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  1. A LEO must engage in a shooting if there's one, an illegal character can choose not to shoot and play their cards in a different way, or if powerful enough, send someone else to do the risky job for you. And, if making things hardcore produces less shootings, you could even enforce this rule for LEO's eventually since there would be less risky situations. LEO's could engage in more civilian RP and less action one. Imagine rping a relationship, friendships knowing your character be gone for good if something bad happens. A middle point would be, once your character reaches XX amount of in game hours, any kill is a CK.
  2. The solution is simple, any meaningful death, any shootout should be a CK, you get arrested for murder? Life sentence. Imagine being in a situation when you need violence but you might lose your character development if something goes wrong? Much more intense. And if after a CK you lose your assets? That'd be perfect. Ironman mode, wanna become a successful mob boss or gang leader? A true legend? Be smarter than everyone else and don't get killed or arrested.
  3. Everyone assume we are RPing in a modern day LA setting, the truth is that we are RPing in the alternative reality where Biff stole the sports almanac and became Rich. That explains all the violence.
  4. It's a good point, and there could be a middle ground, for example if you are active enough you could unlock different starts for a character, poor, middle class and wealthy. At the same time, having a lot of money being despawned with character deaths and properties going back to the market, it'd make things cheaper and easy to get again.
  5. Let's face it, a lot of people donate to be able to furnish or to advertise, even if the quality of the RP would be better if those were free, without money there's no server and no rp at all. The other option would be making everyone to pay a small fee to play the server (2 or 3 dollars per month) and give all of those benefits to everyone. I wonder if people would actually pay or leave to other servers.
  6. I've noticed that in some cases money have both an IC and OOC role. For example you can do OOC things like furnishing, doing menyoo pictures or videos for others, or graphic designs, etc. You can even find a OOC channel in the GTA W Properties official discord where people request projects to mappers in exchange of IC money. Even in game advertising is an OOC thing since there's no RP in that and to be an advertiser you need to donate. People often pay a lot for these things because they require a lot of OOC effort and allows people to become rich without RPing, but using their OOC skills instead. The problem is that people can pay OOC money for furniture slots or being able to advertise and then use those perks to get IC money easily. I suggest a two monetary system to address this issue: - IC money shouldn't be important OOCly, only used for roleplay, doing in game purchases, paying in game salaries, etc. Once your character is CK or you simply namechange, you should lose all your IC money and properties, since it's the characters assets, not yours. This would completely fix the housing problem since a lot of IC money would disappear wich each CK and more properties would become available. It'd also make people to RP fear better. - There should also be an OOC money (Maybe this is what they are trying to do with Panda points?) to oocly pay for advertising, furnishing, and everything that is done OOCly. This OOC currency could be used to get donator perks or to hire other people for ooc services. And maybe in the future you could exchange these ooc points for real dollars? The profit for the server will be made in the different exchange rate to buy or sell this ooc currency, like it happens in second life. The big point here, in order to keep OOC and IC things separate, by no chance you'd be able to exchange this OOC money for IC cash at all, or use ooc money to buy IC things or use IC money for ooc services. Thoughts?
  7. Basic economics: Prices multiplied by the total quantity of goods (in this case properties) equals the total amount of money multiplied by the velocity of transactions. Since you can't increase the total quantity of houses (you can script more apartment complexes but not actual houses or trailers), and the total amount of money increases with new players, paychecks, etc, slowing down the velocity of transactions should slow down the prices increase. But in the long term, it's the amount of money spawning on the server that will determinate the price increase.
  8. My unpopular opinion: people who obviously only log in to erp are as bad as those who don't do any romantic interaction RP at all. Where are the realistic characters who have a main activity (job, gang, business, etc) a group of friends and romantic partners?
  9. Business idea: Vinewood movie industry How it works: First you lease a Studio at Backlot and map it. You recruit actors and host auditions for them, you also hire cameramen to RP. You start RPing shooting scenes in the studio, or outside. Now comes the tricky part, when all the scenes are RPed you need to make a 10/15 minute video using menyoo. Then you paste the dialogue using any video editor. Finally you have a premier at The Doppler or sell copies as streaming. The benefits it might bring on the server: Ideally there would be different people running studios, writing scripts and making menyoo movies. People RPing actors would go to auditions then get hired and eventually get IC recognition. This is supposed to be LA after all.
  10. RPing jobs can be tricky, since working is usually boring. One exception could be the entertainment business, people rping actors, models, singers. There has always been some record labels around, Prestige has been around for a while and there have been some movie making RP here and there. Thing is, in order to create such rp you need to invest a lot of time in menyoo, for example to create good quality images or a video.
  11. Hi! I've been away from this server for some months and I wanted to know how the casual/civilian RP is around South LS nowadays. I'm talking about daily RP such as socialization, hanging out, dating or legal jobs in an environment filled with gang violence, danger, drug abuse and privations. Is there any RP like this going on? Do factions in the area have balance between gang RP and daily life? For what I see most of civilian RP is targeted to people who rp rich, fancy clubs, restaurants or pubs being everywhere.
  12. People shouldn't oocly judge or complain about IC things as long as they are realistic. There are a lot of people posting those kind of things irl, it's realistic. Who cares if the person doing that is a loser? You can RP being the mayor here and be a loser too. The problem happens when people rp stupid things that aren't realistic. An english trans lesbian with a perfect body, working as a firefighter and as a part time dominatrix in her dungeon while driving luxury cars? Yes, that's totally wrong and should be banned.
  13. Any meaningful death should be a CK. You should lose all your assets when you CK or namechange
  14. I'm not saying that admins should limit what people RP, but the system should be done in a way its not that easy to make money. If you dont want to RP working at all, you should only be able to get a simple car (the ones for lease at the airport) rent a small one room apartment, and afford clubs and pubs fees. Thats more than enough to RP. If you want to RP a regular job, you should be able to get a better house and vehicle, but you should have expenses as not to be able to get rich by grinding. I'd make luxury vehicles and properties even more expensive so that only business owners could afford them. This is a game, and if getting rich through RP and connections is the "goal". Making it harder to achieve would make the game more fun, since itd be a better challenge.
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