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  1. Thank you for your wishes and concerns, Adkins. Somos Como Somos, me and you will be together one day. The real Los Santos Crime family. 0LG
  2. they got rid of him cuz hes gay ic
  3. I nominate father Adkins too The steps he's taken t o lose all that weight is an inspiration and I think he'll defo smash this competition and win!!!
  4. Mirror mirror on de wall whos the fittest roleplayer of dem all
  5. Hi this is great and very fun to lift up my spirit because with the war and lockdown. I look forward to participating in this event with all my friends.
  6. Big Tony Bejko. Sending my selams to Burim too...
  7. well thats how it was meant to be in the start but then people wanted diversity I guess and that's why sometimes los santos looks like a barren wasteland and also a lot of people on roleplay servers usually just rp within their own circle and thats why nobody's really out there like but yes something to defo look at
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