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  1. Does this faction offer white collar RP like human resources or secretary RP?
  2. Impossible is nothing
  3. As someone who always RP legal civilian characters, I think this is a good guide. Useful not only for legal characters but for any new player. A character isnt a dress up doll you use to drive around, farm e money and just socialize with friends in a virtual world. Its a fictional person, with a personality, skills, weaknesses, fears and dreams.
  4. After thoroughly reviewing all of the information provided for months, having discussed all the possible and tangible implications of the case with the rest of the admin team, I've reached a final conclusion. No rule was broken, thus, no action will be taken. L&A
  5. I don't think IG ooc chats are really needed, yes discords. I'd like to see a lore or information about each neighborhood in forums. Like a story of the area, active businesses, active or past groups or factions that shaped the area. Important events should be shared by discord or at the forums too.
  6. I agree with that, GTA world separates roleplay into legal and illegal factions, the most clear example is having LFM, IFM and PM. I think illegal roleplayers should do daily life things more often, and legal rp should interact more with the rest of the server instead of just gathering at clubs or bars with ooc friends. If communities were the official thing, each of them would have a couple of admins overseeing them. Plus each part of the map will have its own lore, shown on the forums, helping new players or characters to decide where to RP.
  7. See, this is what I was talking about, and maybe faction thread and business threads would be inside each neighborhood section. It would give communities more visibility.
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