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  1. For those who don't know, and I'm sure there's quite a few, you can create long and short distance RP actions. Such as; /me(low) /me(long) /do(low) /do(long) /b(low) I've been consistently using these for the past while, but from what I've noticed not many others do as well. I feel like there's not enough awareness from the script itself about these, and sure for some of you it may be a pointless detail, but in certain specific scenarios it can improve the QOL experience for everyone, for example in heavily crowded places such as nightclubs. Nobody enjoys their screen being spammed with unnecessary text that's not directly involving to them, and being unable to focus on the roleplay that they are actually involved in. Other examples are when someone's a bit further away, and you still wish to encounter with them through /melong, I've tried this before and it feels like it never reaches the second party, perhaps it has but with their regular distance /me I wasn't aware of it. There's also /highlight to have the target's text highlighted, but I'm not sure how many people know about this too. Is this only me or are there more of you thinking the same? Is there anything we can do to spread awareness of this in a practical way?
  2. I thought it's pretty cool until I learned how much interference from administration team there is, but I suppose to an extent I understand their point of view as well.
  3. I made a post like this and I think the numbers appear to be misleading because there's no way the majority are 24+ in my personal experience. Perhaps it'd be smarter to reduce the length of each option between the ages of 20 and 30, since probably 80 percent of Characters are between that age. Maybe the list should be; *Below 16 *16-18 *19-21 *22-24 *25-28 *29-32 *33-37 *38-45 *45-60 *61-80
  4. I've witnessed people that make excellent detailed /me's but have horrible / unrealistic character portrayal, that work minimum wage jobs and drive very expensive vehicles so... no
  5. Not if they're dedicated to adding lvl60+ content on a regular basis.
  6. Lol, I swear weapon malfunctions are more common on 100% condition weapons. I've ran 50% conditions without a single malfunction, then I get a 100% condition and it keeps malfunctioning.
  7. I shouldn't have survived this... https://streamable.com/2cvo3m and yea there's way too many cheaters on maps like shoreline and interchange farming keycards and gpu's
  8. Reading all these comments, I'm not sure how many of you have been to an actual casino to feel the atmosphere. It's quiet, calm, and everyone focuses on their game, not a lot of interactions going on. Sure, I agree, it could always be improved but I think you guys are making it seem far worse than it actually is. The truth is, the scripts for the games are so automatic that no interactions are even necessary. A step towards improvement of the RP in casinos would be to re-master the game scripts, especially for poker since there is no dealer necessary, which I think is an important thing to have.
  9. Add property taxes please, for the same reason there is vehicle 'taxes' (insurance)
  10. Successful, gorgeous, and flawless characters in their early twenties? Anyone?
  11. Since when has this become a server where people complain on the forums over IC topics, because they don't agree with it? It completely ruins the whole point of a heavy roleplayer server where most IC things should be dealt ICly. You listed no legitimate reasons to remove 80% of the casinos, only because, from what I assume, your own business is failing? Whilst I do agree the RP quality in gambling establishments can be greatly improved, removing most of them is no way to go about it.
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