he say in paper. You know why? Because he's got his ways with words. He is almost a politician, well educated, so much that he knows how to fool the IRS as a professional. His company, Aldington Imports & Exports was being trial for securities fraud, corporate fraud, and money laundering. And as funny as it sounds, things weren't going good for the Aldington Brothers at the time they committed their crimes. First of all, it's probably never a good thing to do business with your family. The last time this was a thing, the FBI had almost all of the Mafias down and in jail for a long time, really long time. And when they started that it was because they got locked up for other crimes. When did it become a solution to be a criminal? I mean, they were just like mischievous kids. They got about to two years for battery assault after beating up a trucker for money. And right after they leave jail, they think they can run their father's company and just solve it all avoiding taxes? Hell no. THIS is America, buddy. You can not avoid taxes - neither extort truckers, of course, this isn't '50 Jimmy Hoffa era. But these guys were dumb, and it's not cool when influencing dumb people talk. He continued with the interview, telling all about how the government wasn't liking how much money they were making while being good white people and not giving it back to the people - "So let's say I really did avoid taxes, huh? That don't give a damn right for them to take out people's job, right? Look at the many people that will go unemployed if we lose this?! This is non sense!", and on he goes with his stuffy fatso voice. But that's just a shortage. In less than a year, after he won the trial and got away paying just a small fee, his brothers tried to show that they didn't learn that lesson. Alphonse and Charles had a little brother. The little brother was a lost kid from Detroit, where the family actually is from. The kid didn't want to go to college, neither get a job. Their mother just sent him over to his brother to do something with his life. We once heard of him in a situation. Some dude got into an argument with Alphonse over payment for his transports with Aldington trucks, and after all, he paid whatever he wanted and left the place. Later that day, we got Charles and him, the kid, it was Pete they called him - They stole and thrashed the dude's car while taking pictures of it. They got away with two days in jail for that. That was when we got to know Peter Aldington. And, as I said, the magazine wanted to publish Alphonse's words as it's a good way to make profit in the news business. We didn't want that. And we could say Alphonse and his brothers were helping us out - not directly, of course. These guys use to work with the police as a last resource, but they still do at some point, ain't that funny? They met with a really smart guy. A black guy, for what this matters. He was a business specialist, if you can say that. But he really had hands for that work, and he was the one that kept these three guys out of jail while doing dirty money business with importation and exportation in the docks. He was the manager. We only go to know his name later, when he was already making big contacts for the Aldington Corporation, as they were starting to call themselves. Aaaaand, I assume you have heard of the term 'white collar', right? Not the good one. White collar crimes. They began to be popular in the 40s, and after that, we been hunting down big corps and their evil suits. There is a saying in this field of investigation that goes like, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Basically their company was doing too good, thanks to the black guy - and oh, he was Isaac Hilton, a soccer fanatic and proud to be a black entrepreneur. He associated with the Aldingtons, and guess what? He managed to get these guys a lot of money through the wrong way, and all of that while keeping it clean. And, when they wanted to do dirty work? They'd call a gay blondie for that matter. He would mess anybody's face in the blink of an eye for talking loud to the Aldington. He was their hiring gun - Leon Porcher. They were too clean, and had it all set. But we were waiting for the right time... One week before the magazine was going to publish their interview with Alphonse Aldington on the cover, we busted them. It was during working time, noon. They were having a meeting with some shady people from Downtown. We knew them too - it was a group of clumsy mobster, we wouldn't even call that Organized Crime, really. We blasted through the door, and two or three men had firearms and shot at us, but they were down really quick. And one of them was Leon Porcher, Alphonse's best hands on dirty matters, unfortunately. What lead us to them? It was easy. Hill wasn't perfect, he was just good. The IRS sent us a paper about how Hill was doing his maneuvers to deal with all Alphonse's problems, and we also had some cues on Porcher - we basically used their best guys as a work case and Charles - that mess. Two days before that meeting,the LSPD caught Charles in an incident where he accidentally killed a prostitute in the act. He was drunk and reacted badly with the cops, he tried to fight them both and made a really bad decision of trying to go for one of the cop's guns. He was shot in sight and died. With the IRS papers, we could keep Alphonse and his group in for a long time, even if they would pay for his damages - which was funny, because they couldn't afford it after all. His company was in a deep debt after the IRS papers was released, and they were going through some financial trouble after a good ending. In the end the magazine gave up on publishing their interview as Alphonse, Peter and Isaac were caught for racketeering, money laundering - again, bank fraud and wire fraud with shares of the company. That got them around only 4 years in, each, with a huge debt to pay afterwards. Isaac made a deal and got his sentence reduced for 2 years. He increased Alphonse's time for plus 2 years, and gave in all of the company's fraud and other companies they'd work with. He left in 2019 and was hired as a columnist for a news paper. Peter got out after the family's lawyer managed to released him earlier, and you won't believe - he got out in the end of 2020 and ran away with all of the secure fund Alphonse had with both brothers, and is probably in Europe by now, from what we know. Guess a lost kid is always gonna be a troubled lost kid, right? And the good news is that Alphonse is about to be released this year. I don't know what you guys shall wait for, but I'll keep doing my job, you bet. Surveillance on the Aldington Family and part of their group during a business trip to L. Vegas. Out of Character Information The whole group context follows on In Character events from other server(universe IC'ly) - and it's a hell of a good reading too, if I were you, I'd give it a try - and we plan to continue it here, and let it go with what happens. Despite the group name being highlighted as a Gang in it's title, we're not necessarily an explicit Criminal Group, our characters are more of a white collar criminals, it's only a title, let's say something the investigators would name. That also doesn't mean we could not evolve deep into crime, but we'd like to take it step by step and totally In Character. We like to have a good role playing environment and keeping it totally In Character during our plays. We are also not really accepting any scripted membership to the group - that means if you want to role play with us, you'd have to go In Character and develop anything that can make you reasonably part of the thing, and we play under the server rules at all time. We like to see things being developed In Character, and to deeply involve our character's life with the environment we're playing in. You still can contact any of us for guidance if you really want to join us ICly. Keep in mind that this is just something we're doing for fun, and we are all grown up people by now that only plays in their little free time - for fun. So, that might say we'll not be fully active, but still are gonna keep a decent activity to keep the group alive enough for us and other people role play with. Have fun! Hope you enjoy our role play.
  8. Alan Kelly This thread will follow the story of Alan Kelly, a recently paroled inmate of the State.
  9. East Cell Organized Crime is a collective of several nationalities, who have grouped up to assert themselves over in many fields, such as, mainly: drug trafficking, clean-up services, prostitution and sometimes, but rarely; gun running. Comprised of several crews, with an upper echelon who directs orders down to the captains, it is a heavily organized crime organization with ties to legally-run businesses. Legal enterprises, finances and connections to the public sector allow for ECO to exist within a legal and illegal boundary. Formed, allegedly by a Russian immigrant, the organization aims to capitalize off the riches of the West Coast, while not being particularly commanding of each set, instead having a councilman for each set present. The ranking structure, while not yet thoroughly researched by Federal Authorities due to how recent the group is, suggests that ECO uses the same hierarchy structure that any other OCS uses, meaning that someone stands at the top, and directs orders down to a sub level and then towards a large or medium set of captains, who each control their own crew. What is unique about the structure, authorities found through a bit of research, is that most of the upper men are hard-core nationals of their respective countries, and were brought in through business visas to oversee operations in a massive scale, due to their experience and seniority. ECO's leadership, albeit unknown, has had a couple of leaks, which in turn led the authorities to four suspects: Viktor Tatarin, Harry Donovan, Ivan Morozov and Joseph Rivers, all of the men are suspected to have their own crews operating under their wing, supplying them with drugs to sell - and firearms to protect themselves with. 2020: The disappearance of ADAM BELTON In 2020, a security guard working for AZTEC Security had mysteriously disappeared following a verbal confrontation at La Spada. Last seen heading towards North Vinewood, ADAM BELTON was never seen again, while eye witnesses report Singletons as a prime suspect location, the case was dismissed due to a frightening lack of evidence. The only reason the case had been picked up to begin with, was because the mysterious circumstances that led to the disappearance of the guard were suspected to be at the hands of his own superiors. The case has been cold, and the victim was never found. ECO mainly paddles in drug trafficking, but conforms to traditional white collar crime and money laundering, due to the amount of businesses engulfed by the group. Night clubs, airsoft, breweries allow for the group to place an otherwise undocumented amount of money into a business, allowing all of the proceeds and the fruits of labor to be disguised as legal, taxable income. ECO focuses heavily on paying taxes and in order to keep the authorities from snooping into the illegal proceedings, makes paying the taxes a first priority for all of it's higher end members. The group tends to be lenient towards anyone distanced away from the initial objective or targets, and works very hard and efficiently towards not touching or hurting the LSPD or LSSD in any form or capacity, the penalty for shooting a law enforcement agent within the group would likely end very horribly for the offender. In general, the group tends to be very careful with who they decide to attack, kill or mess with, as public attention is usually not worth the trouble - this goes double for women, children and just in general innocent folk who happen to be at the wrong place or the wrong time.
  10. Fenwell Capital Partners, LLP. is an alternative asset management firm based in Los Santos, SA. FIRM’S HISTORY Fenwell Capital Partners was founded in 2018 by the Busch brothers, Lars Busch and Harvey Busch. The founders named the firm Busch Business Center and soon renamed it to Busch Harland. The two founders had previous experience in Finance prior to launching their own firm. Both brothers had previously worked for investment banks and private equity firms before deciding to allocate their own capital into business ventures and investments in numerous industries. The firm was originally launched in 2018 with the purpose of managing the assets of the Busch family and their companies. Three years after the foundation of the firm, the partners decided to change the name of the firm from Busch Harland to Fenwell Capital Partners, LLP. with the intention of appealing to a new group of large institutions and individuals, to offer it’s asset management services. FACTION INTRODUCTION (OOC) Our team has a goal of creating a legal corporate role play environment where our members can dive into nuances of a realistic financial institution. We are looking into expanding our role play possibilities within the business and finance world. We believe that anyone interested in the world of finance or business administration would be interested in making part of this faction and community. We want our people to role play all sides of not only the financial side of the spectrum but the character development one as well. We are not looking to have characters with set stereotypes, but unique ones that come to make our environment more diverse. We want role players that will not only seek to go up the social and firm’s hierarchy, but for characters that will portray the difficulties and struggles that any human being encounters in the industry and life. FOCUS (OOC) We are committed to creating a realistic financial institution in GTA World that offers a high quality corporate RP environment to all its members. To achieve that, we will apply all the necessary operations that a real life financial institution and asset management firm would require to efficiently run it’s business, and practice it in our firm. FENWELL CAPITAL ROLEPLAY Asset Management - Our main service is to manage the assets and committed capital of our investors. Our members will be continuously participating in the planning, analyzing, and allocation of our investor's assets. Sourcing Investment Opportunities - The firm seeks to offer realistic and profitable investment opportunities to our investors while also mitigating risk. We will continuously thoroughly analyze the investment opportunities in the different industries of the Los Santos economy. Meeting Management Teams - Part of running an efficient investment operation is meeting with the executives of different companies that put to work those investments on a day to day basis. Hence why it is an essential part of our business to establish relationships and mutual objectives. Analysis and Projections - Fenwell Capital Partners (FCP) depends on its own due diligence to efficiently allocate the assets and capital of its investors. To do that, FCP will need to make meticulous analysis and research on the performance, opportunities, and future of our investments. Client Relations - Client relations is a crucial sector of any financial institution that is running leveraged operations or investments. Maintaining good relationships and communication with our investors and clients is extremely valuable to make sure that our service has the clients satisfied and comfortable. Social Responsibility - As a large asset management firm and institution, Fenwell Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to make an impact through its investments and decisions. It has the responsibility of taking care and strengthening the communities in which it operates. SUGGESTIONS We are open to any sort of constructive criticism. We seek to make consistent all around improvment in our faction. If you have any recommendation or suggestion, please send us a PM. https://fenwellcp.weebly.com/ (Website)
  11. Bookmaking Operations in the 21st Century Scott Meisner • Los Santos Daily News • 29th April, 2021 Sports Betting is ingrained in U.S Culture The desire to bet on sports has a long history in the United States, dating back to 1665 when the first horse racetrack was built. This has historically been captured through the illegal sports betting market, with placed bets measuring around $150 billion last year (based on government-commissioned reports). The dynamic changed when the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May 2018, allowing states to legally offer sports betting. Since then, 22 states and the District of Columbia have legalized athletic wagering, and we expect another 17 states will do so by 2023. How do the laws regarding legality look like in the State of San Andreas? The California Gambling Law, Regulations and Resource Book states that residents of California must be 21 years of age or older to part-take in online casinos, gambling lounges, or sportsbooks. It also states that at this time, it is illegal to start your own gambling business in this state (S.A. would be the same). With the rise of online gambling and legalization of sports betting spreading to more and more States, why is the regular street bookie still relevant? Until there is a betting shop on every street corner in the U.S, bookies will still be the go-to guys. Why is that so? •ACCESSIBILITY Working with a bookmaker, you have the ability to place down a bet immediately. A bookie offers benefits that an online casino generally wouldn't be able to offer. Got your hands on some insider information regarding a team, and you wanna change your bet in the last couple of minutes before the game start? You're free to do so. A bookmaker offers flexible betting hours, along with fast responses. •CREDIT Gambling will always be driven by the customer. The guy that has no money in his pocket is still gonna call the local bookmaker to bet, because he could bet with no money. Bookmakers offer flexible credit policies, suiting the gambler. Other Comments The whole concept of sports betting may be confusing for some however I recommend you to try it out and you'll get the hang of it. In my opinion, it's an underrated type of gambling roleplay which lags severely behind the regular types of gambling like poker or blackjack. People like to get hung up on the Mafia aspect of this, and would rather not risk their money. This is being done on a somewhat of a Mafia-connected character, however most bookies in the U.S have some connection to organized crime, whether that be for protection purposes or some other benefits. Credits to Anthony Scuopo of LS-RP for the thread layout idea.
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