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  1. This surely looks great. Good luck with this! Sweet screenshots as well.
  2. I'm a drummer in a progressive rock/metal band that is soon to release a third CD. Been playing in this band since 2009.
  3. Hard to limit myself to a few, but some of the top bands of mine are (not in order): - Dream Theater - Stone Temple Pilots - Scar Symmetry - Fear Factory - Faith No More - Queen - Symphony X - Porcupine Tree - Royal Hunt - Five Finger Death Punch
  4. All right, I think I got it right this time. Was just unsure whether I was bugged or not. Thanks a lot, this can be locked.
  5. Trumavarium


    Been playing since infdev in 2010.
  6. BMW 320i Limousine -03, E46 The picture below is not my car though. The only difference is the front bumper, rims and plate (of course). Otherwise the same model and colour. It has bluetooth, which is all I need — so I'm more than happy. Runs great, except for the first gear being stupid occasionally.
  7. Trumavarium


    Hello, Is there anyone out there following WWE, or is keeping themselves updated on what's going on? Please refrain from bashing on wrestling in this thread. Yes, we know it's "fake" (we want to call it scripted, sounds better). What makes WWE fun to watch is the storylines, humour, promos, nostalgia and music. It's basically a neverending story, or multiple such rather — it's an infinite movie. I used to watch WWE back when I was young in 2003-2007 or so. A year ago I started watching it again though, and I still think it has the charm it had back then. Just some changes here and there. Yes, less blood and less bad words. Although the quality of the shows and the engineering is superb these days. Anywho! If someone's interested in WWE, let's ignite a discussion here. :) No Roman Reign fans allowed!
  8. Hello, I don't know if this is on my end or if this is something everyone else has gone through but I'm the only one to flag this issue. Watch the .gif that I've attached to the post. I have a few issues, that I will address below: 1. I don't know how I even got to this stage, it just brought me here as soon as the loading of the game was done. 2. I don't know what step I'm on, and if I exit or 'proceed', will it save my character like so forever? 3. I have troubles using the interface (not only because I can't see it all on my screen). By the way, can't do the "/menumove" or whatever it told me at first. With troubles, I mean I have to use my numpad. "-" equals UP, "ENTER" equals DOWN, "1" equals LEFT, "3" equals RIGHT. I don't have these settings in singleplayer. 4. Why is the clothing bugged? Or is it supposed to look like so (see the .gif)? Invisible arms and torso, overlapping piece of clothing, etc. Please tell me I'm doing something wrong. It's quite a hassle to do it this way! :) Regards, Trumavarium
  9. I don't like the idea of taking a chase off-road, especially not if the physics of the game can be abused in this sense. But I highly doubt you can regulate this behaviour. Setting a rule against it would also be counter-benificial. What PD might look into instead, is having motorbikes and choppers ready once you have a chase taking you to the regions where this can be 'abused'.
  10. There may be two conflicts here though: 1. What continent has most players? 2. What continent or countries offers best bandwidth? * I don't know if this is a thing anymore, but about ten years ago Europeans and Asians had better ping and overall up/download speed compared to North Americans. If that's still a thing though, then Europeans are better off being on a server farther away from them (for example in North America). Basically, Europeans will get better ping on a server located in USA in contrast to an American joining a server located in Europe. I'm from Europe myself. I just want an equality in ping more or less. Rather push the ones that have lesser internet speeds, than higher those who already have a well ordinated ping. Maybe there won't be much of a difference, ping-wise. ¯\_(^^,)_/¯
  11. Through an old friend from another GTA community on SAMP.
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